Negative Image - The Return!

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Negative Image is back and proud to announce their 100% Finland finnish lineup!

Finland MulSu
Finland chmpp
Finland decem
Finland kmble
Finland lettu
Finland Sanda
Finland Spirea
Finland zzrpa

Modified polish version of the text written by Poland Hybrid can be found at

1st of August, 2004 - for most of you this date means the normal beginning of the school year. For the other people - it reminds them that there's only 1 month left till their school year starts. But this date reminds Finland MulSu of his first Enemy Territory Clan called Quotidian Castaway. The name was bit exotic, but it gave the life to one of the best finnish ET clans - Finland Negative Image.

The core of their squad created in the last quarter of year 2004 - in this time, Finland lettu Finland chmpp Finland kmble (aka nightflight) and Finland zzorpa joined the clan. In that time nobody could even expect that the clan will survive with the same core till the ending of 2006, when they officially stopped playing together and hibernated.

The whole two-years road wasn't success-free, of course. The Finnish gained some nice achievements, such as getting the gold trophy in ClanBase OpenCup Spring 2005, being 3rd on ClanBase EuroCup XII or gaining the 3rd place in ClanBase SummerCup 2005 Premier.

Just one year after their start - on 1st of August 2005 - Negative-Image clan decided to try to cooperate with the players from all over the europe. In this time, the core of Team Hungary - Hungary Future, Hungary Nonix and Hungary Fobje - joined the team. The last player to fill up the roster spot was Spain Winghaven, and the clan continued playing under the "Germany Gods Incorporated" name.

They played with this squad till February 2006, when non-finnish players decided to split their ways. negative image returned their name and became inactive. The finns didn't play that actively anymore, mainly because MulSu, kmble and chmpp were sucked in to the World of Warcraft(do not try this at home).

After the summer holidays in 2006, the Finnish gived it a try and tried to revive the clan, so they could start playing again. This one didn't work out too long and they hibernated again to play WoW 24/7, again.

Comeback on 13th of January 2007! Their squad didn't change a lot. The biggest part of the team are the oldschool players who have always been there during these years. this provides them the starting point to be a stable and skilled team that should not fold after "2 weeks" unless they start playing World of Warcraft 24/7 again when the WoW expansion 'Burning Crusade' is released. This combined with the finnish power duo, Finland Sanda and Finland Spirea, lineup indeed looks promising.

-text by PolandHybrid and Finlanddecem.

contact: #negative-image
2 days, burning crusade coming tomorrow afaik?

p.s. we are looking for a server sponsor, query decem or mulsu @ #negative-image @ qnet
rofl servers are like 20 pounds, buy one yourself
gl m8s ! athlens-multigaming 4 teh win :)
gl guys :)
gl lettu sexy voice and kmble wow nerd nr1 :)
gogo ! tuomo chmpp !!
lettu still gonna play for murso @ EC?
played almost them also, wasnt impressed. especially weak attack on old oasis.
we had a merc !
and it was teh almighty iron
with smg, he is terribly bad. :(

and u had darep so plz
and we had me as rifle and fop
Nice lineup, gl Spirea, Sanda and lettu =)
gl lettu :)
hf mr.kmble
If that isn't a fake, I wish you all the best of luck, aTh. :P
Geeli suomi pallos. 8D
gl mulsu decem and chmpp <3

decem couldn't even make the Euro team, pfft! Anyway, good luck to chmpp hopefully you can carry decem :D
good luck lettu & decem :o)
Sanda stands for sad panda?
sanda ja spirea :(((
gl hf, especialy spirea and butch.
ok finally good luck 2 you Mr. Chmmpymunkey
GL decem and lettu.

