New karsiah_te2 released!

As CB promised:
QuoteA new version of Karsiah will be released in the coming days with some minor texture fixes and with the area immediately outside the flag doors altered to remove landmines.

here`s a new _te Version with some texturechanges, some new boxes and some areachanges near the southdocs - special thx to Dersaidin, he helped Finland Nenquel to improve the FPS once again :)


i liked the mines :P
ich glaub das ist die dritte karsia version die ich mir lade
kein bock mehr.
oh noes, more versions plz
there's a bug at ammo thing,
when u look at the wall, the colours change
ye ;/ and a clippingbug @ flagarea...
I spotted it too.
the colorbug at the transmitter is fixed?
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Should I spam more "supply back plz" journals!
This map actually rocks, despite low fps, because it's got oasis textures and is radar-like.
despite low fps
you're @ home yet :o ?
whaddabout betatesting first with maps and then releasing a final version instead of new version every week?
Good point ;-)
the map really rocks , only thing i don't like that u can really easy be raped when u have the documents , because all axis can are on the walls and shooting up is a bit hard for some!
still low fps...
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