etQcup heating up!

Tonight plays witness to the Cadre etQcup Lower Bracket semifinal, pitting together two teams of undoubted calibre in a match devoid of any saftey nets or second chances. Europe TLR will face Europe Evolve Gaming for the right to play Lower Bracket finalists Finland Insignia Cadre, and go one step closer to that elusive grand final against United Kingdom Dignitas, where a prizepool of 1000euros awaits the winners. But this is still the lower bracket, and so our two teams tonight have some work to do!

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Europe Evolve Gaming 2-4 The Last Resort United Kingdom
Tonight, 21:00 CET |

TLR: Croatia aCoZz / Belgium mAus / Belgium dAv1d / Spain Winghaven / Poland doktor / Latvia Clown

Evolve: Malta Toxic / Germany butchji / United Kingdom Adacore / United Kingdom razz / Germany snoop / Netherlands AzA

With no ferus in the lineup, despite what Toxic's sense of humour might have you believe, Evolve look to tonight's game as the next logical step on their journey of upwards progress. Speaking earlier today, team captain Toxic said, "We have been building the foundations of the team since September of last year so I'd say its about time [to hit form]. We're still going to stay on our feet and take it game-by-game, as we are in no shape to underestimate anyone; that would lead to defeat. [Regardless], I'm pretty happy with how the team has been doing".

However, tonight's game will provide an ample test for Evolve, who cannot toast their victory over a sleepy Impact side as win of much substance. In losing to Poland Fear Factory in round 4 of the Qcup, the team has shown itself not to be running at capacity. Granted, the roster has experienced significant reshuffle since, balancing Adacore's tactical nouz with butchji's firm punch, complemented in turn by AzA, and razz, who is now starting to bed himself in as a real fundamental rock of the european side. Nevertheless, as the saying goes in cricket, 'catches win matches', just as results draw plaudits. Once senses however, Evolve prioritise progess in this competition, over just winning fans.

Meanwhile, Evolve's opponents United Kingdom The Last Resort are set to deploy a roster tonight which finally resonates with the success enjoyed in Enschede at CPC2. Polish player and LAN-veteran doktor plays in place of syK, a move which could potentially symbolically mark the arrest of a slide which few could have predicted only months earlier. Having emerged with a cheque for 1,500euros and first place at CPC2, TLR failed to convert their self-generated propulsion into continuing dominance. A faultering EuroCup campaign was followed by unconvincing displays such as the etQcup loss to Cadre, and only taking wins against Fear Factory and Europe AuxiliA, opponents that usually TLR would be expecting to beat.

However, doktor's involvement sparks an optimism around the side, an emotion which TLR star dAv1d can feel too: "We are feeling confident taking doktor back in the main lineup. He has proved himself to be very useful in our team, and I hope he will do the same [tonight]". It seems the seeds of change have planted themselves firmly in the gardens of TLR, and little surprise too, if you consider the principle architect of TLR's demise against Cadre, Finnish player Squall, will not be playing for Cadre in the next round, after leaving to join Vicious & Evil.

Previous to that of course, there is the small matter of a Lower Bracket semi-final to contest, with both teams sitting above the prospect of needing just three more wins following tonight to secure the prizemoney. Be sure to tune in via GamesTV, where you will find over 1600 ETTV slots, and six shoutcasters broadcasting in five different languages. Hit "read more" for more detailed viewing info.

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- United Kingdom Radio: Mashed @ GIGA.Listen
- United Kingdom Radio: TosspoT @ QuadV
- France Radio: Esox @ NerdVibes
- Poland Radio: BandiT @ HeadShot
- Germany Radio: lblbw @ Sonatix
- Israel Radio: beNyy @ rtcw.ISR

+ Cadre match preview by Denmark oBs
- etQcup bracket

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