koop LAN journal!


koop reporting in for LAN journal!

This was my first LAN so I thought I would take the time to write the memorable parts of my weekend. I have missed out alot of funny things that happened but I may possibly edit them in once I remember them :D!


Well my journey first started with me waiting outside my house for WalesOwzo to pick me up, which was about 9:30-45pm. We made our way to United KingdomCrumbs's parents house which took us a while to find, only to pick up his money and hotel reservation, sadly he was not travelling with us!
We then went to United KingdomMarcus(msh100)'s house where we all jumped into one car and made our way to London to pick up United KingdomPotty and ScotlandSeanza.

We arrived to location Potty&Seanza, greeted eachother in person for the first time, jumped into a very cramped car and set off on our 12+hour journey to Enschede!
Travelling from London we eventually reached Dover, jumped onto the ferry, which was another first for me, and set off across the seas! United KingdomMarcus as the driver sensibly fell asleep for abit, while the rest of us was laughing constantly throughout the ferry journey.

2 hours later we docked at Dunskirk, United KingdomPotty loved it because he loves the France. We began our final 5-6 hour journey through France, through Belgium then finally into Netherlands! We arrived in Enschede on Thursday morning, met with EstoniaSinnu and EstoniaYench, they looked so depressed :D. Everyone was crazy tired but we all stayed awake and help setup the computers at the LAN Centre.

Back into the hotel that night, We noticed the Finns (miNd, Thomm and toMii) were staying right next to our cabin so we went over and introduced ourselves, and we would know all 3, mostly miNd for staying that drunk and wrecked throughout the whole weekend :D. United KingdomPotty and I went to sleep, only to be woken by WalesOwzo at 9am in his boxers staring at the wall, then throwing a towel on himself like a cape and jumping on the floor. I woke up like 15 minutes later and see WalesOwzo shivering on floor like he was about to die, so I put my quilt over him and used my jacket as a duvet, looking back it was a mistake as I never got to sleep after that, so I jumped up got ready and went to the lounge where Merlinator, Sinnu and Yench were chilling!

From there we all went to the LAN Centre! My memory goes abit hazy from here, but I remember walking into the centre and hearing NetherlandsL4mpje’s voice saying “Hi Keefy!”, I was surprised because I never seen him before! Anyway we began to bootcamp against NBS! This becomes one of the most memorable moments of me at LAN, we lost the first 2 maps against them, on the 3rd map we rolled! Everyone on TS was like “gg guys” “yeah gg”, after 10 seconds I just punched the air and shouted/screamed “TEAMPLAY BOYS!! YES!!”, after noticing I done that I slowly lowered my hand hoping no one noticed..I was wrong. (Everyone ended up copying me randomly throughout the whole weekend just taking the piss)

Later that night Goku decided the crash with us Chocomel guys, we ended up sleeping in a single bed together, jelly?!

edit United KingdomScarzy returned at like 5am after disappearing for hours and hours with FinlandtoMii, the rest of the chocomel gang thought that Scarzy was getting buggered. These reports were confirmed when he mentioned that he got a number at the bar, from a guy called Arthur xDDDDDDD

The next day a lot more people began to come through as the group games were beginning, surprisingly a lot of people already knew what I looked like! Me and United KingdomPotty sat on the stream a lot throughout the weekend keeping the stream alive, chocomel style!

edit Me R0SS XyLoS mAus played pool that day, It was Me and mAus against R0SS and XyLoS. Me and R0SS sucked bad, we both are usually good players, but we blame the table.
XyLoS claimed he never played pool, yet he was scoring every ball..nerding pool just like haxball.
Sqzz eventually joined us and we made our way to some electronic football table, hard to explain what happened but it was fucking funny ;D

I think this was the day when we were playing against GermanyLost Soldiers and United KingdomPotty done a 4 man artillery or something as they were escorting the truck and United KingdomPotty took his headphones off, fist pumped and shouted “GAME WINNING ARTILERRY!”, straight away WalesOwzo said “Potty! They’re still escorting the truck!!!” Before potty could move he got killed :D. After all the games had been played, there was a ‘quiz’ which everyone participated in, besides me and WalesSqzz, we just stayed at the bar joking around (keyrings! xD) Can’t really remember if anything happened after that, I will update if I remember :_D

I remember being woken up by Goku at about 7 in the morning climbing on top of me in bed, I was like “wtf! Get off you’re not sleeping here now” then he just slept on top of my legs and eventually got under the covers xD.

