I don't see the joke
At least Scatman must be a joke. Friendsteams ftw!
I dont see the joke.
Hoi Polek.
butchji ¿
rofl scatman : D
scatman is good at rifle ...
gL new talent :p
Roxor is 32483248 times better as rifle and in any other class. He reached the semifinals on the PremierDivision twice and is one of the most underratest German players around, while Scatman is talking all the time about his new HIGH++ teams, which failed after a couple of weeks and reached nothing.

It's the same shit like with phate last year. Kuraigu...why the hell do you do this job?!
agreed, <3 roXor...
agree @ roxors skill
Roxor is shit man.

im confused why u complain about a second rifle in the lineup. for me its clear that hazer will be the first rifle caus´ he has teh skills and the experience, and patrick will be backup.
when is hps4 comming?
soon :/

i guess this weekend, i have to do sume additional producing for a secret project first
i hope so! need some minimal here.. <3
plz scatman uses cheats, hes 10x better
<<< avi for team ger :D :D :D :D
Big gl to our team and ban those french tards plz
All they need is b****** (guess who?!?!)
Good idea, let's try to get bulld0g to join the German team. He can supply the team with bots. At least then it'll almost be similiar to butchji playing..
no butchji?, drago?
and btw faky for nationteam!
lold at scatman :D:D:D:D:D:D:
loooooool wtf bb NC :(
scatman :D better be there as water bringer
New etpro coming. Butchji is out. Also cdc5 coming. Butchji is out. Unexpected? :DDDDDDD

jk <3
you may never know :)
new etpro? in your dreams?
If bani agrees, yes :)
why dont you play?
because i said the n-word too much
i dont get what you want. we are trying to get the best possible lineup and we do so imo.
gambit wouldn't fit in the best lineup :P
whats wrong with you guys? compared to the last team theres one new player, a backup for haZer since he has pc problems atm and we cant be sure if he ll be able to play from the beginning. and ye ofc we dont have a 4 man lineup so there are ofc a few other players incoming but as it seems there will be no butchji this season.
gl for the nc :)
who needs butchji when you have wEAK!!!!!
with snoop and weak we got 2 top notch aimer and thats enough, i dont think a real good team needs to excist only out of uber aimer....
Tell that to Belgium and there beloved mAus, no mAus no win for .BE!
Quotewith snoop and weak we got 2 top notch aimer and thats enough, i dont think a real good team needs to excist only out of uber aimer....
need replyskill :<
happenz ;]
Obviously even the best fail sometimes ;)
who needs butchji when you have Snoop!
Tbh i dont think that Scatman is a bad decision. Prolly his previous Teams failed but this is not in any relation to his skill. In my oppinion is he a skilled and experienced player. Of course he isnt like hazer...just not yet imo...

I dont see the reason for the flame, if he fail in the German NT you got a reason for that, but not at this time...

gl Scatman!
scatman :DDDD
duKe_ for team germany !!
take me :P

btw: lol'd @ scatman
Lol scatman for germany megarofl low+ rifle

there are so many other guys that are much better then him

example: hazer,ohzor4, riddla
let's give scatman a try..he will do his best.imo its a good decission
What an argument...There are tons of German players, who would give their best. Skill is the only important point here....and Scatman is not the 2nd best German rifle...simple as.
haZer's in there and maybe the others don't want to play?

He's a good player and he's obviously willing to play, so why not just wish GL instead of talking crap. Are you representing your country?
no he isnt

and if they dont got a rifle then care just somebody play it because its better to take somebody who has some skill .
Quote by snoopwhats wrong with you guys? compared to the last team theres one new player, a backup for haZer since he has pc problems atm and we cant be sure if he ll be able to play from the beginning.
i dont say there is something wrong with it but some guys doenst fit in it :(

You cant win with kuraigu and scatman if you understand what I mean :(

You probably won't become captain of Team Germany 'cause your stupid so I bet the lineup is going to be the best one germany has to offer.

And remember that
1) it's not a requirement to be retarded and tell people how bad they are to be a member of Crossfire

2) People who still has something to prove and are enthusiastic about playing for Team Germany will most likely perform better then a old discarded highskillermegapro player who have won it all twice.

