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image: 49919-lotsofmice_iconSujoy Roy owner of ESReality has published a fantastic Mouse review called the ESReality Mousescore 2007. It is most certainly one of the best independent and encompassing reviews ever witnessed. Written by one of the UK's most successful proffesional gamers Sujoy has benchmarked mice based on:

- Perfect Control
- Malfunction Speed
- Maximum Accel

QuoteIn this environment where performance is king, it's ludicrous to think that mouse performance has never been measured for reviewing the products. Imagine reviewing the latest graphics card in the same way. Without benchmarks, reviewers would have to resort to loading up their favourite game and commenting on how their frag count improved. You would have no way to compare NVIDIA and ATI cards apart from the quality of the packaging. Without benchmarking, graphics card reviews would be almost entirely useless. So why do we put up with mouse reviews that are just as useless?

I have devised the world's first independent benchmarking system where raw mouse performance can be measured and compared. If you're thinking about buying a new mouse check out the ESReality MouseScore first, or you might be sorry!

Read the article Here
great article, didnt read all yet...but one thing is obvious:
Logitech > all q.e.d.
Well as strongly i like Logitech hardware since i have both G15 and G5, im questioning myself why from A4tech did they had to pick the lowest mouse, in sense of development. The one used is a 708 one, which has the lowest dpi settings and the poor'est benchmarks. I wonder if since it performed so well, in compare to 3x more expensive ones, they just didnt use higher lvl ones so that the truth didnt come out that x718 would be surely on top with teh older Logitech devices.
lol nice, only problem is that it makes me feel bad for buying my G5 :<
it makes me feel sad my mx500 died :(

I've tried getting one everywhere, but no-one has em in stock anymore.
Some e-bay seller had em new in box. Oh well, let's give it a try since the feedback the seller has are positive :)
Just bought a new one there, it's a good time to sell them for more than twice their price on ebay, I guess some unpatient dudes could spend more than 100€ to get one.
bought it on ebay now for 38 euros. (that includes postage of 14 euros)
Time to overclock my usb ports for my mx500:>
bad review..

G1 is better than G3 if you don't need 2000 dpi ? I have both and the only things i can say is rofl...
have you actually read the whole article?
I have mx518 and g5 and I agree that the g5 is better, the problem is that this guy measured only the maximum speed and not the max acceleration detectable by the mouse
Mx518's are the kings of mice.
Just bought one a few days ago :D

image: icon
He's going to test it as soon as logitech send him one.
I think it's MX500 in fancy case.

I like it tho, so many buttons and i use them all in ET :)
really nice good job
It's good in what it does, but lacking in many other ways.
ok but why testing old mouses like mx500 on 1000hz/400dpi while not mx518 set to 400 dpi .. : E I think they would have same score.
it s already a fact with the tests done that mx518 is one of if not the best mouse, no need to do more i guess ( + imagine the work it must be to do all this)
No, they wouldn't. It's absolutely not the same. It would remain a sensor which reads 1600 DPI, while downscaling to 400 DPI.
Heh ... mx500@1000hz > mx518 400 dpi 1000 hz

It's like Honda Civic 1995 2.0 i > Honda Civic 2004 2.0 i :P
ofc both are taken straight from facotry :P And i mean new line vs old
my nipples are getting hard :D
n1 article.
I was going to bye G5 but now, I leave my 518 <3
Bought the G5 3 months ago, but I'm back to my weightmodded MX510. The scrollwheel is so unreliable, and since I use it for /kill it's unusable for me :/ The MX510 has the normal clicks on the wheel, much better!
rofl.. you dont even play! :P
510 ~ 518

I have both of them, but 518 is <3
Very nice article, since I own a Razer Copperhead, which is said to stop working at high speeds, I couldn't believe that article, as the Copperhead got very bad results, but I never noticed it. With my sensitivity of 0.4 (30cm / 360degrees) it is just not noticable for me.
Why some of the mouses were tuned, some not? what kinda test is:
U take mouses, mx500 and mx300, tune the mx300 to 500hz and then it crushes the mx500 wich is 125hz.