Sunday was by far the best day, after the final was done, everything kicked off! I bought drinks for various people then I remember me and FinlandMatias going outside and smoking some weed with few other finns including FinlandOlba. I came back in and EstoniaNight was there with some snus, I tried one and I was FUCKED, everyone couldn’t believe I was that fucked off one snus (I don’t smoke), BelgiumGoku took advantage and kept pushing me around everywhere, Italy XyLoS was always shouting “COME ON KOOP ITS ONLY SNUS, COME ON KOOP”, FinlandOlba, WalesSqzz, Owzo, many other people were shocked I was that messed up off snus.

I recall seeing FinlandMatias saying that him and ItalyXyLoS tried the strongest weed or something, I looked at ItalyXyLoS and he was out of his mind stoned! Which was pretty fucking hilarious :D. EVENTUALLY the effects of the snus wore off of me and I was offered a much stronger snus from Finland Salaneuvos… This was a bad move.. I ended up x10 worse..I had to run outside to get some fresh air otherwise I would throw up, I ended up laying down on the ground, United KingdomMunchies I think, came outside and asked if I was ok, and gave me a bottle of water! <3, then WalesDeryyn came outside and sat next to me, along with GermanyFLoPJEHZ who put his foot on my face ;D. Goku took advantage and stood on top of me and took pictures, along with trying to teabag me..

The effects partly wore off after a while and went back inside, I remember chilling with BelgiummAus for rest of the night who kept saying I looked like Aston from JLS and kept asking for me to sing for him. Our convo ranged from everything including love life to ET to me singing for him, etc. I seen United KingdomPotty sleeping on a couch and decided to sleep on the couch opposite him, 2 minutes later BelgiummAus sat on top of the couch and fell on top of me (I think this was his way of trying to chat me up) I sooner or later got him to tell me a story, something to do with him pulling his zipper up and catching his willy or something xdd. (Quote mAus: i told one when i was laying on ur belly rawr, can't remember what :D). However people got abit suspicious when they could only see mine and mAus’s legs on the couch and he started to say “mAus: KOOP, me: YEAH, mAus: UUUUHHHH (sex noise)” which happened about 20 times.

It got to about 4-5am and we decided all to head back to the hotels, most of the Finns and other guys jumped in the van with BigWolf the chef! It looked really dodgy so a bunch of us just walked to the hotels, once we got to the Eden hotel where the Anexis guys were staying we said our goodbyes, then me FinlandMatias and FinlandOlba made our long walk to the Logica, when we arrived to our cabin we seen Mr.BigWolfs peado van and were relieved that the guys arrived and didn’t get raped in the woods and dumped. Team Chocomel had to leave at 7am so we didn’t go to sleep and made our longlonglong journey back home. This is where the racism of Seanza, Potty, Owzo started to come out, but im a boss so it didn’t effect me.

LAN was absolutely amazing! I recommend to anyone who hasn’t gone yet to go!

Shoutout to everyone I met there, all the stream viewers! Special one to: All the Chocomel guys, Urtier, Potty, Owzo, Crumbs, Scarzy, Seanza, Merlinator, Munchies, Goku<3, R0SS, Sqzz, XyLoS, mAus<3, Brandon! Twidi, Jewe, Salaneuvos, Matias, OLBAA, Deryyn, FLoPJEHZ, L4mpje, Sinnu, Yench, Hope, Marcus, Squall, miNd, toMi, Thomm, Simonkinsler, Razzah, Gifty, Night, sQuid, sTOWNAGE, xPERiA, stRay + people I forgot!

Pic’s will be uploaded once I get them!

To join the Team Chocomel Clan on Crossfire, PM Me!

