y0.. DiscusS THIS!

no butchji no win
ban for attention whoring
you ugly portugian tranny.. ill let you suffer @ cdc5

if sexyhot allows me to!
You wont see me @ cdc5 :DDD INET ONLY LIKE tchji . Oops :D

Nah.. too much expensive for me :) im studying at a private uni, cant go :\
Hazer is only good there imo, lolz!
no schNee no win

hey craig baby <3
+6 !!!!!!!!111

saskia schatzüü !! ..
team germany, not team yermany damn
you promised me a beer!
sry but this is for serious business men only

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» You cannot post two comments in a row that fast.
geschäfte geschäfte
looking good
Hazer is only good there imo, lolz!
need reaz! and sir, ure right. no anabolicas for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!
daniel ? :D hf then
nice lineup, maybe give duke_ a chance, or reaz.
kuraigu pwnat0r
the weaker, the better for other countries :BBB
Seeing this arouses hope for me being in finlands nc team.
And its getting more dead (greetz to killerboj)
So you're saying it's getting dead because killerboy is banning cheaters?
Nah, the CHEATERS he bans, its ok, but his failorbusts...
hmm its not THAT bad...
i miss phate :(
what about faux?

how ever gl
good lineup, kuraigu.

but no butchji
sry but no btuchji? no drago? ScaTmaN in?...
no comment on team "friends-only"
you would be in my 'friendsteam' :-*
u can join my gayclub tAli...if u want? =)
i would love to
no drago no butchji ? epic fail

and not me ? :< jk
OMG NO BUTCH whahaha internet only, after lan hes coming back with a great online comeback, gg
and i was trusting him so much, gg
its so sad for et, i mean all these cheaters, i feel for the game <3

germany will suck without butchji drago
scatman..:DDDD brb laughing
kollege nimm mich und ich bring den pokal heim, damit dat hier ma klar is!
Gibt es dich auch ohne den Gangster-Part?
scatman wir werden euch wegpownen :D
wenn urtier kommt brauchen wir keinen butchji ^^ :>
Get over it kids, butchji won't play. As for Scatman, dunno why everyone is picking on him. He's a decent back-up rifle. If you are unsatisfied by your position it's just your fault, your history, your team. Sometimes unfair, but that's life. If you have a goal and you fail, you just haven't tried enough.

Quote by WakizashiYet more proof this game is dead.

People are telling it for ages, smart ass.
Mit jemand von Team Germany muss man nur gut befreundet sein in dem fall kuraigu dan wird man gleich genommen, hat mir Team Germany spieler erzählt.
hab ich auch gedacht ^^
kannst mal sterben gehn? danke!
kuraiqu das ist doch nicht dein ernst, 1. Scatman Oo serious hat er NC skill denke mal nich,. 2. da fehlt der 6te oder willst du da mitspielen ( was ich eher net denke ), 3. überlass lieber die arbeit einem anderen der ein gutes TEAM-GERMANY aufstellen kann.
scatman is low <3
and funny how humM3L changed the flag to the yerman 8D
imo nationhopping shouldnt be allowed that kinda ruins the serious business effect
i forced everyone to change to ger flag :-(
im glad for scatman that he got in, it shows that newschool players can get better and get to play for their nationteam!
atleast let them play b4 the hatin
for them lulz xD
sucky lineup

Nice Lineup : butchji // haZer // sNoOp // drago // wEAK // phate /keran
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