Ok u bought 2 random cars, make the other 500 horsepower
and the other remains 50bhp, and now lets race whit em.
and i bought G5 whit 70€ and some windows 1.1 optical_cant_fit_in_ur_hand_mouse PWNS the shit out from it? i dont belive in this test. G5 and mx series fit to hand
razer,ms, and others not. ergonomy was not tested, or judged, mx/g5 would pwn em all
apples > bananas
By England Sujoy +++++ - Reply to #107
I tried overclocking all the mice, but only some performed differently. Where I don't talk about overclocking it's because there is no difference in the response.
G5 is placed as number 10. above it there is: mx500@1000hz, mx500@125, mx300@1000hz,he didint test these mouses with normal settings. and/or placed two same mouses above of G5
with difference settings to make G5 look shitty mouse.
And he didint speak about how easily razer mouses break.


G5 is beatifull
G5 is ergonomy
G5 is the shiznit
this test's purpose is to know technical limits of the mouse, not to say which one is best for fps.

if you re not an uberlow sens user you might not give a fuck to what this test is talkin about. but if like me you re willing to find anymouse able not to be full of skipping and neg accel @my sensitivity. this test might come in handy.

so plz luv your mouse and stop whine for nothing
it should be in the test results. in tes,t there is: ''number of buttons''
so why not ergonomy? number of buttons does not have anything to do whit performance?

and im a lowsens user. dont have any probs or neg accel, this test is bs

get ur facts right b4u whine to me.
Ever tried to play quake with low sensitivity & G5?
yup, everyday
"so why not ergonomy?"

Probably because it's very subjective. He did comment on the shape and button placement on some mice, but in the end it's impossible for him to judge which mouse anyone else feels comfortable with.

Who buys a gaming mouse without knowing what it feels like in your hand anyway?
so you want your mouse on NO 1 right?

and btw not every one likes the shape of the g5 mx bla imo it sux hard
a bit weird that someone dislikes the shape of MX and G5 they are made for human hand.
the bad thing is just that there are also leftys :p
although i no lefty :D
[racist]lefties are like black people and jews, people dont care about them[/racist]

yeh all hands are the same shape.

just shut up, you're an idiot.
read my other comments u fucking retardet child
QuoteOriginally I made no conclusions but I was told by everyone who proof read the article that there must be a final score or the results won't be useful. I would prefer people to look at the dpi, the top speed and the number of buttons separately and then decide themselves which is the best mouse for them. It's a personal choice at the end of the day and I am just providing a little bonus information that is not on the box.

This test is not about ergonomics, it's about performance. And shape is preference as well.
yeah. but buttons are in the test results. do they have somenthing to do with performance?
It's not hard to count buttons. But how are you supposed to include ergonomics? Describe the shape?
Its not hard?
Just a little story, how it fits to hand.
is it too small, too big.

So if there would be a 25button mouse, it would win this test?
Being perfect for one persons' hand doesn't make it so for everyone else.

Buttons are smth everyone can associate with.
well, why they make ergonomic chairs, desks and stuff? coz they are good for most of the people. and why the ergonomic test couldnt be made by hundreds of persons.

Good mouse test would be:

price/quality rate

and thousand of comments by users own exp.
and i mean Nice comments, not xfire flame
I would prefer ergonomics be kept out of a review score - perhaps some comments made about it, but that's it, as people's hands are quite different

Same thing with value rating - people can compare the 'benchmarks' between mice and make up their own mind on where the price/performance sweet-spot is.

Having said that, people seem to like to be spoon-fed stuff these days.
so is, peoples penis, vaginas, backs, legs, eras, heads, livers

''coz they are good for most of the people''

or do u have like 40inch thumb?
Most ppl don't even know how to hold mouse properly (they use razers), couse you must hold 3 fingers ON logitech (inxed button1, middle scroll wheel, ring button2) if you're used to play with only 2 fingers on mouse than you rub your ring finger against the edge which is made to secure small finger and it gets fairly annoying (so they use razer and whine bout logi). I think that logitech has best egronomics for ppl who have "grown up" hands, but it can be problem for lil whiners (10-13y) with small hands (most of them use razer)....

