Dignitas face Reason in i30 Final

UK Giants Dignitas take on Reason Gaming in an i30 final that is not as conclusive as some may have thought at the start of the tournament. Dignitas have looked impressive as expected, however Reason have matched them almost round for round in the early stages.

Reason have infact looked brilliant in each and every game, whilst Dignitas have had one wobble on trainstation against Infused. For Dignitas they will be looking for their third successive crown. They've won the iseries and taken down all comers up to this point, last time out against c4u.

United Kingdom Reason vs United Kingdom Dignitas
Maps: Burgundy, Toujane - Decider Dawnville
Time: 14:00 GMT
Stream: Live Stream from Multiplay
VODs: VODs from the event
GL Dignitas
godammit wanna watch but the stream wont work!!1
why isent the stream working? :'(
fucked up streams always :)

when is cod2tv coming, stupid activision
Multiplay always has trouble, also with SourceTV etc ;(
Dignitas won, 2-1 (in maps)
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