ClanBase Announce ET:QW Cup

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ClanBase have announced their first Enemy Territory: Quake Wars cup. This will be used to test how ET:QW plays competitively (and drive traffic to their site!). Due to the indeterminate length of the beta teams must be prepared to play quickly and intensivly. With the potential for three matches per week from this Monday.

Tournament Info

Team Size: 6on6
Servers: Provided courtesy of Rackage (Passworded)
Spots: Unlimited
Signups: Are open! They close THIS MONDAY (9th July)
Format: ABBA
Supervisors: United Kingdom DuRuS & Italy Revengeful

The rule set for the cup is still to be confirmed.

You will need at least 6 members with beta keys and the time over the next 2 weeks to play up to 3 matches a week.

Head over to ClanBase to signup.

[hide='Big Name' Signups]
Sweden Kompaniet - Bergstrom / Biermann / Doverud / Franzen / Johansson / Henke / Lif / Linuz / Ljungstedt / Makire / Maxxan / Medde / Miettinen / Mson / rvn / sauna / Xedd
Spain exilium - Bono / Cardhu / FrEeMaN / sntx / SoLR4k / Soveliss / SyLar / Y2Kaos
United Kingdom Dignitas - BruceLee / Huggo / JaKaZc / no0bSter /RELOAd / SonDac / Xeon
Spain wArning! - Dude / morbit / dr3am / MaRTe / Winghaven / JULIUS / blOp / NdY
Europe lolicon - Adacore / Azatej / buzka / crmbs / hentai / Matti / razz / toxic / ViakZ
Europe cZar - 2Easy / athex / 4tw / RuFiO / sin / Tankz0r / Wastestuff / ILoveYou / Baldrick[/hide]

gl to everyone and finally passworded servers!.
no offence but lolicon isna't a 'big name' tbh.
some of the players in that line up do have big names, that's why the team's there
that's the lolicon et lineup, we've gotta add more guys for the qw team yet :d
this beta game sucks!! wait for the complete game!
lolicon lineup: Matias, hentai, nVc, Adacore, Slasheh, crumbs

edit: team one2 should be mentioned for the 'BIG NAME' signups.
bad rules :<
shhh.. vehicle-lamer!
ye, if you're infantry can't aim and you rely on vehicles - oh wait, there goes 90% of the scene.
the inf only is not that good, because the strogg nade defence on last stage is highly overpowered...

all medics spaming nades to the tunnels and nothing come w/o RL and other heavy shit i don't use :P

but i hate vehicels even more :)
it's not really that bad, there's 3 ways they can attack, synchronised, it's a very easy stage to overcome
Not really, if you rush in right when it explodes so yes...

but if strogg orginaize the defense with all medics they just create spawnhost inside and spam nades everywhere...

we were able to hold many "big name" teams like that...

ofc you can come from top and side but strogg spawnhost+nade spam is really overpowered all together.
missing Germany as "big name" imo

gl morb,chaoz,melkor,kru etc :D
they arent good.
but a bigger name than lolicon is!
and they can thank negative-image of that?
they were a big name long before than image played there. mr newschooler.
orly?!? see teh sarcasm on my previous comment
cant see any, but partly yes.
meettekö cadren kans cpc3
(23:36:15) (@nellie`) Who are the good et:qw clans?
(23:36:46) (@quadV|Baldr1ck) One2, cZar, Kompaniet, Cause, Dignitas, Exilium, Ninja, Lolicon, Warning
(23:36:48) (@quadV|Baldr1ck) in that order
agito should get a mention, beat wArning and lost to cZar by a few seconds with 3 mercs ;]
You've seen the team?
I was mercing for dignitas, and we fullholded them @ EMP.
taking out 2 Dignitas Players every time and than killed by heavy vehicle abusing or the oblitorator. You guys are awesome !!!111 dignitas deserves to be mentioned up there.

...and i dont have to push my little ego and flame about other clans like matias.

No reallife_skills @ all

(@newswriter - if u mention exilium you can mention aswell :> )
we need a new gameformat
laik morbiuz vs. 6
no shit sherlock - yesterday i pwned dkh all by myself :D
omg read my comment properly.
thats exactly what i wrote.
i need a team :p , gimme a pm
Good luck Lolicons!!!111
In the first round we'll see the ET side owning, in the second round the BF side.. Luckily the Tormentor is disallowed because I saw some BF guys really pwn with that :<
Def. add one2 to the bignames, probably thé best team on the SW2 round. Lollicon will be really good in SW1

I really hope that we geth Sin,2easy,Quark,RuFio back in time to play this cup and i3d aswell with a proper lineup since they are all on vacantion
They should re-think the vehicle rule set.

Infantry only with weapon limitations is fine, it will let us see that aspect of the game. The second set of rules should be played with everything allowed - all vehicles, all weapons.

This way we can compare 1 extreme to the other and see what the players think as well as seeing how the competitive pace of the game is under 2 completely different rule sets that effectively make it 2 completely different games.
The problem is, that many bf2142 clans want vehicles while players that came from et/rtcw or cod doesn't want them...

it's too different communities and one will always whine at the other.

in the inf only there is also another problem, in cb rules you can use the "transport" vehicles only but there is mg on them ... and you can also just drive on someone and he will get killed instantly...

