CB OpenCup Map List Complete

Tonight ClanBase released the complete map list for this years Spring OpenCup season. Along with the four favourites from last season, ClanBase have caused controversy by including two new custom maps, along with reintroducing Battery.

Karsiah_te has been played extensively recently in the #ET-Cup whilst Bremen_b1 was selected by the top ET clan leaders to be played at next months CPC.

That means the complete map list is:

» Braundorf_b4
» Frostbite
» Radar
» sw_goldrush_te
» Battery
» bremen_b1
» karsiah_te

I asked Croatia frozz of last seasons OpenCup Premier Champions Croatia elite for his opinion on the map list:

QuoteI would like to see the maplist in a different way, without kersiah and battery. Battery would be nice if it have had a spawnpoint for the Allies at the Command Post, unfortunately it's not possible without the ETPro bani team so I wouldn't put it in this season. Bremen has potential, but we certainly miss Supply. Also, I don't like frostbite very much in ET, it's kinda too small and a bit lotto, I would replace it cathedral instead.

Signups closed last Sunday with 341 clans registered, making ET the third biggest game on ClanBase.
not bad at all
go frozz!
like frozzen said, supply needs to be in, replace it with karsiah / frostbite
U don't like Frostbite?

Nice to see braun in, but otherwise... GG ET.

2 unknown and untested maps (karsiah, bremen) + 2 old maps proven to be subpar for competition ET (frostbite, battery).
2 pretty crappy maps (frosbite/braundorf), 2 best ET maps (goldrush/radar)

-1 good (overplayed but good map)
+1 old (not played for long time)
+2 new ( not played, tested, balanced, unknown)
<3 CB Admins <3

f...... ......
nice retarded map list

(c)cb admins
tbh looks bad..

imo remove battery and karsiah_te and add oasis b3 and supply
I don't see the point of forcing battery if you cannot implement the CP spawnpoint... :S
Rather add ET_Ice and remove landmines like ESL did.
What's actually bad about supply depot? If it's "overplayed" then aren't radar and goldrush as well? Maybe this is just because they are good maps?

If you say it's boring for spectators, well... Spectating is a secondary aspect of the game, which only exists with interested players. Supply is one of those maps that increases players interest in the game, as opposed to maps like adlernest which cause disinterest.
remove frost & battery, put supply & sw_oasis_b3
im so glad i quit after cpc2 :-d
'same' dirk <3 :DDDD
why everyone is like


CB are giving you the chance to see smth diferent and if they remove sd it's for show you that there is more interessing map than sd.
1 new map every "season" would be enough

btw i hope this is the same maplist for the EC
But oh my fucking god!
That is horrible.
plz add oasis and sd :/
This is the pretty crap.

sd out?
braun out?

2 new untested maps in ?
(no, showmatch are not tests imo)

battery ok, won't judge that.

1 new map max. would've been enough.
braundorf is still in dude
Not for 3on3 :<
all our important matches that we lost, we lost on braundorf :/
you mean *antalis
idd I do

my bad then :(
we seriusly need supply back in
CB getting more retarded by the day?

Adacore, you know better than this :< <3
"Signups closed last Sunday with 341 clans registered, making ET the third biggest game on ClanBase."

What is then 1st and 2nd?
biggest joke since the 5on5-idea!!!
like i suggested...at some point they will remove thompson & luger!
don't talk crap..

Like you need tax on these new maps in 7th division, pff..
no need 4 u to know us, thx 4 random flame m8
maybe they put us in premier after two times second...but who cares...
and it is a joke to put 2 new maps in that have not even been tested enough to be the final version...just wanna remember to doorbugs etc
don't mind bull, he's an arrogant meany
true, im just having a laugh with this kinda shit. People will always whine, whatever the mappool will be. Always.
jaap ni _te_ arrogant :D
omdat jij het zegt dennis!! [[[:

I like it =)
Don't you get like 40 fps on goldrush? :D What do you get on battery then =d
Ye, but ;o on battery I'm actually good! And personally I don't like supply that much :)
radar and bremen out .

Supply in, please :).
The best map ever is back in competition. <3 Battery! With current anti-spam settings, and with no mines, it's more than playable. Still, missing the 20 second chargetime for soldier.

Then however, I just can't understand the removal of supply. It's the best and most balanced competitive map ever in ET, what does it matter if it's overplayed when it's as good as it is?

