Warleagues: ET Season VIII Signups Now Open!

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Another Warleagues ET season has now openned its doors for signups. Please only signup if you have 6 players with 6 registered guids. The Signups will close on the 2nd May and the Groups will be anounced on the 6th May along with the seasons schedule and maplist.

To SIGN your team up for the new season then please GO HERE

Winners Cup

The Winnerscup's will consist of the top clans from every group. How many spots there will be for every group depends on the amount of signups and groups. For the winning clan, there will be a prize of a ET server for 6 months pre-configured by Warleagues and proudly sponsored/powered by Deluxegaming.

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More info about deluxegaming, introducing Paul Conroy:

QuoteHello Gaming Enthusiasts and Warleague Competitors.

I am Paul Conroy, a representative and co-owner of www.deluxegaming.net, along with my partner, James, we are proud to be sponsoring servers for the winners of the Warleague cups. James and I have been friends for a long time now over many gaming communities. For many years we have been at the end of our tether because of wayward companies providing us with bogus servers. We decided to bypass these companies, and go into business together, to provide the public with top quality servers, at a reasonable and competitive price.
With the server, we provide
- Full ftp access
- Full access to a professional Game Panel
- An allowance to upload any map, config or mod of your choice
- A free teamspeak channel

Of course along with this we provide great support through msn and our website and for certain games, we even provide config assistance.

If you are interested in what you have just read and would like to buy into the great service that I have just mentioned, please visit www.deluxegaming.net and have a look at what we have to offer.

Just as a note to anyone interested in trying to win these servers, we will offer if you wish to increase the server's maxium slots for the general price we charge per slot. If you take up this offer, at the end of the siz months you will either have to pay the full price for all the slots, or cancel your subscription to the server.

Also again this season http://www.x3mservers.net will be sponsership 2 bookable servers from the server page on the http://www.warleagues.com site. Lastly but not least, Please remember that all matches played on servers. Must be streamed to http://www.pbbans.com

any info?
hope it won't last as long as last season
info coming soon :) Just posting this for the ET admins :) And just seen they alread made a post :) Mine looks better anyhow lol:)
i hope u wont use snuble's idea to make 2 group stages + playoffs and take 1 year again
groups will be announced May
first matchweek will be in June
Playoffs will end in July/August

last season: 30% dropouts while groupphase, 20% while playoffs due to holidays

gg summer league!
If groups are announced 6th may then 1st match week will be the 7th-13th may

I expect the season to be differently and alot fast this year :) But only time will tell :)
i wish ur words become true...
to fold in playoffs due to holidays sux imo
true does suck :) Id prefer to lie on a beach too. In my experience that happens in all games and all leagues during summer :( Just Life :) ET schedule seems ok if theres 8 teams a groups, the league should be over in 4-5 weeks. Then the ET admins need to setup the cup fast ( not slow ) and then push for schedules to get the cup games played! And not wait around :)

Maybe i should come an Et admin, But i just cant face it :)
if they start in may with 8 teams a group, i bet playoffs begin in first week of july. Others leagues dont act that stupid. everybodys darling CB knows the advantage of spring and fall cups ;)
imo with alot of people off school and stuff just means they'll be more active, im sure people will go out more yea but not every single day ya know
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