Zaigon by Ultraviolet Productions

image: uvlogokx0

Europe Ultraviolet Productions are proud to present their second official Enemy Territory movie

Zaigon (Mirror from Smireboule) @ Switzerland
Zaigon (Mirror from Fusen) @ US, West Coast
Zaigon (Mirror from Arni) @ Germany

Approaching our city steps a lengthy 224 days after our previous release - one4one Decimated - this is the first and very long awaited movie by Germany Hannes 'hannes' Anders since he joined our crew back in September 2006. To see his previous movie, you can check it out here - Heroine.

image: zaigon2Back in July 2006, Germany hannes started searching for frags for an Enemy Territory Community Fragmovie - a concept where demo submission is open to everyone, which is very popular in other games such as Quake, but hasn't really been attempted before in ET with any great success at this level. We here at Europe Ultraviolet Productions hope to have set the benchmark for community movies in ET for the future.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of demo submissions by you - the community - only the best footage was used from the 250 or so demos received. So, apologies to those of you who couldn't be included. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy the movie anyway.

Movie Information:[/u]

Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 13:12
File Size: 374 Mb
Release Date: Sunday April 8th 2007
Video Editing: Germany Hannes
Text Work: England eTerNal
Outro Camera Script: Scotland -Max-
Codec: x264
Frame Rate: 25 FPS
Resolution: 1280x720

* * *

Frag Highlights:

Belgium killa
Croatia aCoZz
Denmark gyzer
Estonia distance
Estonia Holz
Estonia kMZ
Estonia Night
Europe United-Colors
Finland decem
Finland weedy
Finland Xpaz
France emorej
Germany dce
Germany evil
Germany gambit
Germany seNti
Germany snoop
Germany urtier
Germany wipeout
Germany zadd
Hungary CS4f1
Netherlands rbnt
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands teKoa
Slovenia illy-ya
Slovenia JaKaZc
Sweden eddie
Switzerland antic
Switzerland gifty
United Kingdom h20xygen
United Kingdom Munchies
United Kingdom syK

Outro Trickjump:

Finland HardyRah

* * *

image: 1

Quote by Hannes of Ultraviolet ProductionsI've been working hard on that movie the last two weeks again and finally we are ready to release this movie.

It all started with a crossfire journal where i was asking for demos. Six months later, I had 250 demos and 5 Minutes of the Timeline ready and the Project was moving on slowly.

After finishing my exams and having a timeout from all this online stuff I started to work on the movie again.

There is something I want to say about the Movie and upcoming versions of it.
At the moment we only provide you with a x264 720p 25 FPS Version. This is not the very HQ one. There will be a x264 720p 25 FPS HD, a XviD 720p 25fps and a xvid 720p 50 FPS version in the next days or weeks.

Why that?

Simple: Render and encode takes about 70 hours each for me.
But thats enough from me, thanks to all the hosters, demo submitters and Zaigon watchers!

Enjoy the movie!

* * *

Adobe AfterEffects
discreet Combustion
ETPro 3.2.5
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Sony Vegas 6 and 7
Ultraviolet MovieMakingMod 0.5
Ultraviolet MovieMaker GOLD
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b

* * *

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Ultraviolet Website | #ultraviolet

downloading this, looks promising! Heroine was a great movie
is there a HQ version?

Edit: Great movie, great graphics, awsome frags and you gotta love the bloopers :D
i'm in it!!:D
6 h dl XD im waiting ~ 1 week ^^

dling, cant wait!
Pure pwnage.
No criticism, wow ?! Could it be because you're in the same production, i think so.

Any other movie maker, you would surely post things like "you spelt jakazc wrong" or "the cams were too fast for the music" because i know you like to criticise about these things.
You ever thought I would have told him what I thought in private?


Oh well.
52min left and I'm excited!
+ He Is HardyRah!
Dling !!!!!!!

50 secs

Edit: extracting

EDIT2: starting to watch it

EDIT3: I can't describe it. It was just perfect in my eyes. The frags, the quality, the syncing . I just loooove it.