And Kito, why arent you in the lineup?
(14:10:15) (@SL|unitier) doubt he'll ask me again :DD
(14:11:19) (@SL|unitier) would like to play
urtier? Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
LOOOOOOOOOL XDDDDDDDD ;D; wtf xD senji & urtier for team ger tbh
wb urtier :>
who will play rifle?!
hazer / scatman :xd
easy 4 nl
I dont know how good a roxor or one of the others is but the point is that scatman will do his job when needed and thats for sure.
u'll see.
wohhoo almighty urtier answered. i'm excited of things which will happen to come
hazer snoop butchji drago urtier senji duKe roxor zerender wEAK
butchji dont play roxor bad option

reaz or me ;p for roxor
Ive played both scatman & roxor several times, and not only because I dislike scatman - roxor had a bigger impact in the games we played.
errr ok?!
i agree with your because u got so much achievements from important cups, its almost as much as hummel has
I dont see what that has to do with this, I just happened to play both teams in pracs and officials - and that's my conclusion from that.
very subjective I would say
Indeed, cant give much more than my own opinion.
wasn't my point, but whatever
5 vs 6 no prob for team germany :?
sight 4 ger
hes nub! xD
Also war doch nur ich der Hinderungsgrund? :,(
wenn urtier wollte, hätte er dich geplättet, glaub mir
naiz polish flag ><
image: funny-pictures-emo-goat-in-tree

who cares about nc? just take a look at the other teams..
I'm a scatmaaaaaaaaan. Biibababadapa, bapabadapa!
friends team only again!!!
1) i think there are 5-7 men who are better then kuraigu
2) scatman is a good choice as a second rifle, but why having a second rifle backup and no medic/fops backup?
3)thx for the good comments about me, i appreciate that
1) who says kuraigu will play?
2) maybe because hazer said he got probs and might be not that active?
3) np

@edit: if kuraigu will play i guess he will be smg engi
hard to find a good one.. he maybe doesn´t have a that good überaim.. but smth which is called experience & brain.. imo more needed as smg eng. besides that he is cpt. and can do what ever the fuck he wants :D
well u dont get my point there.
1)last time kuraigu played even though he said he wouldnt
2) i dont say leave scatman out, but by chosing only 6-7 men in whole team is too less and that team-ger needs backups for medics/smg eng/fops aswell

this shows how fucked up the german community is since for the last 2 years almost the same people play at the top with the reason that they dont recruit anyone without knowing them.
they dont give us the chance.
furthermore i asked kuraigu if we could make a testgame. the only thing he answered is i dont know.

epic fail!
well.. austria got like 9 players.. what does it help? offi will only be played by the same 6 (propably 7) persons. the others are jsut as backup if someone isn´t here for pracc´s. And if its good to play a pracc with someone who never played an a top level and got like 0 experience & skill against a good enemy... well i don´t think so..

imo its better to play pracc´s with the same persons.. instatt of a backup boy who never played with the guys and also isn´t skilled enough to just pop in the game and play good.

if u want backups... here are the guys i would suggest:
QuoteAnd if its good to play a pracc with someone who never played an a top level and got like 0 experience & skill against a good enemy... well i don´t think so..

It is very good to hear that I dont have any experience. I played on lan vs top teams (cdc4) and i played 3 times in a row oc premier now and lost in 2 years only to 141 in the last semi final.

Quoteaustria got like 9 players

well i think its always better to have some b-ups in your team so u can always play and never use wildcards but thats only my opinion
well.. that shows somehow that u dont have the experience.. how many times u played against these "top teams" on cdc4? maybe 2 atches?
this guys here play 2-3 matches every night. Its just a different if u got an enemy who is playing standart shit behind every corner.. with standart brain.. or if u got someone who is doing smth new and suprising u. thats called experience,brain and trickyness? :x

besides that top teams/top players will shoot ten times better than these oc premier teams.. which are all med/med+ ? And not only aim wise.. crossfire & teamplay and alot more things

about that backup thingy..
ofc it might be better to have some backups.. but if these 6/7 guys take it serious they dont need one
that somehow shows that u dont get what i am trying to say
<3 btw are u playing for aut?
show me one reason why players like you, who never ever palyed close to the top should play instead of players like weak, drago, hazer and me?
i didnt say anything that u,hazer,weak,drago shouldnt play.
the thing is that players like me (reaz,scatman,gzD,even mens0) never get a chance to show off what we can do since highskillers always tend to take "known" people before they try some random or even worse taking friends only in their teams.
maybe prove yourself with joining good teams and play eurocups. we take the players with the most experience and highest skill and not because they deserve it because they wanted to play the last 3 seasons already.
well the problem is everytime i wanted to join a highskilled team they say sorry we dont know u so we dont test u
kuraigu could make some testgames and then we could proove ourselves well that didnt happen like the last 3 years i am so ashamed to be called german
well that doesnt rly make sense tbh. we won the worldcup and the last NC which 100% proves that we always made the right decision and i dno why you should be ashamed to be german since we clearly were the best nation in the last cups. you just have to face it, if you arent known and skilled u will just not play for team ger.
how do u know if am skilled or not?
u didnt play for good teams, you arent known for being skilled, you didnt play ec and compared to us u dont have experience.
and thats all about "playing in famous leagues or being famous" where is the skill part?
you can only play in good teams if you are skilled, if you arent skilled you wont play in good teams and if you dont play in good teams you ll never be known and ofc you wont play in the national team then representing the best players of your nation.
and if the good teams dont the see the skill in you cause u are not known how do u get into better teams to play ec and get famous?
there are hundrets of players who played in ec teams so maybe its because of you and not because of the clans
that was lame tbh :p at the very beginning, everybody is an unknown or a noname except if you come from another game and have played at a decent level on this one etc
so my point is : how will this guy get to play ec or nc if nobody gives him the chance to play it? someone must have given you one aswell, otherwise you wouldnt be playing on the highlevel right now, no?!

