sweRTCW soon to be dead?

Its not often that you'll see xfire promote other sites, however sweRTCW has been a worthy "competitor" for news with xfire since time began! And today sweRTCW celtiC writes:

Quote So here´s the deal, I have more or less lost my motivation for writing.
Maybe it will return later, I have no idea as for now. And since we don´t have any more active writers to speak about you will most likely not see much more news on this page for a while/for ever.

It have been fun hangning around for a few years.

sweRTCW has been an invaluble resource for news and downloads over its period in RTCW & ET, with a varying writing staff throughout. Its pending death is certainly a worry to fans of RTCW & ET alike, it has however been trouble over this past year, with at one point a debate between the owners and then the sweRTCW FTP space issue.

If this is to be the final nail in the coffin for celtiC and sweRTCW join the xfire crew in saying thank you to celtiC and his team for their efforts and help to both gaming communities, fragmovies would never have been the same without you!

celtiC's goodbye
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