Egronomics is personal thingy.

If anyone can understand what i just wrote ;)
nonsense. I myself have fairly small hand and I use that 2 finger technique and I've never had any kind of problem with ergonomy on logitech mice.
I bet you can't reach button in front of scroll wheel because you hold your hand so back and you must admit that logitechs (MX510 in my case) are made for 3 finger holding.

Since i have 9 binds on my mouse (out of 10 possible) i just can't imagine reaching for wheel with other than middle finger and reacting quickly in game.

Try holding mouse the way it's meant to be held, you'll see that it fits in your hand perfectly, couse if i hold it with 2 it feels like i'm using brick.

Edit: i just asked friend how he holds his mouse, he uses 2 fingers for buttons but his ring finger is resting on mouse right next to button2, so that's 3rd way of holding it :)
Are you saying that majority of gamers hold their mice the wrong way?

I don't have that button in front of the scroll wheel (G5) and btw, imo that button in front of the scroll wheel is the stupidest place for a button.
But I have 5 binds bound to the scroll wheel itself and I can access them even in firefights if needed. So that's not a problem for me.
Not gamers, ppl owerall, my friends my family and of course many gamers (You can see that couse they whine about logitech's egronomics, which hasn't changed since MX series = perfect if you take in count that logitech is one of the best "inventors" in the world of mouse and they improve things with every series - they improved sensors, they made new scroll wheel but the case is almost the same)... and they do that because there was era or 2 button mice and 3 button, scroll wheel came later and even others, who didn't use anything but mouse with wheel can't hold them "properly" but! you can hold mouse like MX300 the way you want and it won't bother you on the other hand MX500++ are bigger and they are made to be held like that which is obvious from 2 dents (1 for thumb 1 for lil finger).
It's all about how it feels in your hand i just can't hold it other way, if you can than there's no problem :P

That button was the best thing that ewer happened, the tip of my middle finger rests on it all the time so i can use it with no problem, i use the other button above wheel too with same ease.

G5 is very very nice mouse but i miss all those buttons (maybe they should make G5.5 or smth ;). There's only 1 button on side if i'm not mistaken and that's clearly not enough just because of browsing on internet (i use both forward as often as back), beside that i think that DPI changing buttons are waste of space, or i could get used changing DPI when changing application (windows/game) but than you have 2 buttons less which gets rly annoying.

Again it's all about personal needs, and gamestyle. I have binds that allow me to hold WASD + mouse1,2,3 all the time without letting single button during playing, everything is max 2 buttons away from direction keys and that's the way i like it.

:) Yea I miss mouse5 too. It was a shock when I opened the package and realized the button was gone. G5 is a very nice mouse indeed if you don't count the shitty laser sensor in ;E
I rly don't care bout sensor, i bought MX510 when there was nothing else (MX518 came out later), and i was fairly impressed by G5, but lack of buttons and 100x more important: price held me back and i didn't get it, beside it doesn't work with icemat as far as i know so that's another few euros to add :(

And now it turned out that MX510 is too good for me anyways, i used it at 125Hz and didn't have any problems, 500 helped a lil but that's just a cherry on the top. The only thing i'm worried about is max speed in windows, couse my speed in drivers is on max (no accel) and it's just fast enoguh, bigger screen and i'm fucked.

(oh fuck I hate this I in every English sentence it makes me feel so selfcentred or smth. I would recomend Slovenian language for international - where we add personal pronouns (if i spelled this correctly) to the beginning/end of words (many other languages have that but not english):)
Go work on your farm than :]
You can't have arms that won't fit on G5 for example.
My hands fit fine, but not with 3 fingers on the mouse. I use mx500
mx510 = lovely
MX500 & G1 <3
Anyone want to buy my mx500 :P?
Interesting article but the angle it takes on mice is very wrong you can't measure how good a mouse is based on performance benchmarks.
What would you rate them on?
read hes, ''mice huh'' journal
its not a mouse test its sensor test and you can measure the performance of sensor although not all aspects are covered its still much better than some preview saying like "it feels accurate"
making a review and talking if shape and all the other stuff is good is pointless (if the reader isnt intrested if the reviewer likes apples or oranges)
dunno why he included number of buttons in one of the charts because its also down to preference
Expected the mx500 to be good, but I guess the mx510 could be better (at least it should be with default polling rate). Am a bit surprised by the performance of the Razer mice.

