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Last Monday, Portugal Portugal won their second match in the WorldCup against Canada Canada, who didn't play bad at all. Tonight we will have another 2 matches for the 2nd matchweek, maybe 3, but that depends if Israel can play or not. But, last matchweek not every match was broadcasted, so you possibly don't know all the results yet. Therefor I'm nice enough to write them down for you aswell as the current group standings after Matchweek 1 which you can find on the site.

¬ Matchweek 1 Results
Group A: Czech Republic Czech 2-4 Croatia Croatia
Group A: Hungary Hungary 4-0 Ukraine Ukraine
Group B: Belgium Belgium 4-0 Estonia Estonia
Group B: Austria Austria 4-0 Brazil Brazil
Group C: Latvia Latvia 2-4 Russia Russia
Group C: United Kingdom United Kingdom 4-0 Malta Malta
Group D: Sweden Sweden 2-4 Israel Israel
Group D: Italy Italy 4-0 Iceland Iceland
Group E: Finland Finland 4-0 Canada Canada
Group E: Portugal Portugal 4-0 Denmark Denmark
Group F: Netherlands Netherlands - Norway Norway (27 May 21 CET)
Group F: Slovenia Slovenia 0-4 Australia Australia
Group G: Poland Poland 4-0 USA United States of America
Group G: Spain Spain 4-2 Japan Japan
Group H: Germany Germany 4-0 France France
Group H: Switzerland Switzerland 4-2 Chile Chile

After Portugal and Canada played their second match already, it's now time for Czech Republic Czech to play against Ukraine Ukraine and Poland Poland to play against Japan Japan.

So the first match goes between Czech Republic Czech and Ukraine Ukraine. In the first match of Czech they lost against the lower seeded Croatia who simply had better teamplay in the exciting match. After Croatia won Goldrush, Czech had a nice time on frostbite which couldn't get beaten by Croatia. In the decider map, radar, Croatia was simply better and used their teamplay to take their first home. But Czech is not the only team who lost their first match, also Ukraine lost their first match in Matchweek 1. They also played against a lower seeded team, Hungary, and lost with 0 to 4. That wasn't really a surprise, Ukraine was the underdog in that game and Hungary have some better players to line up. Czech added elite player teente to their lineup lately, so they might use him tonight. The other players Czech could use are players such as Tlr's medic marv, players from infrag such as alexzoo and hellish who also played the last match aswell as Esvka players butch and muflon. Ukraine also added a player to their lineup lately, German player antz who apparently was born in Ukraine will play with the team and hope they can beat their opponent Team Czech tonight.

Czech Republic Czech vs Ukraine Ukraine
Group: A
Date: 23 May 2007
Time: 20:30 CET
Maps: bremen_b1 / radar
Shoutcast: Czech Republic smOke (Czech)

The other match tonight is between Poland Poland and Japan Japan. Poland won their first match against the USA with 4 to 0 without ETTV, so I don't really know how good they played. Japan lost their first match, but they were doing very nice against Spain. In a stunning game it came onto a decider map, supply, which was won after alot of pauses because Japan lost their Key Packets. Spain came out victorious with 4 to 2 and are now in the 2nd spot, that leaves Japan one spot below them as 3rd. Polish is on spot 1 in the group after their 4-0 win against the USA. Poland have the luck that they are allowed to use the full Netrunners lineup during the WorldCup due to the rule that they can maximal use 3 players of each team who played an official together in a Major league. That means Poland consists of players such as kot, chester and buzka who are playing together for a long time already and the other from Netrunners who also played against the USA, namely Robol, ioc and rio. After vae got eliminated from the EuroCup and is currently in hibernation until the etQcup is going to start they are also able to use gotti. Fear Factory is still in the race and will play Tuesday against the loser of Tlr vs dignitas, so they might still prac together tonight. But probably they don't and they are playing with their new teams, half of the FF team players with 2 players from one.soldier and De57 in the reformed new Fear Factory squad and the other half of the Fear Factory team plays with the other half of the one.soldier team, quite funny actually!

Poland Poland vs Japan Japan
Group: G
Date: 23 May 2007
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: bremen_b1 / radar

There is still a possibility that Italy plays against Israel tonight, but as long as it's unconfirmed whether Israel could form a team or not it will not be added to GamesTV.

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Why NL hasn't played yet? The matches couldn't be reschudeled or something right?
Sweden vs Israel was unexpected
anox acording to me :P it was FAR away from unexpected it was so expected i started to laugh
true if you had been playing it had been izi bash for sweden
japan at izi bash!!
n1 coverage
GL Czech Republic !
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Norway was given dispensation as well.
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Poland vs Japan

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