Song contest #2

Again was recorded with some microsoft windows recorder (shite) , sorry for quality this song was on radio and I recorded it.

Do you know the name of the song?

Prize: Book "Retardness" by RazZah,malczik,KiL|3rBoY,Kito. How to not pretend and be retarded in all ways.

t2nks in advance
put it on youtube, and i'll tell you
Kito isn't a retard afaik, rest is
2bad he didn't gave you the other part of the log
02(cdap|VESSAr02) account name?
02(soool02) i forget it
02(soool02) will give it soon
02(cdap|VESSAr02) i thought allready you took this seriously
02(cdap|VESSAr02) :-D
02(soool02) :(
02(cdap|VESSAr02) no i mean
02(cdap|VESSAr02) this guy is just
02(cdap|VESSAr02) retarded
02(cdap|VESSAr02) seriously injured
02(cdap|VESSAr02) same mental condition as razzah
02(cdap|VESSAr02) as you could already notice
02(soool02) :>
02(cdap|VESSAr02) first case when i see that people not pretend to be retarded , they are
02(cdap|VESSAr02) just sad
im jelous about what?

I just mean retards like you should die in car fire or whatsoever , braindamaged walking failure , fucking waste of sperm :XD
i hate people like you
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