cdap Back in business !

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It's been a long time since you've heard anything from the cdap multigaming, but we are back.

Quote by rubenProbably many of you still know cdap. Probably because of " team-pi " our former Enemy Territory squad which now plays for evolve gaming. . After the departure of wayne and team-pi, there was a short period of "inactivity" and after that the chaos begun: channel takeover, 1 cheater recruited, and on the top of the iceburg, team oldSQL the funteam of cdap, wich is probably not known because of their success but much more because of that 2 instant ringer 5on6 last ETTV match. We apologize infront all the spectators, for probably the most worse and most annoying game ever played by cdap. The team got closed right afterwards. We want you to forgive us, so we could show you what we are. We hope that you guys will give our new team the same amount of respect and support as you did to our last team, team pi.
Our new team isn't on the same level as pi was/is atm. But we are pretty confident, that with intense training and support from the community, we can continue with victorys !

We are proud to present our new Enemy Territory squad

Team - Identical

» Team "Identical" which formerly played for Zenith gaming «[/center]]

Identical Lineup consists of:

Finland Jere "Zeku" T. (squadleader & team manager)
Finland Oskari "Pipsa" R.
Finland Sami "Sample" H.
Finland Sami "Morin" L.
Finland Mikko "Vanhaomena" T.
Finland Simo "Simo" J-O.

And Back-ups are:

Finland Antti "Anging" V.
Finland Juho "Junky" K.

Interview with the squadleader Finland Zeku[/center]]

QuoteFirst of all, welcome at cdap, well lets start and introduce yoursef and your team.

Finland Zeku: Thanks. My name is Jere "Zeku" Tani. I'm a 17 year old guy from Finland , I'm studying at a trade school, and I'm the leader of Identical.

What was the reason for joining cdap?

Finland Zeku: Well.. Main reason was what cdap can/willl offer to us. That support was totally different from what Zenith could give us. And at least after these few days all of us feel really comfortable in cdap. Team-Zenith's staff was really kind and polite, and we had really nice couple of months with them, but this cdap option was still way better than Zenith.

What are your main goals for to future?

Finland Zeku: Main goals.. We are participating in the ESL Summerseries 6on6 Cup, and we will compete in some smaller cups also ! And when fall comes, and cup season starts again, we will see where we will compete :)

Well thanks for that little interview and gl for your future in cdap.

Finland Zeku: Thanks for the interview!

You can find out more by visiting our IRC channel #cdap.aut and and our homepage
Yea, Finland Morin's aim is something you don't get with coffee only...
youre snipr is sooo hax lol rofl its like norecoil n stuff lmao
Vanhis = Mikko :ok
gl to cdap <3
Great team full of saunapoika's! :D <333
i donno/heard of anyone but gl guys!
Mikko "Vanhaomena" T.

xDD nice hax0r
He has 1337 real name :o)
Journal please. I seriously doubt these guys will ever achieve something noteworthy, hence I fail to see why they have a newspost.
Other news is open to anything more than worthless drivel, pretty much. This is reasonably well presented and has some interest value, so deserves the status. It is why we invented the category, after all, for minor team/cup news etc.
u still havent made Other News][/b]clickable
It's on the list of things that we whine at Tala about, I believe.
make it bold and force him to work on it !
Good luck :)
gL our identical-squad =)
GoodLuck OC 3v3 7th league Finalist!
That's #Palikka, not Identical!
Most of #palikka players are from your squad :)
Is there any difference?
Next year OC seventh with cdap?
any difference between fun 3on3 team and serious 6on6 team ? mm I can spot few and besides I think it's not their fault if they were placed in OC 7th div.
The leader of the IRL funteam Finland#Palikka put our ranking to 1 out of 10 points @ OC :)

gl @ final :p

it's wAyne and it's Team-Zenith, not zenith gaming

lold @ the interview
wtf vanhis :-DDDDDD
gl morin
most of them are assholes
Good luck Vanhaomena.
Vanhaomena, nice sniperscript
You cheat somewhere else!
vanhaomena 6-0 worm
lol best sniper of ET <):]
False. Finland SERIMESTARI is the one and only.
Gamestv should broadcast Finland SERI's pubbing instead of most matches, would be a lot more interesting.
med max, journal imo
i once typoed "cdap" as "crap" and lmaoed :D gl btw
Like you ? :x
much more than me.. almost like you
Grow up pls :/
nice guys all and they have the god-like, or even better: satan-like sniper, Vanhaomena
good luckx

EDIT: Sample = Tamiii ? :0
what a great interview gj
gl wnbes
Vanhaomena is hacking for sure
Omg! It's virtual the etbot guy!
GL vanhis :o)
I will remain your true fanboy until you get busted!
gl owning some 5th devision
nonames only =(
more cheaters pls
GL morin. GL vanhaomena.
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