I stayed at lan center to watch all the matches ET and Cod finals because my plane supposed to go tomorrow 12.
There were atleast 10 guys in this situations so we had to solve how to kill time until then. Me, krosan, Wing, Gengis, reload and butchji went to krosan's hotel room to play some poker (2am). I bought chips for 5€, I couldnt risk more because I neeeded it for the train to go to Eindhoven. KJ in my hand and krosan betting 30c, ok I was i think he has nothing i can raise then he went my allin and he shows AA. Everybody was like WTF :DDD So he took my money and i didnt want to buyin again. Anyway krosan was owning everybody, he plays awesome, atleast that night.
So I get tired and went to sleep, there was a free bed for that. At the morning when I woke up (9am) everybody disapeared
only krosen slept in the other bed. I get an sms that my plane wont go today I had to go tomorrow. I was angry but i thought it will be oke to walk in Eindhoven then wait on the airport. So I went to the trainstation. I had to change the train 6 times because there was a problem with some intercity. I arrived Einshoven around 2pm. Went to the mcdonalds took a shit and bought a milkshake. Then I walked in the center like 2 hours and visited a cafeshop where i bought some white widow or smth. I smoked it to the half because i was already OK, took in my pocket and went away. Then 1 hour later I went to a restaurant to buy a tea and started to smoke inside and the waitress told me its not allowed inside so i wnt to the terrace. I dont even know the rules where can i smoke in this city, my bad.
Around 7pm I arrived at the airport, I phone home i told them everything ok. Waited 4 hours and then the loudspeaker telling that the airport station will close at 11pm. I WAS WTF WHERE CAN I WAIT THEN?! Ok I took the bus back to the city. I had no money for a hotel room so I went to drink some tea again. I asked people there where can I stay tonight, is there a club or something that is open. And they told me there is nothing at monday night everything close around 1am. AGAIN WTF THEN. I wnt to the trainstation, maybe there is some waiting room. And no, they closed at 2am. WTF AGAIN everything closed in this city ??? So I started to walk to the police station ask them what to do because its -3 outside and windy. I walked 5 minutes and 3 guys came to me.
A 2m tall (no joking) black man asked me "What do you need?" I told him I need nothing I am freezing and have no money for hotel. He was friendly and tried to help me to show a cafe that is still open. He told me everything closed in the central of the city. So we walked 5 minutes a a turkish restaurant that was open. I had like 15€ only and I wanted just sit inside to wait there. But they didnt let us in and I wanted to go back to city. The black nigger get evil and started to shake my coat "Man I came here with you, buy a beer for me!". I was scared what the fuck will happen here. I told him I have no money and he started to insult me and shout. I gave all my coins to him to buy that fucking beer and leave me alone. I took my 10€ to my pocket fast, atleast I have still some money left... So it seemd it will be ok for him I walked slowly to the corner and after that I was running like Edward Norton in Fight Club. Found a hidding place and I stayed there 10 minutes. When it looked cler I went to a hotel, called Holiday Inn. At the porta I told my story what happend and told the guy please can I stay in the lobby to wait some hours. And he told me No, i have to buy a room. Fuck how evil ppl here. I went away and finally i found the police station. Told them what just happend and they told me they probably know that black guy. They had photo but they couldnt show a picture of him because of some rules. WTF ???
So the cop asked me Do i want to complain officially. I told him doesnt matter i just want to go home. He told me I cannot stay inside the police station. AGAIN WTF "OK THEN I WANT TO COMPLAIN". So we sat down, And told everything datailed. Took like 1 hour. Then again he telling me i cannot stay here. I told him i have no money for the bus because that black guy took my money. It was 4am Had to wait 2 hours for the first bus anway. So i sat down and didnt want to move. He get angry and told he will arrest me if i dont go right now.
I WAS LIKE WTF FUCK WRONG WITH THIS CITY AND PPL. We started to quarrel and when I was just about to go he sayed that atlest twice "'You are stupid" I went back asked "What did you say ??" And he say again "You are stupid, why dont you have money for a hotel". OK I WAS LIKE THIS GUY REALLY RETARDED OR WHAT and i went away... So nice I am freezing, tired like shit, have no money, hungry and have to walk 2 hours to the airport.... Fuck that was really long but when i arrived I sat down and slept in a chair like 3-4 hours. When I went down on the stairs to check-in i couldnt even walk properly, my legs was so tired..
Waitid 2 hours and my flight finally started :-(
and I thought my trip home took a while... lol
Hope you get home safe after all ^^
from krosan's place it took more than 24 hours :s
I could've driven you to Eindhoven mate ;)
You live near there ?
It's "kinda" on the way home

Was gonna drive wing & gengis to Amsterdam, but they took a train, so had some extra time anyway :)

Mind you, I only got in my bed at 7am, saw u sleeping so peacefully, but then all of a sudden some cleaning lady started annoying me at 10am, and at 10:30 the manager Jelle kicked me out... So had like 3 hours sleep, and got in my car & drove for 4 hours :XX
hahaha :D
hahaha :DD

sorry for your hardships man, but it's rly funny :D
:D:D epic story :D
"The black nigger get evil and started to shake my coat "Man I came here with you, buy a beer for me!". I was scared what the fuck will happen here. I told him I have no money and he started to insult me and shout. I gave all my coins to him to buy that fucking beer and leave me alone." AHHAHAHAHA EPIC

e: and btw. even in poland if you would have a problem like this police is always trying to help you as much as they can, especially if you're a turist
that's some story! feel kind of bad for you that you have gone through such difficulty to get out of our country. You must fell a sense of a relief when you finally boarded that airplane :D
jeah when Tom Hanks arrive home in Cast Away movie
he wasnt that happy tbh :d

