MX518 random sensitivity changes v2

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I uninstalled setpoint, however it still happens.

Any thoughts?

Also, I fiddled with my USB port hertz speed or something like that about 2 years ago. After that, I had to disable the port as it caused my PC to BSOD. Not sure if it's relevant (as the port is disabled and I'm using another port for the mouse)
is it going down? had that, problem getting solved when pusing "higher dpi rate" button

but it means your mouse is dying
Sensitivity is going up, by a lot.
you updated your drivers right
What drivers specifically?
peter m8 i had the same problem. There is nothing wrong with setpoint. However the cable is fucked. Thats why i dont like mx518 :(
compared to razer, logitech's quality control is ten times better. I bought three razer abysuss in less then a year, all had the mouse1 break in less then three months! all my razer products either died within a year or had production flaws when I bought them (like the TAB button not working 100% of the time on razer blackwidow, or mouse1 button sticking a bit after pressing it on a newly bought diamondback ....)

at least logitech has great waranty and their products last for ages, but yeah the cable breaking does happen if you are unlucky.
call logitech, or send a mail get discount code or perhaps a new 1 :)
u cant do anything...had the problem for the first time i got it ... :\
as someone told on your previous post, the wire is deed
i had the same problem with my G5 mouse, I downloaded other version of drivers, helped a bit, for a while only. But it wasn't sensitivity changes, it was just dpi changing by itself, reseting to default. It was some problem wtih cable, I coudln't fix it (but found some links on google how to repair but didn't worked for me, I'm missing them so can't give them to you, check the cable.) so I bought new mouse.
Meh, ordered the g400, lets see how that works.
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