The best way to "test" is to play without vehicles at all, I've played some (many) 5on5's and 4on4's without vehicles and it was allot more fun than with them...
transport vehicles = armadillo/hog/husky/icarus - no mg's ;) and tbfh, the rtcw/et/cod/css community > bf :d
hog has a weapon (Hyperblaster) and so does the armadillo (MG), just press f (use) if you want to use them.
lol :D didn't know that :<
The hog and armadilo are both really weak though - a coordinated team can take either out with just rifle/lacerator fire or a couple of grenades/rockets pretty easily.
true, but the gun is strong against infantry. i guess it could be useful other than for transport.
and thats that. cb has spoken and now everyone has to follow their orders. forgive me while i realise im not in stalinist russia
QuoteThe problem is, that many bf2142 clans want vehicles while players that came from et/rtcw or cod doesn't want them...

So why don't the ET and CoD players carry on playing ET and CoD then?

I was all for infantry only in quake wars until i looked at the bigger picture and realised that the whole game WILL be balanced around vehicles.

There are another eleven maps for the retail version and these rules are based solely off of one map.
I'm not against all vehicles, but things like the gdf tank and strogg's "monster panzer" ruining the game for allot of people...

The tank is highly overpowered he is too fast and too strong...
Vehicle and weapon balancing change multiple times a day. Retail version will be very very different to what you are playing now.

This is why no format or rule set should be set in stone. People should be prepared for change even months after the game has been released as it's no where near as linear as RTCW/ET.
Vehicles are the reason why bf failed competitively...
Actually it was the fact the game was utter shit and not supported for competitive play.

Nothing to do with vehicles.
I agree, the infantry only rule set is ok if people feel they HAVE to try it but the limits put on the vehicle half of the match only serve to unbalance the vehicles. Why limit the number of anti-vehicle weapons on the half of the match that uses vehicles?!

People need to give the vanilla settings a run in competition circumstances to really test them instead of pulling out what they personally don't like and shaking all the balancing as a result. It'd be nice to see people accept the game as it is rather than trying to turn it into a pseudo-sequel of their own favourite game :|
big names indeed
gl everybody...
Need a team /q me in #sereNity-gaming
I am avi:)
tbh wArning should walk all over this cup, from what I've seen so far...
we pwn all without vehicles, so np!
not really we won them pretty easy few days ago :)
demos or it didn't happen
Not really,

One2,Dignitas,Ninja,Cause,Warning all those 5 should be close.
warning will have an advantage over most without the vehicles though
And the other 5 have advantage on SW1 , well see its not that bf2ers are no-aimers TBH
:P i want etqwtv :(
jumping doesnt count as aiming :D
the whole game is not about aiming (yet)
could u plz get your bf friends to register @
we will make this the main community page for etqw

(i dont want to register somewhere else)

PS: warning will win, dr3am is the new mystic+butchji+mausji+ernie of etqw
warning dignitas should be a close game, i remember them beating warning in a prac
I hope there will be also ET cups in the future : (
There is poll in clanbase about the rules of the infantry only.

1 Rocket Launcher/Team
No vehicles AT ALL
Mines Not allowed

best imo
whats t3h font ?
would be so cool to have a key... :( and a team to play the beta with :D
crmbs traitor
CB ready to kill another game :-)
cb didn't kill et
polish people did
cb did tbh

- killed rtcw by releasing a shitty fucking dark config
- killed et by failing to ban cheaters fast enough
- ready to kill et:qw
- hopefully someone else will intervene in time for rtcw 2
cb wouldn't have to ban anyone at all if it wasn't for polish people :(
dunno bout my history, but id say it was quakecon which introduced the more restrictive cvars first !
Whoever introduced them is irrelevant :<

All I remember is having to play with a config so dark that I couldn't even see the enemy, for every official.

<insert wh joke here>
The top teams like iNfensus, GamePoint, amensia, rewind etc etc.... wanted to play with the QuakeCon Cvars. That was the reason why the RTCW crew of ClanBase deciced to swap.

Also I don't think you can put all the blame on one black sheep or blame on 1 single reason, that is just short-sighted. As since i can remember that RTCW was already bleeding because of games like BattleField, Call of Duty and Enemy Territory.
I'm talking about before ET was actually out, I said to myself i'm going to stay with RTCW for aslong as I can but then this config was released and I ended up quitting like everyone else :<
Hey, our hands were tied. The top teams wouldn't want to play in ClanBase cups if we didn't change the cvar rules.
17 members rofl
i loled irl when i saw this (rly :D)
atm with lolicon (need name change) our defence can be anything from 20 mins at emp, to being beaten in 3 mins.

Since its such a new game, tactics atm can easily be countered, due to this i would give the closed beta teams, which seem to be mainly from bf2 the edge.
adacore failed;<
Got a key and need a clan :P
Buzka ololololololol
Are they serious or what rofl needs a tanker - pme
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