Fragarea 3 release!

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As time passes over in this online reality that ordinary all over the world compete in a player can be shown to be the greatest. Over this time movies will be made about these players boasting their abilities as they take down 3, 4, 5 members of the opposite team in sucession. Players will remember Fragarea 1 and 2 from its focus upon Finland Parodia’s victory over Estonia in Eurocup XII to the victory that the Netherlands Netherlands dealt over Germany Germany in Nationscup IX. Of course between those two Fragareas and now he also was responsible for the Spain Winghaven’s Second Nature movie.

But now after a single month of slaving at his PC with moviemaking tools Korean moviemaker Korea, Republic of Quaky has finished Fragarea 3 which focuses upon the more recent events from Quakecon 2005 up to and including the CPC2 event. Much like it’s pre-decessors this Fragarea focuses on the big hits that players make in order to lead their team onto victory.

I caught up with Korea, Republic of Quaky to get his view on his finished piece:
Quote I think it’s a really nice movie, and really hope that you all enjoy it as much as you did with Fragarea 1 and 2.

Germany Butchji
Belgium dAv1d
Turkey Fireball
Netherlands Bullvox
Switzerland Gifty
Slovenia Jakazc
Netherlands Kris
Poland Kot
Sweden Wizzel
Finland Mystic
Estonia Night
France Saccii
Latvia Clown
Belgium mAus
Poland Doktor
Germany Senji
Hungary Senti
Portugal Sexyhot
Malta Toxic
United States of America Special
Croatia aCoZz
Poland r1co
Estonia Holz
Poland Wiesiek
Catalonia Winghaven
Poland Wrobel
Belgium Vila
Czech Republic Lasek
Chile Linuxero

The movie also incorporates action from CPC2 focusing on the players of United Kingdom The Last Resort , Europe Evolve ,
United Kingdom Dignitas and United Kingdom Impact Gaming all to the sounds of Quaky’s ghettoblaster music.

From my personal point the movie is at a good length, 6 minutes and 45 seconds of quality fragging action from some players whom none of us have ever heard of, and once again Quaky has provided a great way of presenting a tournament in his movies. The only minor point about it is that it does miss some defining frags yet maybe they will be used in the next Fragarea? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The movie can be downloaded currently both here and here and also here.

Contact: at
first newspost, flame on
well done :D
pls, learn english :D
he is from great britain, retard
I didn't know that...
Your sarcasm batteries are empty?
vaGgi where is your sarcasm meter?
center the banner :)
Imo, don't say your opinion in a newspost, newsposts are made to inform. Make a journal or smth about your opinion.
Apart from that, nice job :D
ah ok, i wasn't to sure whether or not to add it in as a kind of personal onlook/review style, thanks for the tip :)
Np, most of the time it's not done, you add your personal view to a column or smth, but like I said, newsposts are there to inform ;-)
the post looks nice ( downloading =) )
nice flags benjamin :P
thanks a lot!
Dll , Ill hope it will be as good as your others quaky, cuz i loved them <3 Btw, try to get a decent ftp :D
downloading at 1.25 MB :s
<3 flashget :)
I have it aswell. But my bandwith isn't that good.
maybe you just have the normal version that only splits the file in 10 pieces max, my cracked version goes up to 30 :)
Part 1 & 2 were verrryy nice, so hope this one will even be nicer download atm :D.

edit:It fucking owns!!
great i loved 1 and 2, i hope this one is just as gd :)
Let me talk with your mother !!!
quaky > all

im missing potter on the list:<
one of the best movies I've ever seen
downloading it 190kb/sec
Will watch after work. Size seems a bit big. :P
slow dl for some reason :/
prolly cos its hosted in korea :P
Im not understanding one thing... 6.45 mins movie with 405mb? omg :X

dling anyway
yes. unfortunately it's big but i don't use a megui, also i will release to 1080p from mp4 (x264) in tomorrow or nextweek.
DIE! u should tell me that u will release a 1080p! because i prefer 1080p movies... now im finishing the download :'<
thx for zeh torrent <3
slow mirrors :S
fuck mirrors
fantastic movie
love Quaky <3 :D
47,44 kb/s ;'(
I love your style.
xvid 320p plx
you make me like et again :X
proper mirrors pLZ
after downloading 94mb i got a 503 error. \o/
didnt like it
du gillar ju bara din egen :<
lol i have to download it via torrent :D
da bist du ned der einzige :)
mein torrent funzt aber iwie ned :< geht deins?
Quotelol here it says that i have a connection error but its still downloading :o


