Are there any ETTV replays / demos from his point of view!?


Whether gamestv nor google were my friends =(

Random Xzibit pic:

image: xzibit
there will be demos i think
when? where? and why?
Aima from sT the cheater? :o is naga also there?
People say he had 55 acc in one match there xD
let the lan end.
i get so fucking angry when i see that name "finkregh" i really want to kill you goddamn what a fucking name
lol :p

what a honor :D


pls guys, just watch his profile pic and ur sure its possible a guy like that shot 55 acc :DDD
lol pic :D
bring ur original profilepic back :D
nice random pic
You're gonna love his demo guys. 50 acc, 70heads per map...He was cheating @ lan imo,i was there, i know what i saw. GRush demo vs Masuj Dzika > all
Opinions are divided if it goes to those who were there :)

Aima had 50 acc in 3on3, few guys who specced him were like omfg.

Then we all surrounded him and watched him playing. Admins gave him another mouse to play on (same type, just borrowed from someone else who had it) -> his acc went down to 30, but still he was making amazing things.

Next match he had minus dmg and stuff.

Personally I dont know...I watched the same monitor he did... And he had eyes of butter because of everybody sitting almost at his shoulders speccing him, thats not very motivational, you know :D But it could be that he cheated.

Oh and btw, hf to all idiots that ever accused david of cheating. You are fucking morons :DDDDDDDDDD
i don't care how well he played on LAN he cheated online
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