Short speedcup

Hosting a short speedcup (copying SPU9) at 21 CET. Delayed till 21:15 CET

To sign up, join #hazz.speed and pm me with your nick and nationality.

- we all join the same server
- everyone sets a time (only 1 try)
- about 50% of the players will advance to the 2nd round
- no selfkilling
- admins (hazz) not allowed to participate :D

Round 1: sp_delivery_te
Round 2: adlernest
Round 3: radar
Final: frostbite and et_ice (radar as decider)

Hope we can get enough players. :-)

Participants: (15/15)
Estonia Nukits
Poland BoOk
Russia FuBoR
Belgium lago
United States of America zKarl
Austria kALLI
Poland samAel
United Kingdom fumble
France kartez
Finland squall
Netherlands CLINN
Finland maza
Belgium Scubbers
Malta slay3r
United Kingdom owzo

Edit: since we have so many players, I'll add another round

United Kingdom owzo
Poland BoOk
Put me in coach!
cmonn ppl joinnnnn
I should let you win :D
ahahh :d only 6th :P
messed up at radar
need new batteries to my keyboard
omg wasu omg
BoOk rolling
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