Let's hope you give the name a 'posotive image', ho ho ho, chuckle chuckle!
Yeah -img. :D

/callvote map battery
wanna bet spirea and sanda go to WoW too now?
gl chmpp, good to see you guys back
gl guys.. cya on a server...
lol decem try to understand... I meant sth else!
;orakiety - ty zyjesz !
0 oznak zyciak przez rok :D
elo elo 3 2 0 ;]
just like my bank account
promising... good luck :) especially sanda spirea decem! <3
gl decem kmble lettu chmpp !
nice lineup.. can do some damage :)
Take Lepari too and fold .Inc imo! gl Spirea.
Incomplete was dead already and Lepari is in one4one... get with it boyo...
wtf eVo no sfx sponsorship!!! apacalixp
lol not my problem anymore :D
geelit päällenne
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice <3
Again some Finnish squad.

This one will not get further then Inc. or murso in EC.
ehm.. excuse me but how you can know already that how far murso will go in this EC?
he is hiro nakamura from heroes!
second that! SUPER-HIROOO
Not far, that's for sure.

Okay, you guys are extremely lucky by playing Rewind in the Lower Brackets but I don't see you getting further than the next round in the LB since you have to play a quite good team then. (no disrespect meant to either murso or rewind, but imo you 2 are just the ugly ducklings in the pont that is called "The Play-offs".)

Edit: I hope you prove me wrong, but I seriously doubt it.
says mr. OC div 50 =)
Division 3 ;-p

And that doesn't diminish my knowledge about ET at the highest level.
decem :_D

gl MULSU and otherz

ps. -img. -> sFx.img in 4 days
never happen ... this has got WoW written all over it
Amazing! GL Sanda & Spirea
#stfu? for decems fanclub
plz chmpp pallo !:D
<3 lEttuh
keelii poijjat <8)
gl, don't die !

wow very nice! i loved that team :D
I assume that Lettu will play the remaining match(es) in the EC with Murso?
geellie! näyttää lupaavalta ;]
nightflight on paras.
gl chmpp my suomirotta
looks like a strong line-up, i expect smth from this ! GL.
joo ei tosta tule mitn ku ei krypta ole kasvattamassa virutaalipippeliään siellä
misse lukaboi ees on nykyää
mis kryptonite on :DDD
son intissä :D:D:D
come back 2 wow chmpperboy
gl kmble & chmp
best of luck guys, and stay away from wow :)
gl guys
geelii leo ja tino!

tosin taitaa loppua teidän pelit jo huomen ku wowin lisäosa tulee!
so low plz
I bet they are going to succeed..

.. in WOW!
ugly banner
2 weeks? no
in next EC? yes
kmble is back \o/ gl negative-image
gl mates <3
i was their offical agent,gl
Bullshit, TBC is coming out tomorrow, you'll never survive.
Nice to see you guys back.
WoW sucks, took me about a year of playing it before i realised it..
U should throw it away now, ull come to the same conclusion as me anyways
good lOok guys
good luck spirea :)
welcome back

gl hf
gl guys
polish jew hybrid ;o
good luck decem, you make my special place feel warm and fuzzy.
chmpp owned in Gods Incorporated, hope that he'll pwn them again XD.

welcome back, gl. cause finland is a nice country xD.

loled -> MulSu, kmble and chmpp were sucked in to the World of Warcraft(do not try this at home).
btw no sfx sponsoring ?
strange isnt it?

Lets wait 1 week (:
gl decem (more k43 ownage plz :$)
I play covie @ battery !
:o like omfg pro? kTING HS ? :o or like jsut blo the damn ramp :o :(
is that allowed ? xD <3
nice lineup
gl spirea :)
Spir power!
gl Sanda & Spirea
ohoho.. :) nice to see a nice finnish team.. :p (so many changes in ET scene in 3 weeks) ;D

btw: gl to Spirea, Sanda and decem <3
gl poijjat, toivottavasti kestätte kauemmi ku pari kuukautta. Kaikkie tedän pitäis ottaa TKB:stä mallia: 9 years of online gaming. :)
gl kmble <3
journals pls -_-
GL homos! =P
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