@_@ strange imho
All the downloads ain't working :x.
The torrent doesn't connect and the two other links are down...
same here :<
1st works for me! 61% came and 50kb/s- 110kb/s
lol here it says that i have a connection error but its still downloading :o

Those motherfuckers :<
wow! really nice movie nice frags from Winghaven, Maus and Butchji rly nice !!
The only negative point of that movie is that it ends.
i also wanna see it :<<
Totally agree'd.

I love quaky, it's like every time he releases some video I start editing again :D. Someone should buy me a harddrive!

This is 10/10 on the atmosphere, and the flow... The config could have been better, sure... but it still deserves 10/10, like Fragarea 1 and Fragarea 2.

My 3 man streak from CPC2 should have been in, it made people cheer :)
Its great :)
fix mirrors
has any1 tried dling it with torrent? When i save the file it saves itself Changing the its format wont start downloading in utorrent!
actually it says Tracker Status: Invalid URL :/
Post on to so i can watch the Stream ;)
Unexpected end of archive
The archive is in either unkown format or damaged

good fucking game
try to keep broken files when extracting
how do i do that?
if you use winrar do this: when extracting it asks for the location. in the same popup check "keep broken files" on bottom-left
done it, it now just says : The archive is in either unkown format or damaged
can you play the movie?
nope hits me with the same message everytime i click on it or try to extract it
then i cant help you :(
Great movie <3
upload to or so i can get some gd dl speeds plz :)
new mirror :

and please don't use flashget when download from primary mirror. :(

that is my pc :(
still only getting 124 kbps :< ftw!
Parent least dling :)

EDIT: Time remaining 4 hrs :o
leet speeds :p
awesome movie, worth the wait :)

ye that was hilarious :Dd:D;d:D:Dd

he's like hmm whats this? turns around slowly, looks at wing, DEAD ;D
Ye he's always like that :D
wow, well done quaky <3
np 30 min dl but who cares <3 frags
nice frags
ffssssssssssss gimme a decent mirror with a .avi file plz. the zip file fucked up and all the others take about 3 hours to dl and i have to go out soon
26 KB ... 4 hours... -.-'
cant extract the zip file with winzip or winrar fucking good game
Nice video!
Tbh is one of the best movies i saw/ enjoyed. rly. Motion blur looks ok, loved the colors, the music style, the cams, the edit/sync. Anyway next time try to put the hitsounds a bit louder and add a external crosshair becuase that one is not visible.

8.5/10 Congrats <3

btw, i cant see any sexuhot frag in movie but ok
Is that rating on a ET scene level or overall gaming level?

Btw great movie, nice and clean! Good work!
Et scene imo... i didnt saw any 10/10 movie in Et yet (8.5 fragarea3 and zaigon, 9 decimated). imo.. q3 movies from shaolin productions are great but still 9.5/10 :X
ye so on a global gaming scale. Not just ET, cause in the ET scene level I would give 10/10.
Can someone please upload it to their own ftp or atleast to rapidshare or smth.... =o[
i really enjoyed this. very skilled frags. nice and clean movie.
ignore my whine actually vargen is putting it on his ftp. <3 vargen
Fucking too slow!
HOLY SHIT ! master of editing
torrent ftw, atleast its 100 kb
I really enjoyed it, great job.
really nice, great job