Great fucking job hannes !
ass-lickz0r! :P
No, I hate hannes tbh.
thats not nice :(
Are you nice to me ? :<
nice movie :)
ENEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 FTWFTWFTW
du monster vs. idle! =)

ahhhh wie gut kann ich mich noch dran erinnern, damals waren wir noch jung ;P
das waren zeiten :P

Cant wait till its finished dl.

Hopes its just as good as Decimated.

Ultraviolet <3, my moviemaker heroes. <33

Ive waited for Zaigon for a long time now.
last frag was ownage:p
arnis server = ownage, ill watch after the TLR vs impact game.
like the new system that doesnt allow more downloads than possible for fullspeed? ^^
eTerNal comment (can't remember his login)

Quote by uv-eTerNalHannes has excelled himself from his first movie, the timing, clarity, contrast, and overall graphics are amazing aswell as the editing is the best ET movie released in 2007
really nice movie, gj
i cant watch the movie because as soon as the first frag of xpaz starts it's not running fluently anymore, does anyone of u have the same problem?
It's a mixture of the codec and the high resolution which is causing the problem.

Hannes is working on other versions (mentioned in his comment in the post) which should be available during the week.
ah ok then, i didnt read the post completely ;) thanx for the info :P
worked with latest vlc here.
wipe ftw :) and was a nice movie although we got pwned there badly by Ronner :x
at least we revived!!
same for me :<
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bei mir gehts mit windows media player
It shows how much of a tard you have been trying to fuck up the game for other people and especially backstabbing your teammates.
i wasn't in the team, i was just playing coz there was a member short and everybody makes mistakes.
Not everyone makes such big mistakes by cheating.

the so called 'skilled players' should be an example, but all they do is cheat. After that they whine with there stupid excuses; I ONLY DID IT ONCE PLSSSSS DONT BAN.

Retards, bah.

EEN BELG DAN NOG WEL. kloewetzakske
ik ben geen grote player, ik gebruikte een pub bot gwn om es 1 keer deftig te willen spelen (wat ik dan ook al niet deed omda tik niet wist hoe het werkte.
en zoals ik al zei, iedereen mag toch wel es 1 fout maken? ik zie niemand meer whinen op evanbraakensiek...
rly n1 mirror by smireboule :< download crashes all the time
take another server pls. there are 300 ppl downloading the movie at a time
same on ur ftp and fusen`s = 13 kbit ...
there is no dl on my ftp :)

But ya, there are a lot downloaders atm :)
i mean arnis ;)
edit: nice movie
only 1 frag of snoop .... =(
downloading ASAP !
I was 90% on dl the movie from arni's mirror, and then it crashed :p
isn't there a movie section?

Maybe you refresh that on daily basis but not everyone does. It's good there's a news post.

Btw cant wait to see it xD
guu' va' skämit'
dl-ing! :-)

and yes, looong awaited
hmm downloading
Awesome movie! 10/10
nice movie

i really lol'd @ jakazc objective run @ adlernest
laggy for me:(
xvid version??
It's okay. At least some editing. Good job. 8,5/10
is there a working link for the Heroin Movie???
<3 Switzerland Wolv & Germany Victim
- too litle for a community movie
- 2 different configs used in movie (in Goldrush)
-+ Nice style of musics, but the one that u selected sux
- some frags
+ quality, motion blur
+ some nice cams
- effects, expected something rly new
- lots of time for make that movie
+ HD :D:D
- missing in-game sounds

Did u used discreet Combustion? cant notice

Movie looks too diferent compared to your screenshots.


Rip hannes brother.

QuoteAll Actors @ the Zaigon Map
what map? didnt saw any Zaigon Map in the movie.

