evolve gaming wins CODQCUP!

Another month gone by, another CODQCUP gone by. This season we saw strong teams like United Kingdom Team Dignitas, Finland Logitech.fi, Netherlands Serious Gaming, Czech Republic eSuba, Germany High Fidelity, Finland Insignia Cadre and a lot more of the top teams Call of Duty 2 has to offer right now. Yet it was the relatively unknown Slovenia evolve gaming climbing up the loser bracket (after being tossed in it in the first winner bracket round already) and facing Team Dignitas in the CODQCUP finals.

Evolve had to do the almost impossible, beat Dignitas twice. However they ended up victorious in their clashes versus HFD, Logitech.fi and Serious earlier in the cup. The clash took place in France, on the maps Dawnville and Burgundy.

The end results of the match:
mp_burgundy: Slovenia Evolve Gaming 13-10 United Kingdom Team Dignitas
mp_dawnville: Slovenia Evolve Gaming 13-7 United Kingdom Team Dignitas

We at Crossfire would like to congratulate Evolve Gaming for their awesome performance in the CODQCUP, only losing versus France Coming Soon in the first round of the winner bracket.
cu @ LAN Evolve

evolve :DDD
d getting beaten everywhere :P
rofl slovenia powah

just thought id let you know :P

Nice to see someone different winning for a change ;p
bad week for dignitas :<

well done to evolve, hope they can attend some lans now and shut up the people I bet will be whining :P
You can't blame people for whining when they're beating top teams but won't come tek9lan :D
dawnville rxx

Slovenia GO GO SLOVENIA !!!! Slovenia
Nice to hear that we pwn at COD2 :D
HFD <3
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dignitas played both an IPS match vs esuba and the codqcup finals vs evolve yesterday.
inet heroes <3

"let me be ur heru babeh"
need smtn like that in ET ;]
nice1! Slovenia^^
Online only ?
ne mors verjet
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