ETTV tonight, vs @MEPA

Tonight there will be a little match on ETTV. Its for the Gamersdatabase ET Cup. Seems to be an interesting match, perhaps I can get a shoutcaster but that's not sure yet. Here are the match details:

Malta@MEPA vs
Time: 2100CET
Maps: sp_delivery2 and sw_goldrush_te
Admin: Netherlandsg-man
ETTV IP: (150 slots)

For those that don't have sp_delivery2 here it is:

Enjoy tonight.

Well this is all down the drain. Whole Malta is lagging out. will be broadcasting uq.gaming vs ratatosk. @MEPA vs will most likely be played same time next week. Atm italy and malta are messing up there foreign bandwidth or so.... too bad guys and sorry for this hope you enjoy uq vs ratotosk
EDit2, war might continue with cs3r ettv, but only if malta got there stuff together so try : and and now even try at 2100. again IF the game is on

final edit
well after the one server they didnt quite lag on got shutdown, the war is officialy over, will be played next week tuesday mostlikey
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