-> 13.12 here >: )
the movie looks exactly the same as the screenshots here
go learn your english now :*
i dont care about my english :> i understad what i mean =)
this fucking ftp keeps crashing fuck fuck
Very nice movie^^ and the end outro was so nice with trickjumping ;) Nice movie nice frags.. music well.. it was good too
anyone having problems with downloading too?
My download finishes at 80 mb:S
nice movie, great editing!
what an nice movie 11/10 :DDDDDDD
imo same as trick.
dunno on which mb he stopped, but after that i unpacked and he keeps repeating "file is corruct", since i dont know what i have to do next, some explaination would be nice:))
u can select in winrar/winzip keep broken files, that should work
i downloaded it again and it worked, well hes complete now.
i watched it with vlc but its all laggy and shit, do u know with what i can watch it without the annoying lag?
(i downloaded xvid ffdshow splitter but i know shit about that).
install the 2 codecs in the playback dir and use the included player to watch it.
it worked, best mov ive seen so far GJ
glad the community liked it <3
nothing special but freecams > all :) and for ur brother [*] :)
god still 45 mins to dl :-d
great movie, 10/10:o
expected way too much but nevertheless it was ok. a lot better than average movies.
needs my mg42 frags! :D
very nice movie 9,5/10
it was entertaining, I like it.=)
very nice movie hannes . well done =)
glückwunsch du bist jetzt offiziell movie-star ^^
lol^^ wird auch wohl das erste und letzte mal gewesen sein ;)
ich bin jetz auch movie-star olol xD
seen it, wasnt impressed, default demos + music but with good quality

I really want damn gamesounds in fragmovies!
Quotedemos + music

I lol'd!
What? It was like a shaolin movie, some retarded soundtrack with random half second cams. It was repetitive, and not really interesting at all. Only difference is shaolin make movies of better games.
Ok, but what does that have to do with me lol'ing at someone saying demo + mp3?
Ok, you're right. Demo + mp3 and USELESS editing. Might aswell not of edited it at all.
Please elaborate.
Its boring, I mean whoa watch out he zoomed in there!! WOW A FREECAM WTF LOEL! I mean cmon is there really nothing else you can do?
basically the only syncing I could detect wasnt even intentionally...
If that's what you think...then you're wrong.
ok, well if you say that, then there is no way for me to change that fact I guess!

Movie feels like a shaolin clone that would have been new and inspiring 3 years ago.
thanks for the compliment, really!
Wasn't a compliment, and If you cant take such critiscm, dont read the comments :)

And dont give me the "do it better yourself" crap, anyone that has gone to a decent school knows that such discussion tactics only make yourself look stupid.
well it is a compliment for me tbh. And who says that i cant handle your critisim, didnt say your wrong with your opinion. Only said thx for comparing this vid with some sp stuff
waiting for the xvid version :]
i really liked this movie, the quality and frags were amazing.
ovr`hyped jump iMMoo=)blazz !
wp meight.
can't wait!
nice one :)
keep up the good work hannes/uv-
musicselection was genius - great work - editing as well - thanks for the contribution
lame frag tbh xpaz -_-

agreed, I blame hannes. <3
awesome movie, best one I saw so far.
you clearly havent seen Exploitedbabysitter.com_Sasha_Grey.avi then -.-
on I did!
If I would have to rate this movie neutral, I would rate it as really great. The Frags were good, the sync and SCs were put perfectly in and the quality was 1st class.
But personaly I ll prolly never watch it again because of the music and that really hurts :(
edit ftw
13 minutes to download and im in it!! :D didnt know but nice :D
I asked you about this a while ago. I couldn't use it in Decimated because you had left and you said it was OK. Such a good frag to go to waste. :P
idd :D its like a 2 second flash of it lol tho :D
but its still one of my fav. frags / parts on the mov
nice, T&F en dHb in it :P
rly rly nice movie
<3 it

btw. ur brother died in age of 10 years? ;(
Gender: Female

n1 overdrive
what letters?
I asked said OK.
excellent editing, excellent config, excellent frags...

im waiting so much to see the textwork and especially the outrocamera :o)

imo my readme was better.

overhyped.. was expecting more. nametags were leet + other texts also. scripted cams worked in outro. in other places the cams too fast imo.

Better than average movie but not that good as i thought it to be before watching.
beta movie >>>>>>>>>>>>> this ?
yeye ruppi working hard ;)
:SAD:SA:DS:AD (for sure :p)
well worth the download
haha no idle players funny shit
tekoa? Night?
holz? urtier?
not bad, far away from the best fragmovies ever tho

the people posting 10/10 ... lol please, a 6 or 7 i can understand if you like that kind of weird music but i prefer music that moves me and really syncs in with frags .. there is no feeling with this .. :x

frags were cool, quality was nice, didn't like seeing 2 scripted kamz every frag and fast 0.5 second kamz (didn't really go with the music either)

just seems like you spent lots of time on some stuff and then rushed the more important parts of the movie, one big mistake was the hype u made for this movie, making previews, posting screenshots on your site, etc, only do this next time if u know for a fact you're going to deliver ¬_¬


hopefully alternate, ruipperi or eva will make a better one :p
Thats the attitude! =)
Quotehopefully alternate, ruipperi or eva will make a better one :p

keep dreaming
The movie was beautiful but boring...a movie can't work without nice synchronization(to me at least). The music you used doesn't fit in ET-movies and it's very difficult or maybe impossible to get it syncing fluently with the footage.

