Enemy Territory Awards Announced

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It’s that time again! It’s time for the announcing of the Eurocup invites! Therefore it’s invite time, version 2. This season’s Eurocup hosted by Clanbase promises to be more action packed than ever with the teams of United Kingdom Dignitas , Europe The Last Resort and Sweden Zeropoint among many others heading into the holy grail of Enemy Territory. The announcement of the invites will take place at 22CET aka 21GMT.

The show will be hosted by United Kingdom Mashed in his last show along with Anonymous Overdrive bringing you the results of the ETawards 2006 along with a feature of guests as they come. Being the show will be hosted on skype it will be a open line which means if you’re around, have something to say, a opinion to give, give us a call by dropping a line to Mashed (username headshot.mashed ) to let us know what YOU think.

Also featuring tonight we have some prizes:
1st place will receive a free month of GIGA2, a free t-shirt and a bnc
2nd place will receive a t-shirt and a bnc
3rd place will receive a bnc

So what do you have to do to get the prizes? The competition will be based around impersonations of famous ET persons.If Mashed an I guess correct you’re in there for a chance to win the prize. For a chance to get into this competition at any point where we say we’re open for calls ring us up make yourself heard and we’ll be sure to include you in the competition! It’s a bit of fun, with prizes, so why not?

If you want to participate in the competition install Skype, add "headshot.mashed" and send a message stating you wish to come on air impersonating somebody. You will be invited by Mashed to join the conference call at the appropriate time.

The show will kick things off at 21CET and end, when it ends. Be sure to be around in #GIGA.Listen for channel talk and so on so forth. It's a surprise, it's live: anything could happen, see you there!

The Awards

Biggest contributor to Enemy Territory of 2006 - United Kingdom TosspoT
Best Moment - Europe Crossfire announces sending a team to Quakecon
Biggest Rambo - Spain Winghaven
Best Overall Player - Estonia Night
Most Hated - Russia Humm3l
Best Aimer - Germany Butchji
Best Field Op - Germany urtier
Best Medic - Germany senji
Best Rifle - Finland Raveneye
Best Spammer - Estonia Night
Most Underrated player - Finland Jauhis
Most Overrated - Finland mystic
jLn Award - Belgium Maus

Biggest contributor to Enemy Territory of 2006

TosspoT (45.13%)
The ETPro team (17.21%)
arni (10.86%)

Best Moment

Crossfire announces sending a team to Quakecon (21.11%)
Idle vs Demiurge Eurocup XIII semi-finals (15.98%)
idle vs cdap pi (12.02%)

Biggest Rambo

Winghaven (21.91%)
Reload (17.07%)
Kris (15.41%)

Best Overall Player

Night (63.57%)
Jauhis (7.64%)
Kot (7.52%)

Most Hated

Humm3L (40.19%)
kamz (25.49%)
r3vers (11.11%)

Best Aimer

Butchji (27.02%)
Maus (20.79%)
feruS (12.82%)

Best Field Op

urtier (52.89%)
kot (21.18%)
Potter (12.07%)

Best Medic

senji (29.59%)
sqzz (27.95%)
teKoa (23.56%)

Best Rifle

Raveneye (29.98%)
Gifty (19.42%)
Night (18.47%)

Best Spammer

Night (33.55%)
Winghaven (26.05%)
toxic (12.63%)

Most Underrated player

Jauhis (22.76%)
Jakazc (20.75%)
Dav1d (13.12%)

Most Overrated

Mystic (25.46%)
Perfo (20.95%)
Butchji (14.13%)

jLn Award

Maus (23.32%)
Perfo (15.72%)
uniX (14.32%)

Full results
Quote2nd place will receive a t-shirt and a bnc

A "Ik geloof in de Bijlmer" t-shirt?
yes yes i like yes
Sounds good, will be tuning in, good luck guys.
thats cool mashed
APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111
Being i spent some time doing this it better not be!
"Well i don't really give a fuck, ET sucks and i'm glad i'm leaving, it's a good move for GamesTV.org. "

april fools :>
ololol :) gl to all teams btw .
QuoteMitchell - zegt:
kga vanavond meedoen aan zo een show van mashed
Mitchell - zegt:
kweet totaal niet wat ik moet doen

mitchell being Kiss (1daycup)

