Random Spam!

He's been in the game for 5 years, and after being asked time after time when he finally was going to release his movie, That day has finally arrived.

Netherlands Maikel "juncie" Mooten in cooperation with Finland Nizou is proud to present to you:

image: r70ku8

Playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein since the demo version, meaning he's been playing the game for a solid 5 years,mostly playing as Soldier with the heavy-weapon Panzerfaust. He's known from teams such as Saints Gaming, SDI-Angels, cAdacus, uQ and most recently one.soldier, who are still playing after victory at cpc2 in Enschede.

Quote by juncie"It didn't look like there was going to be a movie about my frags for a long while, and I wasn't really bothered about one when I lost alot of demos after a format, demos from 2002 till late 2005 were all gone, luckily I saved a handfull of those on cd. Several movie makers did an attempt at it but didn't finish it (pssst crmbs :p) but in the end it all worked out, thanks to Nizou who did a great job with it, making a 16 minute long movie with solid panzershots."

Random Spam - by #stfu? productions

Starring Juncie / Editing by Nizou

Length: 16:40
Frames per second: 25
Capturing fps: 200
Resolution: 1280x720
Used HD space: 326 GB
Working time: ~2 months

x264 version:
Video bitrate: 4000kbps x264
Audio bitrate: 192kbps LameMP3
Size: 500MB

XviD version:
Video bitrate: 5000kbps XviD
Audio bitrate: 128kbps LameMP3
Size: 609MB

Programs used:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
with following mods:
Ultraviolet MovieMod for RTCW

Smireboule Camtrace 3D
VirtualDub 1.7.1
Sony Vegas 6.0c
x264 MeGUI
Audacity 1.2.6
YAMB 1.6.0

Music used:
In Flames - Satellites and Astronauts
Velcra - Test Animals
Disco Ensemble - We Might Fall Apart
Less Than Jake - We're Not Gonna Take It
Millencolin - Happiness for Dogs
Kingston Wall - Istwan

x264 @ arni.name
Filefront x264 Mirror

x264 version:    Mirror 1        Mirror 2        Mirror 3        Mirror 4    
   Mirror 5    

XviD version:    Mirror 1        Mirror 2    

if you can help out with more mirrors that would be great, pm one-juncie @ #onesoldier

#stfu? @ Qnet // Nizou
#onesoldier @ Qnet // one-juncie
awesome movie
i want own3d stream
some nice frags there
Dling 100 kb/s :S
need another mirrors
need another mirrors
how big is it? i may offer ftp
500mb for x264

600mb for xvid
Damn you chronos! Didn't want to announce it in public before having some decent mirrors for it! :p

Well anyway.. for those afraid of x264, there's xvid version coming as well. Or it's ready already, just trying to find mirrors for it, for both of them.
got any already... i can't download it now
annoying person! <3
a movie is supposed to be 10 mins.
Who told you that? Way too short for my taste.
acctualy I prefer 9 mins movies, where you have to start watching @ xx.x0, and when it's finished you can think "hey this didn't take long and it was realy good! no waste of time @ all!", just personal taste i guess :-P

And with shorter movies the watchers will remember more of the movie, like I just watched lettus 22 min low qual wmm movie and all I remember of it is the intro, some highlight frags(not many @ all) and the last frags.

If I think for a while, I could retell the whole ganons souveniers that is 4 mins or something.
The movie's length has to be so long, that the viewers would be like : " And it ended exactly where we wished for more "
aka 9 mins. :-}

30sec intro, 30sec warmup frags, 3mins nice frags, 2 mins decent frags/a funpart, 2min 30sec nice frags, 30 sec outro, 30 sec preshowing of the sequel.
Nearly all my favourite fragmovies are 15+ minutes long. :)
So there's no universal truth for this issue. :p
ofc not,

but could you retell whole BIG MAC?(except crmbs mac humm3l house storming)
Tbh, it's a way too short fragmovie if you can remember it thoroughly with just a single watch. Who would bother watching such a clip for a second time then? :p
It's nice quality and editing + it's rtcw and fast paced so I recommend that you watch it again.

Well then, if we say for example if you liked parodia magnifica, I seriously can't retell a single thing about it, not even the intro.

Or decimated, same there but I remember the intro.
I've seen BIGMAC numerous times and I have it stored in my HD. I was just talking generally there.
ah, whats your top 3 frag movies?

I started gaming just after cpc2 so I havn't seen much.
BIGMAC is a load of old shit tbh!
I would be happy to see a sequel.
Can't really say top 3, but check my post here: http://www.xfire.be/?x=journal&mode=item&id=17053.
There are "some". :p
click signup ;) thx
need your login, thx ;) (<----- TO LAZYYYYYY)
ok no need to login now.
i know :D but thanks anyway ;)
second song is allready used in parodia movie
I was waiting when someone comes up with this. After parodia's movie came out I was kinda furious since already back then I've had that song in my plans for ages and I knew someone's gonna bitch me about this if I used it in this project. Decided to take a risk and ignore the whine about this issue. :D
ye I can understand that :D
btw im just a freak that knows all the fragmovie songs ever in ET!
seriously, who in the whole damn world gives a shit

if it fits the movie, its good
links are dead ? :(
very nice!!
onesoldier.co.uk is down
nice onesoldier.co.uk is down
some one who played in the same team as TEH banzo and TEH bully cant be bad :)
YAY... my download died halfway through. Thanks for teh great mirror one.soldier!
My dl died :<
Stop whining and provide some mirrors instead! :D
x264 is better right?
i downloaded x264, stunning quality - fairly big download but quality is 1 of the best I seen
Good quality n1 panzer frags

Looking forward to it. :O)
cant seem to find the download link
There isn't such one atm. Blame the enthusiastic one.boyz with their news items. Mirrors coming tomorrow (hopefully), should be enough for everyone.
nice juncie :P
Filefront url

np np

BTW Nizou fucking nice job _b
This thing with the movies lenght, I just have this to say. As long as the movie contains a high quality I don't care if It's 10 or 15 mins.
<3 lovely frags

great quality

3 thumbs up to both Nizou & juncie
Perfect(est?) "classic" fragmovie.

Very good editing, good frags, i especially like the sync with the music.

Just missed a few unusual things.

gj though
fix more mirrors plz

more mirros there (thanks to arni)
Added a few more mirrors there as well. Should enough now.
very nice movie, enjoyed every second of it

gj guys
nice movie & cfg 10/10

even saw Ragey in it :'(
Cool you put kingston wall there. Awesome movie in many aspects!
More mirrors in my profile : http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=744

Waiting on chronos to put them in the newspost aswell :(
great movie,good job both
like it!
Maybe a bit late, but i have uploaded the XviD version on Stage6, so you can watch it online (It haves same quality) And even download it (Again, same quality)

Stage6 Link

Great movie btw :) Good luck.
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