I liked the outro and the funny parts though.Texts and frags were nice too especially the first killingspree.
need a mirror at owned!
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really nice movie if you ignore the music
rock is freakin out / overused / bad in fragmovies!
possible but I still dont like this techno/electro music
nice movie, good effects, was enjoyable to watch
rene fragz - downloading n stuff

edit: yüah, rene, goq powah niggashit :D

and evil's pf was pretty funny :D
nice movie... great frags and quality... But music is the best... Love this movie <3

awesome movie!!! 10/10
very good movie, nice frags, but the music was better in Decimated :o

and even with newest vlc player i was still not able to watch it without laggs...
Really nice move
esp. around minute 3 to minute 8!
pretty nice movie :)

missed some idle vs. sfx frags from teh cpc 1 tho!

wp xpaz <333
I liked it. The addition of Toss screaming with the ND vs Idle final is a nice touch. And the blooper or funny frag section (or how should you call it) was funny :>.
quality rocks, cams are good but i dislike music drum'n'base would be better in my opinion.. great movie rly
hey, didnt expect that, dling!
OMG nice movie :o

Quality :DDDDD <3

Frags <333

First movie i actually watched twice
the movie has no soul:<
-A movie without intro, nice idea.. NOT!
-I can't see new effects.
-Frags and music was great but sync wasnt that good:/

Without good quality this movie would be nowhere i give a 7.5/10

(do not reply on me)
hi nonix

tits true?
Quotesync wasnt that good

If you watch close, you'll notice it's more subtle than people are used to. But it's definitely here, there and everywhere.
the main point of sync is to create a noticable similarity between video and audio, not some minor adjustments to the barely hearable beats, that you wouldnt notice until watching the movie 10 times
ye, there are many types of sync, so?

what i'm saying is that you can have a movie full of those barely hearable syncs, and it wont be as impressive as a movie with full of obvious syncs.

take annihilation for example. would it be liked if it hadnt have that amazing sync throughout the whole movie? i doubt it. it was by far the most downloaded movie, eventho it had warmup and public frags in it. now make a movie with ultra nice quality and uber clan frags only, and that subtle sync. i doubt many ppl will consider keeping it on their disk for a long time.

and i wouldnt count a song with a constant beat (like that first one) with a video that has randomly synced events, as any kind of sync (cuz the only way to notice it would be with the audio waveline).

also the snyc should be in some sort of ratio: the greater the event the louder sound (those rifle nades at the begining had no such syncs, while the camera transitions in the second part have a much louder sound, which should be used for nades or panzer explosions imo).

but enough about how hannes should make this movie, he did a great job. i'd spend more time working on the sync tho.
Quotewhat i'm saying is that you can have a movie full of those barely hearable syncs, and it wont be as impressive as a movie with full of obvious syncs.

take annihilation for example. would it be liked if it hadnt have that amazing sync throughout the whole movie? i doubt it.

I disagree. I think the subtle sync is more impressive, and good sync in ET is more impressive than Q3, purely because of how easy it is to sync the content in Annihilation.