:DDDD (sorry)

nonix meight that's some fucked up shit

sorry for winning all your monies, I just had amazing luck like all the fucking time
if i wouda have known that, i'd have given u all my monies, looks like u could use it ^^
the black nigger wouldve stole it then =DDDDDDDDD
hmm right ^^
"nonix coming" :D but btw bad story.. :<
" When I went down on the stairs to check-in i couldnt even walk properly, my legs was so tired.."

rly nice story man :) was in a similar situation 1,5 years ago, as we were in dublin and waited the whole night for the bus on the cold street, where were no benches, so we should only sit on freezed stones and freeze our asses and ourself lol
but i bet there weren't any tall niggers
no there werent, there is only a big amount of peacefull polaks ^^
if it's polaks like n00n i'd be fucking scared too!
actually we saw no one "suspicious" guy at this night :)
first night couldnt sleep because the whole polagz team was inside in our hotel room shouting KURWA every second word.
hähä i can imagine
when i was in Czech Republic praha (capital city) we had to wait for our new car (had car accident..) and instead of waiting we walked through some streets and stole some streetsigns :p
nice warm-up activity :)
That's what you get for trusting some random guy in the middle of the night that asks you "What do you need?"

What the fuck else did you expect? That he was gonna serve you coffee and cookies?
jeah i didnt go with him instantly he followed me and talked to me. What should I say to him ? "leave me alone you nigga?"
I just tried to look friendly to him aswell, didnt really expect he want to rob me.
You know I live in a city with 2million ppl here and in the last 22 years nothing like this happend...
that story is better than your movies :D
atleast u made it!
what the hell! :D I thought our trip home was sick but this is really ... damn.. ^^ Hope you get home now :P
You should have gotten a hotelroom from the airline you were flying with because of the delay +airport closed :)
big niggers in Holland trying to rob you, not rly unexpected

bad trip home :)

glad u made it
lol , that's shit, had something like that in London once
stopped at took a shit at mcdonalds
how could u 8D
eindje gramma hosselaars
:DDD nice eurotrip :DDD U should hit that nigga with your mousepad (board xdd) in the head and then run away :D
made my day. :DDDD like a nerd rage xDD
Fly from Amsterdam next time haha :))
as long as your safe thats all what matters :)
haha cracked me up, sorry to hear about that though ! be glad u werent in amsterdam or rotterdam at that time, i dont think u wouldve been able to move on with just a loss of 5 euros :d glad u made it home !
@ first I was like fuck off I won´t read your stupid story.
But after reading some comment I felt like to read it.
I feel sorry for you mate :D
But that nigger part was epic indeed :)
nigger is nigger, black people are just dirty :D
Shame on your mother...
haha i'm glad i klicked on that journal...cause its an awesome story dude! :D
Why would you not have money?

Loving the police officer...
3 rules for any trip to the netherlands:

a) dont smoke/take what u get outside of coffeshops, what means never talk to black people that walk on the streets like "pss, pss - heroin, cocaine, LSD? ...or what do u need?"
b) never share a hooker with ur friends
c) be sure u have enough money or ur VISA with u

but thx a lot for sharing that amazing story xD
u should have punched him with ur mousepad...
dont trust anybody in the middle of the night, not worthy
Quote. Went to the mcdonalds took a shit and bought a milkshake.


oh btw i do feel sorry for you about the rest of the story =(
this quote made me smile now :p
why would you trust a random guy at that time...
why wouldnt you????
good place is good
remember you're dead if the story is true :((((
im al7, i came on to tell people that AL1 died on his way back from lan
:))))) cool story
This was 2 funneh. Haven't posted anything on crossfire for over 6 months. But this was just 2 epic. 'Fuck how evil ppl here'. xDD
Oh dear. Well at least you survived. :D
still lmao
rly ul :S glad u made it :)
eindhoven is most dangerous city of netherlands xD
I'm there daily and nothing happens to me :o

Eindhoven de gekste!
too bad mate i live in eindhoven u could have crashed at my place i even had a day of at tuesday :p
hahaha great story!
thanks for sharing! look at the bright side: you're still alive :P
hehe, i bet your glad you made it back home.
Trusting randoms in the early morning..
there is a picture of Sandor Petöfi on my table
edit: story to remember and tell your grandchildren, great success!
So it seemd it will be ok for him I walked slowly to the corner and after that I was running like Edward Norton in Fight Club. Found a hidding place and I stayed there 10 minutes.

i cant stop laughing =))))) hahahhaa

good thing u were not in romania else u will probably got naked by now :D that tall black dude looked peacefull in comparison to a tall white douchebag from romania :DDD

but now seriously im sorry for ur trip :D but its ok that ur safe .. good look at cic8 prepare urself next time .. ( a knife a bat maybe a gun who knows :D )
because on romania they are not normal white people they are GIPSYS that are even worst than niggers
nah you listen to much to tv / and what they say on inet about us .. u cleary dont know the difference between romanians and gypsies ... actually romanians are really nice guys ! just look at me <3 :DD
the gipsies come from romania mostly..there some in Portugal and I fucking hate them. I am not saying that all the romanians are gypsies :)
romainia has monsters, just look at van helsing! :pPpPpPp
been in romania few times (not in Bukarest) doesnt look that dangerous :p
well bucharest is pretty shitty after 12 ... i mean u dont walk around like u did :D but this is how big cities work .. :P and yeah romania isnt such a bad place like everyone thinks :d u just need to get sooo unlucky to get in a similar trouble like you
come to Poland bro, and walk alone in the night! especially in some city where are 2 fighting against football teams !:)
omg all because of ET ! :P sad story but funny too (sorry xP)

"Fuck how evil ppl here" xDD
crossfire story #1
+1 XD
he was tall but not fat :]
i bet you felt like killing everyone around you to blame them for all the shit happening to you
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