And then again two totally new maps which, I suppose, 90% of the community hasn't even played a single time. I mean, there isn't much consistency in these maplists, for example adlernest was in for just one season and then got removed(, which is good because it was utter crap tho). And et_ice and sw_oasis before that, and cathedral and svarvadel a few seasons ago, reactor stood proud in the maplist for a time of amazing two seasons.

It's just that perhaps the maps should be tested a "bit" more beforehand to avoid situations like this. Now it's more about lotto and aiming than teamplay in 50% of the maps, you just can't develop any really decent tactics in such a short time AND it doesn't really give any advantage for the teams who manage to stay together longer than the magical 2 weeks, or even one season, if you still have to learn a couple of new maps every season.
Totally agree on everything.

I still don't get it why decisions concerning new maps are always done that quick. Those maps have been played in one single cup or one showmatch, it's not possible to say anything about them now except the fact that they are too big and assuredly not balanced enough for the competition.

Just add et_ufo_final and you got a great map which atleast already has been played successful in RtCW.
Indeed, my friend, indeed. Now it seems like EC/OC is just a big test platform for new maps, if ppl don't like them, they're just abandoned after the season and some random new map (or even two) will be tossed in for the next season.

About ufo, it's just crap in RTCW, dunno how it would work in ET. :p If any RTCW map should be chosen, I'd prefer testing village or beach. Village without landmines and beach with decent spawntimes, perhaps even the original ones from RTCW (30 for allies, 40 for axis).
Without the sniper weapon beeing as strong as in RtCW beach wouldn't be that pleasant to attack I suppose. :p

And ufo was great, in my humble opinion.
Also without the nuclear bomb panzerfaust.. :p
you play panzer,how can you not like battery? :>
Where did I say I don't like battery? :p
It's the best map ever in ET.
i meant its obvious you like battery :P
I like battery but if spawn point could be on the land. I hate spawning in water :( all wet and stuff. CP spawn could be cool, but it makes too easy for allies.

Frost out SD in :)
sp 1 @ allies
finaly supply died
ET is the 4th biggest game, first is CoD2, 2nd is CSS, 3rd is CS and 4th is ET
didnt see the stats, but Im pretty sure cs and css are bigger than cod2.
hahaah, retarded CB. why are they forcing everything through so fast? These maps only have been around for 2,5 weeks or something. This is svarvadel and cathedral all over again, and we all still love and play those maps!

ps: you forgot that jar el halalala map in the desert.
Only way to test maps is to PUT them into competitions in my opinion. Your will always get whine about it. Before whining, Give the maps a chance.
You have to make the decision between whine and criticism.
And I think you won't find whine at all from people which were playing this game since the release and have witnessed all the adventures Clanbase have afforded.
Think im gonna stick password2 ( RTCW ) into the WL Mappool :P Me Welcomes the whine lol :)
i just wonder if you guys allready played karsiah_te in a war , cuz it rox
so much fps problems :(
pls don't tell me they chose another dubrovnik ...
Remove one of the two new maps and add supply.
we need supply and oasis !
need sd!!!!111
Good maplist and stuff! and yes finally no sd!
let the teams decide which maps they play in groupstage :(
remove all of ´em imo
nice to see CB again trying to kill et :<
frostbite out supply in
n1 being the biggest game on clanbase and still not getting the attention of cb :o
Signups closed last Sunday with 341 clans registered, making ET the third biggest game on ClanBase.

ups :o

but still...
FlyingDJ on 27/03/07, 11:24:05 PM | Reply

Not on ClanBase, CoD2 had the most signups by far (797), followed by CS (441) and CS:S (424).

ET is the 4th biggest game on clanbase ;>
Nah, that's just 3 clans & we've + 341 players.
clanbase is everything?
good choice of maps

i miss old goldrush, and supply ofc
where I can play bremen? :d
karsiah_te out supply in
What the fuck is karsiah_te? First time i hear that name ... gg cb

ps: nobody wants to play maps they dont know. The cheaters will be shooting walls all the time.
watch two of milion games 3on3 and 6on6 played in et-cup recently, perhaps you'll like it
oops, ill stfu :D
bremen out - cathedral in
then: perfect mappool atm :)
we need the et-cup oc with supply in then cb will add supply imedialty like the 6o6 NC last year :D
is there a public server to play all those new maps?
i think karsiah looks pretty good :) but yeh, supply in
why 7 maps?
last season 5 maps
now 7?

its harder for clans to play good on 7 maps + 2 new ones in such a short time imo. Also battery should be considered 'new map' because you need to practice it again from the start.
don't whine mate

I'm missing Sd2, but its a good mappool.....should be funny
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