One Soldier take on Dignitas

image: eurocupTonight sees another epic encounter in this seasons EuroCup Group stages with United Kingdom One Soldier who are formerly known as Belgium ZeroBarrier, taking on reigning champions United Kingdom Dignitas. With One Soldier wanting to build on their impressive performances at CPC2 beating sides such as Europe zeroPoint and finishing first in their group, and Dignitas wanting to forget their weekend in Netherlands Enschede where their unbeaten record of over a year was broken.

One Soldier bring two new players into the fold with familiar names Netherlands Overboost and Netherlands BuLL joining the ranks to face the formidable Dignitas side. Dignitas see welcome the return of Estonia Night, who was unable to attend the LAN - meaning Dignitas will be at full strength tonight to begin this seasons EuroCup Campaign.


United Kingdom One.Soldier:

Belgium mesq
Belgium lio
Belgium zeto
Belgium ziff
Netherlands Overboost
Netherlands BuLL

United Kingdom Dignitas:

Slovenia JaKaZc
Estonia Night
Estonia r3vers
Estonia RELOAd
Germany senji
Germany urtier

Netherlands Leonneke
Quotenow that the eesti powerhouse Night can compete @ dignitas's side, it will be an interesting match. Especially if one soldier do the same as they did in the groupstages @ CPC2. In the end I guess that dignitas will triump over one-soldier 4-0

Finland twidi
Quoteonesoldier did really well at CPC2, but now specially after their recent roster changes, I don't think that they're able to challenge dignitas in any way. Should be easy 4-0 for dignitas if nothing really special happens

Germany humM3L
Quote0-4 for dignitas

Finland Tiigeri
Quoteeasy bash for dignitas :)

United Kingdom One.Soldier vs United Kingdom Dignitas
Date: Sunday 22nd April
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: sw_goldrush_te, frostbite
Admin: Anonymous
United Kingdom QuadV Radio (Splodge) - Listen Now
United Kingdom GIGA-Listen (FlyingDJ) - Listen Now
Poland HeadShot Radio (s0k1 & Rhade) - Listen Now

Maps: sw_goldrush_te

Should be interesting.
Would like one.soldier to play well, but regardless Dignitas will win. As for the predictions, maybe don't ask all the famous players ask people you know who will give you a nice answer worth reading!
SoF-Leon<3nGotie so famous !
there just isn't much more to say about this game :D
They should've asked you so you could carefully elaborate on your opinion which will most likely not differ from others? They have to give a prediction, not their lifestory.
zerobarrier joined one.soldier? nice
GL Both
gl overboost!
one soldier will take this easily
so whats the temperature in the cavern you live in
Germany Hummel: "0-4 for dignitas"

is this only Hummel english or he said 4-0 for one.soldier?
one.soldier vs Dignitas
0 - 4
gl one soldier <3
would like to see a 4-2 for Dignitas, but I'm afraid it will be a 4-0 voor d
wp one on goldrush - was an exciting map :)
yeah! no fullhold for dignitas....unexpected ;)
well played till the gold....
dignitas onlineonly.
They are the most succesful ET clan on lans :O
lol'd it sounds very serious, you know :)
wp overboost
idd overboost played well, i expected more of night tbh
random fanboy's flame: he didnt have to reveal all his aces versus this opponent

and i think he doesnt play for you, but for himself or his digifriends :)
Did i say he plays for me? Everyone expects allot from him because dignitas came 3rd on the cpc2 and some use the excuse that it was because of Night's absence. Dignitas played well on frost but night wasnt awsome or someting. Maybe he needs more games or smt
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