ps: I'm NOT a RoXoR's friend!
when i was low i didnt play team ger too eventho i wanted to. so why should highskilled ec players not play instead of med skillers?
u see u are talking about us being medskill eventhough u never saw us playing.
u are simply according skill to being famous.
You missed the point obviously, at least mine. Nobody ever doubted the nomination of players like you, weak, hazer, butchji, drago etc. Those usual suspects are untouchable and have proved their quality in clans and in the previous nationcups.

My criticism is about the '2nd line'. A team, which represents Germany should have the best players from Germany. But so it's a joke to see players like Scatman or phate get picked up. They have not enough quality by skill neither on paper.

Well, it looks like 'you' have done everything right as our Nationteam was very sucessfull over the last years, but it's just a matter of the other 5 players, who balanced the bad pick ups.

There can't be any other important point than skill (which includes team spirit, experience and all that shit), so the decision to pick up Scatman is a joke.

To come to your point "You didn't even play EC". Scatman and phate also didn't play EC afaik. It's just a result that we sticked together as 'unknowns' for years to reach something instead to asscrawl some random highskiller names to come in '2 weeks for EC only' mix teams.

In addition, they put us in the 2nd division 3 OCs ago (random rating of unknown admins). We have won it. So we have played PremierDivision 2 seasons ago. We made it to the final, but we dropped out by our own will, before we have played it as there were some evidences that craz could cheat (although it wasn't important for our way to the final). We went inactive for months after it. According to the Clanbase admins they had given us an invitation or a qualify match, if we hadn't been inactive.

So we played the Premier Division the last season for fun. We weren't active & didn't pracc and still made it to the semi finals, where rY lost (because I couldn't play ofc ) to the champion 141. This season ended with rank 3.

I will never understand, what kuraigu qualifies to be the captain of team Germany, who has obviously no clue neither is respected by the main part of Germany's high scene.

Don't ask me, why I've written so much now...must be my boredom.
for the first time i have to agree with you.
*the first time you admit you agree with me
100% agree
i guess more than a half of the team would agree with just skipping that pracc-night or useing wildcard instatt of playing with someone who the total "weak point" of the team (if they rly take it serious).

Well.. crozz shares the same opinion like you. and somhow he also made it to make a top team with some guys which haven´t been rly "known". But he got time to pracc with these "less skilled/known guys".. nc starts in some weeks.. just some team to play taccs.. learn each other and get the standart shit. rest is individual skill of each players
well but its pretty hard if noone is looking at the scores at the paper anymore
and i want to see guys like stownage ;-) he was rly good @ cdc and thats the point ;P
u dont know? only friends invite to team ger ....... known as Vitamin B

Germany WhiSkey have second good potential for this Team ..
where is butchji ?
add dukienator and np!!
iam already in mate ;]
get urtier and senji :)
tüüüüüüüüüüt, failed
np4 snoop but wtf hummel is doing there ? and btw get pumu and butchji :>
yes butchji<3
well with snoop & weak you already have great aimers and why would you always wanna use butchji
scatman is terrible, even as a rifle
scatman is nothink atleast on lan :[
Well it was my 1st lan + little bit nervous + shit flatscreens + alot of unlucky things with setup our PCs , cdc5 will be better :)
low+ scatman in lineup OKAY :XDDDd
n1 NC this time sux rly :<
i love the snoop debates 8D
hahahahaha nice joke , plz there are really more skilled people than duke and scatman in ger .... nice friends only again
you for example right? xD

You are the first guy who is complaining that iam in the Team...
not really i dont play et anymore, but if i would be active i would be the better choice :) and roxor is for sure better than u or scatman .....
sure that ;]
actually not :(
duKe_ is definitely on of the best germans around.
i mean he has the experience he played on lan and he even played ec.
i also doubt it that u would be better than him even if u would be active ;!
If you saw RoXoR playing recently you would know he deserves it to play for germany.
well i didnt talk about roxor
Okay, I'll rewrite it.
If you saw RoXoR playing recently you would know he deserves it more than e. g. duke or scatman.
hm i highly doubt it that roxors mp skills are better than duKe'S_
and like i said scatman is the right guy i mean i really dont know how good roxor is but
if scatman needs to play he will do his job.
more low+ players plz :x
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