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X3Mservers Dedicated servers. ::: A quick word from our sponsors!

Need a dedicated server? Currently X3M is offering very sharp priced dedicated servers!

System Specs
Pentium D dual core 2,8Ghz
1GB memory
80GB sata.
500GB traffic
89,99 a month

We currently have 3 more in stock so be fast and get yours today!

This is only a small example of what we have to offer.
Visit X3Mservers.net to see all our packages regarding dedicated servers!
proteam or protein?
proteam ofc :D
ok.. proteam shot for you :)
n1ce layot! But one thing for fans... will you continues playing W:ET with TLR? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeee aaaa :)
yesssss, for cpc3 :D
you mean cdc3! YES YES YES! :) coz maaaaybeee I will come as spectator if I robb some bank here so stay W:ET! QW just for fun and noname 100k prize cups :P
prefered the old one ://
X3M-Servers, go and get your own dedicated LAG-MACHINE !
The servers themselves don't lag but you might (as with any connection) be routed through a lagging carrier on the way from your connection to an x3m machine. All complaints regarding lag on x3m servers are handled by analyzing the routing of the particular client and alerting x3m's ISP (leaseweb) about the problem. Leaseweb is regarded as one of the best isp's with regard to low latencies and x3m has worked together with leaseweb to correct numerous routing problems.

Besides, these dedicates machines are not meant for just gaming. You can do whatever you want with them, hence "dedicated machine".
don't take everything so serious Ronner :)
the company is run by a friend of mine and I know he's took (and is still taking) a big financial risk to go for it so yes, I will take it serious when you say the machines lag when that is not the case :P
well i always had a bad routing to x3m servers somehow, so for me x3m-servers are(were) lag-machines... dunno about them yet, haven't played ET for quite a while.

But my routing isn't a problem of ur friend :)
same here, the routing seems 2 suck
I know there has been some major routing issues at times. It's when other network carriers decide to route their traffic through some other way (finland had a nice one a while ago by being routing through the shitiest norwegian carrier)

You will encounter this with any gameserver company imo, so whenever you do you should alert the support desk of the game-server company in question and tell them some info about your isp so that it can be analyzed and worked out.

bitching about it doesn't change it and neither can x3m, or any other game-server company for that matter, do anything about it if it is not made aware to them.
89,99 a month

120 euro for a hack, so it looks like you can afford it.
its cheaper (70,00)
it's not a gaming-server. It's a dedicated machine and 89,99 for a dedicated machine on such an internet connection is quit cheap.
admin abuse!
not really.. crossfire.nu runs on x3m so this is just a word from our sponsor imo.
It's cheap :D

so i can run whatever i want on them

like a ftp or gameservers or whatever XD?
more info than just 29 euro's on a celeron plz.
and the connection?
i wear short shorts
n1 pat! (en ron as always)
If you have questions regarding X3M,
ask me or Pat :) on irc #x3mservers
How many ET servers (16 private slot or similar) can you run on such machine without having perfomance issues?

Also, how much bandwith do the ET servers make ?
The mem will be the limit so 7 max @ 128 MB per etded instance. CPU won't be an issue for such small servers, I think there's even a tool on linux which allows you to tell on what core the etded binary should run.

BW won't be an issue either if it's on a 100Mbit FD switch port. Just make sure you up your UDP buffers on the linux box.

Still 89,99€ for those specs isn't cheap. The advantage of any Leaseweb related offering is that it's so fucking close to the AMS-IX @ 40 Gbps :D.

One final remark: you can find cheaper servers at Leaseweb themselves :/.
woot, a reply exactly when i come online

well.. i'm looking for a host that can offer me more bandwith. specs aren't too important for me atm, what i need is a cheaper host that is trustable and offers more bandwith - don't have a specific amount, but few TBs is what I need

if someone knows of something that would fit my needs, please tell me ;p

*sorry for asking about other companies in a X3M newspost*
server4you.de if you don't care about service or pings but only volume: "Unbegrenzter Datentransfer" ;-)

EDIT: 1und1.de and strato.de also offer unlimited volume but strato really sucks in terms of pings (been there, done that, never ever doing it again).

I'd go for 1und1 or server4you.
:S fucking cheap

i don't know german.. is that price for 3months? 35 euro == 3 months or 35euro per 1 month?

in any case, that is supar cheapy :E
Nono first 3 months it's 35€ / month if you sign a 2 year contract. Then it's normal rate of 64€, 84€ or 114€ per month for Power, PlusPower or Ultrapower respectively.
If i may remark, im not sure that those german hosters use virtual stuff, or even just desktop machines.

You should know, that at X3M, we only sell real dedicated boxes ( pizza boxes ) from Dell, which indeed, aren't cheap, thats the reason why the prices are a bit bigger at X3M ...

But you do get the real deal ( qua dedi boxes )
how much bandwith do you spend of that 500GB? what are you hosting on that machine?
i have huge lags and packetloss since like a year now on all x3m server :S
report it to x3m support with a tracert report to your x3m machine (someone in #x3mservers can help you with that)
spanish and italian routing on x3m always sucked and unfortunately they cant do anything...thats why i needed to fold with the spanish guys @ ovs long time ago... but anyway x3m is a good 7/10 so still one of the most reliable ones...and the guys from there also nice and mature...prices also n1 compared to others in the same quality...
well then the conclusion is not that x3m is rather expensive but yours is rather cheap (although so is the celeron cpu ;-) )
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