European Allstars - Lineups Presentation !

image: euallstars2Captains have finally chosen lineups for all teams of European Allstars event, it took only 5 days to find best players from their own regions. Of course it wasnt easy for all captains and we had to be sure that every team can fix a lineup for each game, so we changed lineup restrictions to less strict, it means that each region can have maximum 4 players from same country and maximum 3 players from same clan.
Those are the chosen ones:

Eastern Europe

- Poland doktor (Logitech UVM)
- Poland God (Logitech UVM)
- Poland nrs (Logitech UVM)
- Poland kot (Team Polewka)
- Estonia intact (sth)
- Estonia Night (
- Estonia Holz (
- Hungary Nonix (gods)
- Hungary Future (gods)
- Latvia dunno (Team Zenith)
- Latvia C|own (Team Zenith)

Western Europe

- Germany urtier (
- Germany senji (
- Netherlands mike (wArning)
- Netherlands tekoa (
- Netherlands m1lk (idkfa)
- Belgium mAx (Quake 4)
- Belgium Ganon (rAtatosk)
- Wales sqzz (one4one)
- Wales syK (one4one)
- Ireland sol (

Southern Europe

- Israel CrozZ (one4one)
- Austria potter (rAtatosk)
- Italy XyloS (idkfa)
- Portugal arci (6s)
- Slovenia JaKaZc (rAtatosk)
- Spain Winghaven (gods)
- Spain dr3am (wArning)
- Spain Fanter (wArning)
- Switzerland anubis (wArning)
- Switzerland Rapt6r (helix)

Northern Europe

- Finland saintt (uQ Gaming)
- Finland raveneye (uQ Gaming)
- Finland jauhis (uQ Gaming)
- Finland kmble (gods)
- Sweden LotiX (idkfa)
- Sweden crajsor (idkfa)
- Sweden FiEND (rAtatosk)
- Norway Gjerry (oceans6)

Match dates and coverage details like shoutcast and ETTV ip's will be available at -
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