1st of April

I know it's not the 1st yet but I've just setup the clocks and they are all going +1 hour earlier. My girlfriend is gonna have a terrible morning.

Revenge for annoying me yesterday while playing HoN.
I'm gonna enjoy my April 1st in Xfire, watching while all the master-trolls will make april's fool -journals. Shit will be so cash.
pff caring about time on a sunday morning? pleaaase
You take revenge on your girlfriend because you were playing HoN rather than concentrating on her? Take the hint, bro.
really..appreciate every fucking minute that you spend with your gf cuz someday when you will lose her it will be too late.

Today going to school to pass one of the last math exam, then going to the gym today biceps, shoulders workout and maybe I will take a part in some fitness session, then at the evening going to the Wisla Krakow stadium to roll leg(L)a. Have a nice day
err no..im afraid we are getting married or im gonna dump her anyway :) there is nothing else that would ever happen.
you afraid you getting married with her? wtf is wrong with your life bro ;o
You'll learn about marriage and its drawbacks...
spoken like a true champ!

are you a champ, sir?
I don't like you but I like that you like Wisla Krakow!
im true fan sine 15 years
learn to use "since" and "for" please, really annoys me :(
No i didnt even notice that actually and i meant your sentence. I dont know what you wanted to say exactly but it should be "I have been their fan for 15 years" or "I have been their fan since i was 15", if i read your comment i honestly cant tell which sentence is correct for you because you use "since" so badly :/
I have noticed only polaks use "since" that wrong way.
so it cant be? im their true fan since 15 years for ya?
Correct, now share my wisdom with your fellow countrymen and let the world be a better place!
Not being any mean or something, but why everybody is telling everyone about what he's doing on daylife? I mean who fucking cares about you doing your abs?

Yo man i am wearing red socks, gonna wash, then gonna study, then gonna eat eggs + ketchup + meat then drinking some water, then abs much, working out much, then looking good much, then i'll sleep a bit

Everybody's got to be open minded, but this... is really ridiculous.
man, everyday on this site you can see morning journal when people ask each other when are their plans for this day. If you don't like it then just don't read it, i like to wake up tell people about my plans, read about theirs. Whats your problem
haha :DD
give me dota2 now
ask infect he's using my account :P
come on :(
i just wanna try it.
Quotemy girlfriend

inb4 return of infensus/u96d/idle/parodia etcetc Newspost
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