about damn time

[00:19] <soool> alexl is the master troll
[00:19] <soool> he's banned now tho

we salute you SwedenalexL but you can't stay around, you must serve your ban sir :)

soool approved those logs, all is valid and stuff

SwedenalexL, the official biggest dumbass of the year (I can't believe I can get more votes than him now) is gone
alexL won't care about the ban if he is in jail !
No no no no, he went to jail in order to win the award.
It was all planned xP
When I see nick Robaciek, I imagine that lovely rabbit face, which I saw in one journal last week :D
make.. foodjournal.. NOW, hungry as fuckkk
People aren't voting for alexL coz they know how much he loves the attention.
sool is awesome
It would be higher if he didn't like the attention as much.

I'm not voting in this poll. Unless you want my vote?
if he didn't like the attention as much he wouldn't be in the poll
sool gettin' all da credz :(
I will advertise my vote @ #crossfire
u can join him
my idea was a retard award, not a dumbass award. xP
And I only nominated you because atm you can't win anything but that pocal.

And yet again you failed..
Or if you look at it from a different perspective, you won, because you are not the big dumbass I figured you'd be, there is someone even worse.

I've got no idea what anyone apart from AlexL is doing on the nominees list. I honestly don't know what the Catalan crew is or why Feiss and Banga are somehow exceptionally dumbass, and I refresh this site 23 hours a day...
I knew it. You never sleep!
alexL must feel so great, a whole community of uber-nerds talkin about him by every minute and in every journal. retarded..
so he only got banned cuz he was voted nr.1 in that poll?

if so then it's simply ridiculous...
No, he was banned for cheating. What lead you to your conclusion?
why wasn't he banned earlier then? I mean everyone has known that for ages...
This means that his votes in the retard poll dont count...Robaciek is gonna get banned....
democracy has failed :(
you just gone and pulled a George W. Bush on us. xD
No, you still lost.
[00:19] <Robaciek_> BLACK BIRDS
[00:19] <Robaciek_> BLUES
[00:19] <Robaciek_> BLACK birds
[00:19] <Robaciek_> BLUES
[00:19] <Robaciek_> getting raped by cat
[00:20] <soool> that's in dumbo
[00:20] <soool> the disney movie
[00:20] <Robaciek_> wtf
[00:20] <Robaciek_> are you talking about? :D
[00:21] <soool> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOcVkofa1AU
[00:22] <Robaciek_> just how old are you? :D
[00:22] <soool> you've never seen that movie as a kid? o_o

Haven't you seriously seen Dumbo? Go watch it now.
it isn't really blues, now is it?
more like jazzzzzzzz
no one fucking cares
i did! was an exiting poll that kept up the flame on crossfire!
stop feeding the trolls ;( they must not get any attention in life, roba shit is getting old now.
ah yessssh :D polish racist commercial you mean xD
hehe got all the info from the journals :p
but it's all for fun, you know that right? :)
im on your side mate!
let's hope they ban you now, since Alexl already got banned..
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