Base12 special Event!

image: etcup_base

Hopefully you have read the Column about Base12. With that in mind, I can now proudly present to you our next special event. Take out a pen and mark the 22th February with a big X in your Calender for we are proud to announce in cooperation with, Radio iTG, Radio eXtreme, Gamersnation and Giga, a 3 team Base12 cup.

Start downloading base_b6 (new) the map and read about the Objective as you will need it to take part in this event. If you have done so and you and your team feels good with the map pm Germany SPU9 (#ET-Cup) and show your interest by saying your teamname, irc channel and lineup to be in with a chance of being crowed #21 ET-Cup winners!

We will chose six teams for the qualifiers (playing Base12 twice) and the three winners will go for the gold in the Showcup!

Even if you are not playing, you can still be in with a chance of winning a BNC for at least 2 months by sending an email
( spu9[at]ET- ) with your predictions on how the top 3 will lineup up. There will be a minimum of 2 winners.

Map: Base12
Qualifiers: 6 Teams - Sunday 18th February 20.00 CET
Showcup: 3 Teams - Thrusday 22th February - start: around 19.00CET
Shoutcasts: Netherlands Stewie, United Kingdom Mashed, United Kingdom Splodge and Poland Esse
You have untill Thursday 24.00 CET to enter.

Dont panic if you are not chosen for the qualifiers, you wont have learned the map for nothing. We are going to hold a 1 day event soon after with the map involved.

If you have any opinions on the map, contact either SPU9 or Skydeh. We want your opinions!

Additionally we are searching a new headsponser which will help us in our next big project in the future. Contact Germany SPU9 at #ET-Cup

Btw Base12_b6 and the new Frost_comp_b2 are running on this Public: Lucky-Bitches Maptest
Looks like a nice map, hope it comes through!
nice banner
esse isnt from hs radio :P
Where in the post does it say that?
None of those shoutcasters are from HS Radio
Doesnt mean there not supporting the comp!
This is a new release of the map btw!
Nice Banner!
yeah nice banner, nice map (didnt check it out yet ;)), nice event... nice SPU9 :)
thx to bo for the banner ;)
nice SPU9 :)
still played 6v6 on this map.

first stage = very hard for allies.
second stage = easy for allies, cuz of easy spawnkillpossiblity and 4-5 ways to object.

not ready yet IMO.
but atleast i liked it to play, well done =D
is my name in readme? :P

E: yes, it is!
thx :D


E: no changes, ma ju parandasin paar asja ise ka aga mees teeb, mis tahab :(
It seems decent enough, like the run to the cp - allows for plenty revivies.

Only 2 stage though :/
Base12..? :))) Yea n1 map, it's worth a try! ;)

To be sure, banner not bad... :D
Wie weet het of het beetje een chille map is heb um nog niet gespeeld
new map?:D
no , old :<
well at first i dont like the map, i find it too huge and empty... even the bunker corridors are as big as a berlinese street :(
but looking forward to test it 6on6!!!
i havent got steady 30 on it
so, is this map good or not?:<
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