My own place

60 m²
2 rooms, kitchen, lobby, toilet, bath, cubby

A private real estate agent tried to rip me for 7k
but after I went to the owner of that property directly,
I'm finally ready to move in directly on 1st July and even spending
less money than I estimated at the beginning of this whole search.

I've been living with my mom for years,
I've been living with students in a shared apartment
and moved in with my girlfriend long time ago.

I can't wait to finally be left ALONE.
This summer is gonna be BIG party summer.

It's funny what I'm able to achieve without having a proper, registered job
or any kind of official pay slip.

To do:
- Abiture from July
- Study after I finish in ~1,5 years
- Work for the biggest broadband provider in Austria from June on
- Tout festival tickets in Germany and Austria the whole summer

Money, Live, friends, a computer, g5.
Good luck! 296m2 +140m2 garagespace here. Dad and brother will move to one of our houses and i will stay here. Forever alone :D
Bought or rent?!
so youve shared an appartment with friends and lived with ur gf but havnt finished school yet.
when did you move out ur moms place? with 12?
not sure if serious or just fucking stupid cunt
you didnt finish school either i take it.
no reason to be mad, some poeple have to clean toilets for a living, tats how the world works.
didnt say i lived with friends. i live with my girlfriend.
yes, i have finished school but since my Mum and I were very, very poor
I had to get a Lehre as Bürokaufmann instead of attending a HTL or something. Now that I actually have money to buy everything i want, i can do Abi in peace and study after that if I want ;)
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