Idle here: #Chocomel

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Peace Out dudez x
First xoxoxo
first, csb
koop very kind person i watched via stream :D
thanks! :p
+1 for writing sQuid correctly
yeah Squid such nice mate
good guy and also knows how to drink little bit!
not on your level yet mindy boy!
special shouts n no me?
Thought I already had you there with the finns!
nice read
Quote so I put my quilt over him and used my jacket as a duvet

ahh sweet
Was a awesome weekend, hope to see you again! FOREVER TEAM CHOCOMEL!
Nice to meet you br0, HAD LOADS OF FUN =)))))

Too bad, you're manager isnt on dat picture :<<<
yeah, we'll get one next time!
Was awesome meeting you and glad that you enjoyed it. Was surprised there was no mention of the Pool game(s) and how bad we sucked! x
thats probably one of the million things I forgot!edited!
nice meeting you bro was fun shoutcasting and being on that stream with you <3
haha yeah <3
Where is my name?:<
you never came on the stream!
True, you people where streaming for Crossfire
And I am to beautiful to put my face on Crossfire XD
nice read. too bad my mom didn't let me go :(
Enjoyed man!
Happy you had a good time! <3
nice journal koopie!:D
Koop :D you was nice drunk or not :P
never got drunk, just extremely wasted off snus ;D
LOL but the lan was fine ?
Yeah man, the LAN was amazing!
Kewl journal!
snuuus =D!
Aw man, waiting on the ferry home was too funny. "It's spelled exactly the same, but slightly different"

cu next time
Was good meeting you !
Thanks for slapping Goku :)
haha I remember that..no problem ;p
Nice journal to read! Thanks for entertaining on the cam!
was nice to meet you mate ;D
nice to meet you, next time u are gonna tell the story, aston! ur an awesome dude!
you too! ok i guess i owe you a story now :D
haha <3
nice journal kamz :)
Thx for this text. Looks like u had a great time there.

I've seen a video from the event and you looked like a funny guy! Cheers
It was also great when gifty and xylos respected eachother and shown alot of sportsmanship :P
Someone said "3 best et rifles here" :D
idd thats another wicked thing about LAN, everyone was just chilling with eachother :D
Ye the environment/ppl seemed great/to be enjoying eachother.. felt a bit jealous tbh :D
hahaha was nice meeting u m8!

xylos was so fucked up :DD <3
Not only XyLoS!!!!!

You were standing at the bar with some nachos and just eating them. You looked at me and had a massive smile on your face and said "You have no idea how fucking high I am right now!" hahahahahahaha :D
Hahahaha those nachos were fucking good!
man, you were pretty high yourself..I remember it was Xylos looking fucked, and i asked him whats wrong, then i looked at you sitting next to him laughing your face off xD

i was like oh god they just had the heavyweight! :D
Heavyweight was good stuff! Too bad u didnt try it!
man if I tried that I would of died :D
you dont die from smoking weed :D
haha i can so imagine how bad you were trying snus for the first time drunk, ive seen that go bad for so many ppl while drinking xD
I wasnt even that drunk, just because i never smoke and snus is like 5 cigs in one or something
i was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked ;D
theres lot stronger snus :pp
Man, Im not going any where near that! haha
I hope the water helped bro!
It did ALOT haha
thanks bro! <3
wtf is this shiet, love hearts and all sortsm man the f up.
The last night was fkin crazy.

I remember having Pinky Power shots (Copyright Jewe [who was later sleeping right in front of the logica community room] and tomMi) and some other disgusting shots.

I had like two hours of sleep and planned to meet up with Squall and Brandon (Anim) the next morning. When I got to the Eden, Brandon wasnt able to walk and decided to stay in Enschede and Squall was nowhere to be found (he couldnt sleep and therefore went to Schipol already and tried to sleeep at the Airport).
Luckily Munchies was at the trainstation and took the train to Amsterdam/Schipol with me (cheer mate!).

Awesome weekend with shitloads of drinks (goodbye to my 450€ oO).

Was nice to meet you guys (again).

btw, Koop, you were terribly shitfaced on Sunday oO. Why didnt you dare to frive with the big bad wolve? Owzo was falling for my talk about being raped in the woods and stuff, he wouldnt shut of his phone-flashlight.
man it looked too weird :D
I wanted to live and not die in my wolfs van :D
koop very cool
Goku sounds like a pretty homosexual guy :X
i just noticed that u liked it to be in front of the cam any time ..
Keeping the stream live bro!
no shoutout to stray no love
I still dont get how people enjoy snus :x
Being wasted is cooo00o0o0l maaaaan
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