Anyway, I really don't want to build up as many comments on this movie has Kamz has. Going to calm down on posting a bit now. :D
rly nice movie, liked the music, frags and stuff

rly nice work
i liked it :)
DCE for best frag in teh movie PLS

my nizzle <3
kriege ich ein autogramm ?
ja ich schreibe drauf:

für mama .. und dann mit herzchen ok?
genau was ich wollte danke !
great atmosphere, musics fitted in nicely and all in all it was an excellent movie, i'd give it 9/10
still waiting for the avi version
x264 > my pc :<
take a look @the playback folder, im sure its gonna help u

runs on a 1600 mobile fluently
yea i just played it wth mediaplayer classic and it worked.
<3 the shoutcasted parts :D
hmm , just wondering , if it will lag on my pc in 30 mins :<!
read the reply to max, mr. pro moviemaker
do you have to be a pro-moviemaker to say that the syncing was nice?
8/10 nice movie
btw: athlon 2200+ here and no lags. just dl the latest vlc
i liked it :) looking forward to watch the HQ version of it :D
well done hannes =)

I enjoyed watching it!
not funny =(
schönes ding hannes :)
This was the first ET movie I watched in a long time that I will actually watch again. Whilst it isnt perfect and I think ET movies still lag behind RTCW's this one is by far and away the best I have seen.

@ Nonix - A movie with no Intro - GOOD!!! I get so bored in those 2 minute scripted cam bullshits in all game movies.

Maybe one or two sequences were a little over edited, and I'm not sure what the selection process was for who's demos got in, but that is irrelevant.

Nice movie Hannes, 8.5/10 for me, considering every other ET fragmovie hasnt gone over 5/10 this was quite refreshing!
thx, appreciated to hear that from you!
couldn't agree more bout the intro thingy!
Well done hannes.
bugy movie for my old pc :(
k, nearly one day is over since the rls and i must say: Thanks to the community for all your nice feedback here and the other mass qrys, i appreciate it.

To all those ppl who rated the movie with 1 or 2, thx for destroying the rate, im not arrogant when i say it this movie deserves at least a 8!

Im actually ver proud that some ppl say its like a sp movie! One of the best feedback i heard, even if it was meant to be bad.

KAMZ showed us again how much he knows about moviemaking and how much he loves my style, same with ruipperi and his "crew".

But the other way around i like to thank those moviemaker that know what they are talking about and who gave their opinion.

So from the comments i get that the community likes what i have created the last 8 months.

Thanks a lot for watching and keep your eyes and ears open for the next ultraviolet Projects. We are ready to entertain you and we def. will with our next projects!
QuoteWe are ready to entertain you and we def. will with our next project!

*sniff* *sniff*

I smell hype! and I don't mean kamz!

All uv production movies are overhyped tbh :P
gl with your next project
Gl with your new project. Anyway check my comment, and explain me some things... like " u used combustion?" etc.... maybe i cant notice that, but i would like to know.
KAMZ showed us again how much he knows about moviemaking and how much he loves my style, same with ruipperi and his "crew".

You are not being nice to Kamz and his "crew as well"
QuoteKAMZ showed us again how much he knows about moviemaking and how much he loves my style, same with ruipperi and his "crew".

what did i do and what you mean with my "crew" ?
i would apperciate if you answer here or irc. (if you dont THAT makes you arrogant)
awesome movie, the music is fucking brilliant
quality, edit, frags - 10/10
+++++ no retarded scripted cams in intro (oh, I love those 5 minutes of boring scripted cams in every movie)
But the movie wasn't just pulling me in.
And hitsound part would be nice:)

Overall: 8-9/10
maybe shouldn't have stolen the fragarea music imo :<
the best et movie i have ever seen, great job hannes! :) and the music is really great!
great movie, not too much attention drawn to effects, great font & quality ofc. Was already satisfied at 6 mins, so one of the best evah!
nice movie hannes :)
editing is stunning, nice one!
Nice movie but i don't like the tendency of squeezing a 4:3 format into 16:9 format, which is more and more seen in et-movies... it makes the etplayers look like midgets :/
who's starring?
check the news
One of the best movies I have ever seen, there is even a trick jumping part!
Yes, when Jakazc jumps over the bridge! GG :))
Nono, watch at the end. There are some nice oasis trick jumps!
notice the sarcasm
liked it a lot, nice atmosphere. good to see some good old dhb frags. if there will be another project like this I would like to submit some demos :P
I got killed by evil's panzer in this movie, worthless piece of crap. >:(
Please give me the name of the second song (violin etc.) used in this FM. :-)
bond - explosive
very nice movie

