Tekn0 @ LAN?

Quote stheno-twinzzy: No you tell me. We where on ventrilo like, wtf multihack? [Even snoop told me that it was obvious]

<hypeee> tekno when did you get your skill?

unKind.tyyrd: randomly good...

domiiii: you was low+ last week

twinzzy: come LAN with your cheating history. I got proffs

vila: that was bs ur such a WH'er

kevin: hahahahaha nice wh

Such a bad excuse it makes me lol, i mean losing your passport ... takes so long to make a new one? (1/2 hours max if you present id cards/bill or other shit) hi2u European Union. If he doesn't show up, roflmao... if he does (suddenly found his passport, seems like they walk, hope he does not suck and gl parra too :D)

image: i-want-to-believe
Yes, or he lost his passport and couldn't make it to Enschede.

or family issues or broke his toe or got the arm surrounded by 'gesso'
I made it to cpc2 after stubbing my two awesomely in the shower the same morning. x)

it looked like I had frostbite by the evening :D
but u got there
some people r trully weak or truly scared....
some people need excuses
I belive he found it again and left :o ?
hes in amsterdam i will meet himin 3hours in enschede
how come you can play at lan if you got pbbans? rofl
im with you
Quotetakes so long to make a new one (1/2 hours max)

takes weeks in Germany
not rly xDDDD
it takes like 1h here

he lives in the wrong germany imo
in old and dark germany :ooo
westen btw

I waited 1 month
takes 10 minutes to get a limited passport if you got proofs like tickets or a hotel bill with the date etc.
keke but i'm talking about a real passport... as you won't get into countries, which require real passports, with a temporary one (hi USA) ... then you can also use your ID
he found his passport and he is going cc afaik...+ i don't have a passport and an ID-card either (only ID)

btw why butchji isn't coming or was it joke ?
you know its probably a man right?

If he were man, I would like to have those kind of boobs.
We don't have your shitty ID cards and we never will.

Also we will never take part in a national identity scheme.
yes your country sucks

Ok maybe I should rephrase.

I will never take part in a national identity scheme.
"[22:56:44] [soool] [21:55:58] [[c]TEKN0] is there no where i could play the event at home..."


made me lol irl! XDDDDD

[22:56:44] [soool] [21:55:58] [[c]TEKN0] is there no where i could play the event at home...

plz make it stop
Would seem strange to pay the entrance fee when you plan not to go?

Get off his back :/
and how come he remembered he needs his passport 1 day before the LAN? :D
Don't really give a shit to be honest.
so much e-drama's around a LAN!

if only we had an e-Oprah!
i hope you apologise if he owns it up @ lan
when are you leaving to Paris?
Sunday 4 AM
i hope it 2 cause finnaly maybe K!||3RB0Y can shut the fuck up and just pay attention to real cheaters;)!
Isnt he from the UK? passports take a while, alot longer than 1/2 hours! and he cant use an ID card as UK opted out of that agreement. Mr Current Affairs.
Took me ~6hours to get mine ;>
We have to wait up to 3 weeks, atleast i did when i bought our passports. But they where the 1st passports, i suppose getting replacement would be quicker. Same rig'ma'roll as gettin a new birth cert?
Naa, there's a way to get a passport on the day you want, it just involves going to the passport services (my closest one was Cardiff city) and waiting there for it to be processed. Can take anything up to 6 hours :>
It's either that, or wait a few weeks in the post...
I waited for the post! didnt even know you could go down and get it the same day, i know now, i guess this info shall come in usefull in 10 years when this one expires l0l.

You'd be a great guy to have around, the month after a crysis. :D
you can get it if you go to an official passport office, but it takes a full day to get , 8 hours, and you have to sit there the whole day to get it. sounds to me like poor tekno has been fucked over on this thread though to me, no idea what hes done previously online, but if he is TEH WIN at cc5, well..... words may be eaten?
I guess how well you perform on LAN is down to the amount of substances consumed! :D But jaja, words shall be shoveled down ones throat.
I admit to you all why I ain't coming: I got caught Joyriding and my parents aint happy with it
stoere jongen
thats just fucking hilarious :DDDDDDD
Hahahahahahaha :D:D:D::D:D:D:D
Hackers accusing hackers? Nice!
But if a hacker says that you hack, else your _FUCKING_ good, or then you hack
wow. quotes of the biggest whiners..
Didn't rly want to say anything about this but this guy was wh'g so blatantly on cybergames, also had a skillboost from low+ to med+ in about a month, this is just judging by playing in the same team with him and specing him on pub but I wouldn't be surprised if he's totally shit at lan or if he wouldn't even show up. Also caught mr cupper wh'g blatantly @ supply with rifle, looked like he just got wh and was trying so hard to hide it, was hilarious tbh.. anyways flame me or do whatever you want but imo tekno cheats and cupper has used cheats, or is still using which I can't judge since I never see him or get a yawn on bio or cyber etc.

flame me hard
I had a nice skillboost once :(
Turns out I just had more than 20fps when I went from low- to low+ : DDD
you can't use your ID in UK like that <_<

EDIT: he paid everything aye? And no, he's not hacking :) atleast he hasn't done so when I've played with him.
ofc he dont hack, he aint better then medskill :D so he cant hack

He's in Amsterdam i will meet him soon.
Nice, I'd like to meet him, seems like a nice chap ;)
zogenaamd, tekno is goed op cybergames..
maar dan mag ie ook wel stoppe
Quotesteve/toxic slept here last night after me and w3st picked him up from the airport at 23:00. Basically meeting w3st at the train station to get some breakfast (jake was supposed to be there but lost his passport). Planning to try and bootcamp a bit tonight. So basically see you all there :D. Shoutout to all the online only ppl - have a fun weekend :).

EDIT- Jake/tekno just found his passport :D

And yet again killerboy making a fool of himself.
yes, lets see his performance @ lan
Since when tekn0 became good? Played with him like a month ago and he sucked more than me
And that's saying something....

Shame :(
Everyone on CF are med+ at least

Oke, lets say im "med+"
wtf killerb0y you think he cheats he dont cheat's a normal ETplayer with humanskill if you think he cheats i dont know more
All these LAN dodger accusations are just bullshit. Don't think that he would have payed the entrance fee and flights etc just to came up with a lame excuse just before it. I mean if that's the truth he must be the most retarded person "I ever seen hear"
[22:05:07] [soool] you must think we're retarded are something


funny shit all round
hes going

Busted! he is dodging! he should be headed to Enschede!
Cupper you wallhacking plump Yorkshire bastard!
twinzzy: come LAN with your cheating history. I got proffs

Nice english :DD
thx wannabCF
"takes so long to make a new one? (1/2 hours max if you present id cards/bill or other shit)"
it took several days for me to get a new one when i lost my wallet once ;o

tekn0 isn't special at all, can't see how you can accuse him of cheating ;o
and: why would he pay and pretend to come to lan if he didn't intend to? i mean if he was cheating online and never planned on going to lan why just didn't he stay at home without even talking about cc5? noone would have suspected him then!

summary: tekn0 stay at home! i rather want to see efax playing on lan (by taking your spot) 8D
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