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Warleagues has decided to expand the amount of Leagues / Ladders it currently runs to another two games. The first game being CSS and the second game being ET:QW. Both games will need new admins and coverage. So if you would like to help out, please read below for more information.

Counterstrike: Source
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CSS won the poll about what new game we should add on Warleauges. Soon Warleagues will start a CSS Season, for more Information about Rules, Maps and Settings please visit our CSS section.

Warleagues is also searching for new admins that can help us out with CSS. If you feel you are the right gamer and want to do admin stuff for Warleauges please contact Godfragger or WikingTOR for further information.

You can reach us at
IRC channel: #warleagues.css @quakenet


Enemy Territoy: Quake Wars
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When it comes to ET:QW there is not that much to be said at the moment but we will feed you with every information we get regarding ET:QW until it's released! Warleagues is also searching Admins for this game, if you want to be admin of one of the best upcoming games contact Godfragger or WikingTOR.

You can reach us at
IRC channel: #warleagues.etqw @quakenet

The spring season is just about to start for all games so stay prepared for a fragging season here at warleagues. We hope that you will have a blast with us this season!

kom we gaan WL CSS doen ;P
jammer dat JIJ nooit css speelt ik wel.
en nog own ik je, omgz
het is de waarheid, tutututu

i hope et:qw gonna run on my lappy ;o
dont really expect css pro teams to play there
y is the xf as category? dont let users care who dont want to :p
With all due respect I think you'd be better off sprucing up your current supported games rather than taking on even more.
agree, i think only RTCW works at warleagues at the moment
When is next ET season due to start?
need CSS team qry @ #vib ;P
I think maybe you should focus on the games you already run seasons for but good luck all the same.
"of one of the best upcoming games"

rolling on the floor laughing
Agreed, best to wait until ET:QW has an established player base before creating a league.
U are completely right. Nevertheless, those things have their reason.

I'd rather have a working site & support from the other admins, instead of having to do every single thing all alone. I asked to fix some malfunctioning, necessary, site features to be able to do stuff, months ago, and they are still broken.
Because of this lack of anything actually happening + uni work, I decided to resign as head admin of WL.

To my successor: HF & GL (You'll need it.)
I dont disagree with you :) I feel the same way :(
like its not possible to do both?
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