Based on the technology that powered the best-selling Logitech® MX 510 Performance Optical Mouse, the Logitech® G1 Optical Mouse is ideal for gamers and PC power users alike

Guess it would look a little like the G1's performence...
Doesn't anybody see the obvious flaw in this article?

He tested the maximum speed of the mice, but not the maximum acceleration.
The mx518 has an higher maximum speed than the g5, and that's something that I noticed too; but the maximum acceleration it can detect is much smaller. This means that as long as you move the mouse @ not too large distances (let's say 10 cm), you can turn faster with the g5. Also, for things that require instantaneous changes of speed, such as compensating pistol/sniper recoil in et, the g5 performs much better. This is not only supported by my personal experience: if you look at the specifications on logitech page, it does actually show maximum accelerations, and the reported value for the g5 is higher
In the comments he said that he wants to create a setup to measure the max accel either.

The Logitech page doesn't state a max speed for the mx518. And as I don't know how they measured their values, I wouldn't want to compare them to another review. (Maybe the max speed given by Logitech for the mx518 would as well be lower than that of the G5?)

And shouldn't they both hit the max speed and max accel at the same time?
If I remember well, on the logitech site the max speed stated for the g5 was superior to that on the mx518, so probably those "official" values are not reliable.

But to my experience, being a long time lowsenser, mx518 max speed > g5 max speed but mx518 max accel < g5 max accel

As a matter of fact, with the g5 I can trickjump much better than with the mx518 @ same sens, because I am more efficient at the "throwing" part of the mouse motion (which requires a very sudden acceleration, and brief movement)

I also noticed that max acceleration depends on the dpi setting, being higher for lower dpi, on both the g5 and mx518 (this on linux, with direct input enabled).
I assume that acceleration is a nice marketing term but you can accelerate all you want untill you reach the maximum speed of the mouse.
No, you can accelerate up to the max acceleration detectable by your mouse until you reach the max speed for your mouse, assuming your mousepad is big enough
Good review, totally agree on everything. Especially that G5 sucks @ low sensitivity. Spended 80 Euro on a fckn mouse.
tell me how it sucks @ low sens. i had mx510, played with lowsense, then i bought G5 and i didint actually see no difference.
My aim didint improve, it didint go bad either. same settings and all....
what surface? I tried Qpad, QcKsteel, cheap mats, no mat, Icemat2nd.... no matter, it can't follow a hard move over 30 cm. I'm back on my 510 now...@250 hz it's good I think.
Steelpad 5L with steelgliders.
allmost zero friction and the cursor/aim is smooth as babys ass.
MX500 @ 1000Hz?
wasn't there smth about it only being able to run @ 450Hz even when clocked @ 500Hz !?!

(never had that mouse, so dno)
thats why i'm asking
if i remember right, u can tune mx500 to 500hz, but mx510 u cant.
this from raziels learn how to fucking aim documents :P
Logitech MX500 (1000 Hz) Response Graph

yes i was just fixing that. u can do it , but i heard its dangerous.
might end up burning ur computer.
vice versa
other way around? :o
Eli jos et Tuunaa usb porttejas 1000hz sun kone voi palaa?
Periaatteessa toi vice versa ei ois sopinu kommentiks nyt näin jälkikäteen ajatellen, mutta hiirensä siinä voi rikkoa.
oke, kitti korjauksest :) moon taas astetta viisaampi
Atleast that was with mx510
hmmm.. I have tried all the top mice, the Razor Copperhead TO ME is clearly alot better than any other mouse.
mx 518 ftw ..
misses the best mouse of the all, the venerable logitech mx1000
Its wireless ...
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