Art journal?

Sup cf,

So i was just wondering if there are ppl here that are into art,
personaly i love streetart & recently i've discovered Art Nouveau.

I also have to make some stuff for school about a company or smthing i would like to start, i was thinking about a museum that would feature work of young & unknown/underrated artists.

Feel free to post some artists so we can all enjoy their beautifull pieces of work!

Some of my favo's
image: 1662-new-swoon-hipsters
image: 564263_457199257629689_403372999678982_1973341_2130128066_n
image: 1-David-Choe


e: I've also been making stencils, image: P1000634 is an example of one i was working on (only 2/6 layers)

image: 412442_10150791868294823_6020654822_9834762_1265547346_o

zdzislaw beksinski best
Been organizing small art exhibitions at work for almost 2 years now, saw quite some good stuff there.
Used to be a big fan of the normal acrylic paintings, but one exhibition last year really got me into digital art.

Some of the pictures: image: 637342 image: 7821009 image: 47638_never-mind
wow thats awesome!!
Mostly like surrealism/cubism, seen some nice 'street art' and stuff but cba to find some links now.
Prefer photography :p
Discovered street art, Banksy in particular, was astonishing. I really loved it :)
Contemporary art is 99% shit, "this sore of ugliness swarming about, adapted to permanent advertising" (Sollers)
my mom is/was a painter: u can check some of her paintings there. the 1st one isnt her's put the others are! :p

I like art, I go to watch exhibitions now and then.. just awesome to drink wine and watch!
Could you enlight me about Finnish art? Most famous artists (in what domain)? Is it being exported much? How important is it to the country (i.e many people care about it? Government has an extended cultural policy?)
stuff like that :P
nobody rly cares about art in Finland :(
most art = just a lame excuse to make money while being absolutely talentless at anything

Beautiful (i understand the subjectiveness of this word) art, or I can better say art that requires talent, has all the right to exist. Too bad most 'artists' are just around to eat our taxes...
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