only negative point is that I was planning on usen the crystal method song in my next movie :<
very nice but to short :/
and you can't really read anything because when you start reading it's already gone
well done :>
Wonderfull :>
lol @ 2.14
it's timescaled, you know that right?
awesome frags, hated the music though :( love the effects
flag mistake in newspost at netherlands
Fix the links PLEASE!
Still 1 hr left to complete! the most awaited movie ever.
let me know when you've uploaded the 1080p version to
still waiting for better download links..
Quaky proves once again that he's the best ET moviemaker. Great job!
The torrent has no tracker signed :/
<333 tho i couldnt rly hear hitsounds

edit: it made ma wanna play ET instead of diablo xD
Niiiiice <3
great one
really n1 :D
very nice :)
awesome maus frags
Awesome movie quaky!
took about 4 hours to download but worth the wait. never wanted it to finish. Yes i agree with many, the "credits" in the last part are way too fast!

To short -.-
du hast ne ahnung von scheisse du 3ster bengel
dude , i know its hard to upload teh movie from your motherland , but still i can't get a useful link ;S
Fuck I'm not sober and I still think I could have twritten a more grammatically correct nes post than this.
pretty good!
links dont work ffs :X
nice job :)
dosent really work with me :S

is it something special
im getting 240kb/s :o
those mirrors really suck :D
Maus @ 2:10.. If i didn't know better, i'd yell HAX
Absolutely top notch video!
very nice!
Truly amazing!
Very nice Quaky
fantastic movie ;) very nice job, plz more!
This movie is simply fantastic !
so Quaky, when's the next movie out?
Really nice movie gj!
great job!
Just fantastic! 10/10
wow impressive alltho a bit short, u could add some nice moments extra cause there were a lot but ok very nice done 10/10
great movie, only thing i didnt like was the fast switches between frags, so you hardly can read the console :/

edit: the 4 man smg kill by mouse vs netrunners is ... sick
Awesome movie, quality, syncing, music....

I had alot of better frags on CPC2 tho!! ( ask overdrive my personal manager if you don't believe me!!! :DDD )
I enjoyed it.

- Cams at the intro made me think "TosspoT is definitely going to hate this" but once that finished things started to pick up.

- The soundtrack was a much better mix than any of your previous movies.

- The in-eye footage wasn't greatly edited.

- The cams were very stylish during the frags and were much more enjoyable than the in-eye scenes.

- The lack of transitions was a big low point for me.

- The config wasn't great imo. For example, look at the background on the intro cam on Radar. r_zfar 10000 imo :P

- The compression is poor. XviD is my enemy too, though. :D

Can't think of anything else.
Very nice movie, I loved the frags especially the one from mAus on supply.
omg best movie i have ever seen in ET, i swear!!! 10/10
That was a seriously sex movie, it sure didn't feel like 6 mins, felt like 2, NEEDED MORE LENGTH QUAKEY!!!
Get a decent motion blur and not an "I see superposed frames" one please.
Need to fix the shadows too.
The frags were cool.
(But where's the point to have nice frags when you can't see them properly ?)

Oh and too short for it's size.
i cant view it blackscreen someone help me plz :<
nice : D

"-max- The lack of transitions was a big low point for me." yep!
nice removing comments, fucking censorship
Using 'comment' to describe that pointlessness is not exactly accurate. A waste of space in here.
let's straighten something out
reaver, dabster, rapt6rr and i posted funny comments yesterday, nothing harmful towards the movie or the moviemaker
i dont know why they got removed, maybe because some of you guys cant stand other's humor

and yea btw dont talk to me like if you were my teacher or something, it's a bit quaint nowadays
I removed it because it was irrelevant/pointless to the post. Feel free to make funny jokes with each other on irc or whatever. Not that I found it funny anyway. 'Orly?' became unfunny a long time ago.


awesome movie 9.5/10
really nice!
quaky rocksssh
class fucking movie
very nice but was too short ;> Ownage stuff
hmm awesome movie, just a little something missing, no excitement n stuff

9/10 :]
nice one quaky once again!
keep up the good work
very very good movie ! :> .. only bad thing was that this movie was too short =(

10/10 by me for sure ;)
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