2 mins later
QuoteMitchell - zegt:
ik moe toch da fucking EC ding nie doen e :x
sam zegt:
sam zegt:
gij moet da doen
Mitchell - zegt:
i've forgotten how to listen to shoutcasts :(
download the winamp file or post the adress in your browser
just says service is unavailable on winamp :(
not onair yet
21 cet = 20 gmt? lazy bastards :<
its onair, dont make me nervous you prick :'(
overdrive, are you also imitating someone?
i'm already imitating flyingDJ when he started casting
lets hope for more 1st april jokes :)
2nd best cheater, pretty good
pizza-highsens-boy ROX :D :D :D LOOL
n1 sheep
hahahahhahaa Sheeep i looooooled :DDDD
nice one sheep :D
Rofl sheep
sheep ftw :x
sheep stole my idea :(
Sevendust - Enemy
doesent sounded that bad @ intro
overdrive really believes it? :D:D:D
22:04:10 • <@[EC]Adacore> Finland vs Europe Qualifier:
22:04:13 • <@[EC]Adacore>
22:04:15 • <@[EC]Adacore> 1. Insignia Cadre ( #InsigniaCadre ) vs. venue - Multigaming OCTENse ( #octense )

1. Insignia Cadre ( #InsigniaCadre ) vs. venue - Multigaming OCTENse ( #octense )

no offence
what is their lineup?
LoL@ octense
Pls upload it somewhere when the show is over.
Your show will be suckage when you hear my voice.
raveneye best rifle? no way :<
The most suspicious guy
some good awards for me here
Actually, you don't deserve them all.

Quote*Winghaven* 172 (21.91%)
*Reload* 134 (17.07%)
*Perfo* 85 (10.83%)

But kris has more than you,

Quote*Kris* 121 (15.41%)
yea, i already noted it!
Oh I didn't see :) Well, I hope admins will edit it quickly and give Kristian his BNC!!
ofc, hummel gets most hated for being fat and ugly!
kamz got fucked!
Night 63 LOL
Very good, agree with almost all...
Mystic overrated? Hmm, donnow...it's sure there are a lot of fanboys, but if you check his skill...well now it's not as high++ as old time ago coz of less playing, but i have some old demos from 2-3 years ago, and yesterday just watched some mystic one from the gunslingers time, maybe I will upload them somewhere...

Anyways congrats to the winners, especially to TosspoT!
NIGGA PLX upload 'em :))
Biggest contributor to Enemy Territory of 2006 - TosspoT - this was totally unbiased :D
Best Moment - Crossfire announces sending a team to Quakecon - w/e
Biggest Rambo - Winghaven - seen more rambos than him for sure
Best Overall Player - Night - never seen him play
Most Hated - Humm3l - oh please
Best Aimer - Butchji - combining gamesense with aim, then yeah
Best Field Op - urtier - no doubt
Best Medic - senji - sqzz > senji
Best Rifle - Raveneye - prolly yeah
Best Spammer - Night - :/
Most Underrated player - Jauhis - dno
Most Overrated - mystic - disagree, he is the best et player ever (not a fanboy tbh!)
jLn Award - Maus - w/e this means, ye

ul perfo :<
"Best Aimer - Butchji - combining gamesense with aim, then yeah"

I'm pretty sure Razz should have taken that award. :(
<3 night =]
finally an award for maus
n1ce - Mashed pls upload it somewhere! gw
gratz hummel :D
mAus is just a fine player :) <3
gratz humm3l !
Spammer Night :)
gifty > raveneye
jLn award to me ffs :x
what is jln?
Hacker award.
xD mAus got ownd
The best compliment you can get as a skilled aimer is an aimbot accusation.

I bet he's laughing his ass off reading the results.

180 votes for best aimer and 184 jLn is actually quite nice :P

Now he just has to perform well at CPC2. But gaming at a lan can be a bitch. :S I'm sure he'll kick ass.

@ Milk, Licid, SexyHot, opa Ronner, Eddie, Keran, Butchi, Wing, d4v1d, Blaze. I expect you guys to kick ass as well at CPC2.

Yes !!°11 mystic most overrated !!nice he is totally overrated damn nub.
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