WL's RTCW Season XV

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Warleagues RTCW Season XV has now openned its doors. We had a lot of sign ups and all groups look very strong and its pretty hard to find a favorite in each group. Premier Group is one of the strongest I've seen in many seasons and resulted in Alpha Group having teams you might expect to see in Premier which isnt a bad thing. A total of 25 clans are participating this season. At one point we had 35 Signups. Some clans asked to be removed and other clans got declined due to the fact they didnt have 6 players with 6 guids registered in time.

The Groups

Sweden Randoms.SE
Hungary Cave.CoH
Netherlands Verdiend!
( Pronounce that again Tosspots hehe )
Europe Move!
Skandinavia aZe
Europe Best Friends Forever
Sweden / Denmark Knö i Hörn
Europe Xeimos
Lithuania Enclves

Finland Fixed
Europe Sterk Door Inzet
Europe Vengence
Europe The One
Germany Delta Force Warriors
Europe Perfect Target
Benelux Cyclops
Austria MindCage

Europe Super Noob Aimers
Europe IWG - FTW - Aight!
France Sex, Drugs & Wolfenstein
Europe Resistance
Germany Tigers Claw Germany II
Europe No Conscience
Belgium Ghosts of War
Europe Flammable Liquids

Week 1 - 23rd-29th Apr
mp_assault / mp_beach
Week 2 - 30th-6th Apr/May
mp_beach / te_escape2
Week 3 - 7th-13th May
te_escape2 / mp_ice
Week 4 - 14th-20th May
mp_ice / mp_base
Week 5 - 21st-28th May
mp_base / mp_village
Week 6 - 29th-3rd May/June
mp_village / te_frostbite
Week 7 - 1st-7th June
te_frostbite / wl_ufo
Week 8 - 8th-14th June
wl_ufo / mp_assault


Winners Cup

There will also be a Winners Cup at the end of the season with the Top 3 from Prem/Alpha and The Top 2 from Bravo competing. For the winning clan, there will be a prize of a RTCW server for 6 months pre-configured by Warleagues and proudly sponsored/powered by Deluxegaming.

image: deluxegaming

More info about deluxegaming, introducing Paul Conroy:

QuoteHello Gaming Enthusiasts and Warleague Competitors.

I am Paul Conroy, a representative and co-owner of www.deluxegaming.net, along with my partner, James, we are proud to be sponsoring servers for the winners of the Warleague cups. James and I have been friends for a long time now over many gaming communities. For many years we have been at the end of our tether because of wayward companies providing us with bogus servers. We decided to bypass these companies, and go into business together, to provide the public with top quality servers, at a reasonable and competitive price.
With the server, we provide
- Full ftp access
- Full access to a professional Game Panel
- An allowance to upload any map, config or mod of your choice
- A free teamspeak channel

Of course along with this we provide great support through msn and our website and for certain games, we even provide config assistance.

If you are interested in what you have just read and would like to buy into the great service that I have just mentioned, please visit www.deluxegaming.net and have a look at what we have to offer.

Just as a note to anyone interested in trying to win these servers, we will offer if you wish to increase the server's maxium slots for the general price we charge per slot. If you take up this offer, at the end of the siz months you will either have to pay the full price for all the slots, or cancel your subscription to the server.

Also this season http://www.barrysplanet.com will be sponsering Warleagues 2 bookable servers through the Warleagues server page here for clans to use.

Peace wl|Reznap
gl mindcage, fixed, encvles, KiH :]
gl aZe :-)
Sterk door inzet :>
Xeimos in both Premier and Alpha? =o

gl all.
Should be mindcage instead of xeimos in alpha.
Just thought i'd point it out.
plu n00b
yah!!1 u R so right!1
Go aZe.rtcw!!
gl yoda, beuzz!
gl Enclves :PP
no one.soldier ?
gl kih :>
anyone whant to buy rtcw original cdkey? pm
No semapi?
seems not =(((
we dident have enoghe guids i guess
don't know :'(
wish we could get something like this happening in au.

TCG II? where is I???
great sign ups guys, i really hope that everyone can see this season out. gl and hf
gL all :o

if u need a merc i am avi
Sterk Door Inzet
Gotta <3 tha name
show some respect !
need medskilled rtcw clan avail for officials and sometimes for praccs!
hf everyone :)
gl Finland #fixed :)
If anyone needs a player for this tourney....

/q Skydeh
gogo liquid !!!
pt to win alpha group
SNA ftw!
hehe, cu in officials!
merc avi for this season!
N30 on 24/04/07, 13:37:42

how unexpected
perforator on 24/04/07, 14:44:47

how unexpected
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