especially 2nd song + shoutcasts - its real celebration of ET

only thing I dont like is changed aspect ratio :(
upload that 2nd song plzzzzzzzzxyz
Ronner frag - 10/10
Second song + shoutcasts - 12/10 !
Overall - 9-/10
some nice frags for et-

camming was a bit off at points, and the fades sometimes happened before the sprees finished (check gifty's for the most obvious)

personally didnt like the fov/aspect of the view seemed warped but thats my opinion ;)

other than that is was very nice to watch, and the music was a nice change- loved the dce frag sequence onwards the music owned there! :D solid 8.5 from me- would have been a 9 but you had rbnt frags in there. ;(
camming was a bit off at points, and the fades sometimes happened before the sprees finished (check gifty's for the most obvious)

well i think the transition into ronners frag made more sense than having gifty's last nade vs pumu in and then the transition.

but thx for your feedback, appreciated.

PS: rbnt's frag was imo one of the best in the movie. 5 man (2 backrape) as an engineer is not that easy :)
but its rbnt for gods sake! :P

about gift's nade, I dont understand? you followed him down the steps and to where he leaned, and just before he got the frag it faded to the next spree- I just put it down to an error but if you say you meant it to be that way, hmm ;[

this was one of the very few mistakes I saw, read about the Jakzaskscskkss misspelling of his name (easy to mistake to make) but I was lolling too much ;)

looking forward to the next one.
ya, right into the next spree where ronner threw the nade, so its nade from gifty -> nade from ronner,

so its a bit more "fluent". Sry if it irritated u :/

what u have against rbnt :p
he's a dutch newb!
very nice movie.
the brother part made me sad :<
Watched the movie yesterday and i rly enjoyed it
about everything i've read about the syncing lol
imo it's better to do it in a subtile way then do it on always used way + i think it's harder to do it the way hannes did it.
Like many others i got rly bored by the long intros so gr8 u didn't put on in your movie.
Frags were nice and ofc the shoutcasting parts makes the movie more enjoyable

8.5/10 for me

Thx btw for spending alot of time in a movie for urself ofc, your brother ( soz for you :< ) and the whole ET community!
Things like this make me turn on ET.

ty hannes and moviemakers in general
Was nice to watch, great job
Good flick, no doubt.
I would've liked some more intense syncing (yeah, that again! :P) in parts of EC final and so on. When it comes to this, decimated was way better in my humble opinion. What else is to say? With outstanding quality and a sublime flow it makes the 13 minutes just fly by everytime I watch it, and this shows how good a movie is in general. Far from perfect, but still the best has ET to offer yet.
But as I see the recent boost in ET moviemaking, there's lots of competition ahead! :p

<3 -uv- guys!
sry for picking up this old post. Anything new about the boost?
nöp, alles scheisse
dled it in 5 seconds, and the whole movie was lagging around all the time. is the lag about the codec or what, dont know
this has been here very often before, check the playback folder in the rar.
okay, tryed do use the classic media player but i dont know, do i need to put the codecs to it somehow, i have x264 installed :<
install the ffdshow + matroska

watch with mpc
good job ;D
Satz FTW :D:D:D
hell yeah! :D

nice, nice job!!
not bad :) had some ssues playing the movie at frst but fixed it using the ffdshow stuff update
pretty nice movie for a long time :)
Umh didnt really like this :/
Great movie !
Yes , soundtrack pls :)
wow! unbelievable good, respect respect respect
glad u liked it :)
ne, kein schleimein o.ä., ich gugg seit 4 jahren movies, aber sowas wie Zaigon hat es noch nie gegeben in ET.
Grandios die Musikauswahl und wie du mit ihr quasi spielst. Genauso wie Tosspot eingebaut wurde, also soundtechnisch kann man eigentlich nix verbessern.
Von baff bis köstlich amüsiert war alles dabei beim ersten anguggn, ich könnt mitm Schwärmen gar nimmer aufhörn.
Sogar frags von und mit meinem (ur-)alten Ex-Clan TCG sind mit dabei, das warn Zeiten...
danke für dieses Meisterstück und auf ein Neues Steven...ähhh...Hannes ;)
then gooo spread the movie :)
For any additional info about the movie such as playlist and HD export status pls have a look @ my site (news Post)

THX for the great support and feedback <3
Very nice movie

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