WorldCup comes to an end

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Oh yes, the WorldCup is still alive. Today is the big day, the final between the two teams who reached it, Poland Poland and Germany Germany is going to be played tonight.

In the first, and last, edition of the Enemy Territory WorldCup we are going to see 2 very strong teams battling for the final. They both have played alot of matches to get there and will hopefully show us a great final tonight. This first WorldCup was one hell of a Cup, with the cheaters playing everywhere, some teams kicked out, nations teams from all over the world have shown what they are capable of. Some had the luck to advance to the playoffs, some didn't have any luck and were very close. But let's not forget that every nation played for fun, eventrough not everyone had fun.

You can say alot about it, you can blame the admins for the decisions made and for the teams kicked from the tournament, but still we reached the final and we're going to end this cup tonight. We've had ups and downs each week, a nation with alot of star players such as the United Kingdom United Kingdom, who couldn't reach the last couple of rounds because they lost twice against the cheaters of Portugal Portugal were one of these unlucky teams. A Nations like Netherlands The Netherlands, who were kicked because of a banned captain and player who might not even have used a cheat during the cup, while others in their team did use one were kicked from the cup, a sad story where of course the admins are getting flamed for. It all happened under my own eyes, under the eyes of the crew, everyone who helped and of course the flaming community we have. I won't appologize for any decision we made during the WorldCup, as we still think we made the right ones and we are very happy that the WorldCup was going on each week again, with spectacular games, great players playing once again for their own nation to show what they can.

You can kind of see this as the last WorldCup post ever, I will leave my PC alone for the next 3 weeks after the final has been played and I will not write another newspost to tell everyone what a great experience this was for me, enjoying the whine you brought me was simply nice to laugh about, but also very helpfull. We've listened to the community and made our changes, and now it all comes to an end.

Tonight, the two best nations in the WorldCup are fighting against eachother. The squad of Poland Poland, who have alot experience and great teamplay because they've played together as a team is the favourite, they entered the final after winning every game and after winning a great Winners Bracket final against the same opponent as tonight, Germany Germany. That country is the one that did loose against Poland, but they showed what they can do and will certainly show us a great match tonight. They lost agaist Poland before, but came back in after winning a great match against Finland in the Losers Bracket Final. Both teams are ready to rock and roll tonight.

Time: 2100 CET
Maps: TBA / TBA

The road Poland took to reach the final
Poland Poland vs United States of America USA - 4:0
Poland Poland vs Japan Japan - 4:0
Poland Poland vs Spain Spain - 4:0
Poland Poland vs Switzerland Switzerland - 1:0
Poland Poland vs Belgium Belgium - 4:2
Poland Poland vs Finland Finland - 4:0
Poland Poland vs Germany Germany - 4:0
Poland Poland vs Germany Germany - 2:4 (Final #1)
Poland Poland vs Germany Germany - TBP (Final #2)

The road Germany took to reach the final
Germany Germany vs France France - 4:0
Germany Germany vs Chile Chile - 4:0
Germany Germany vs Switzerland Switzerland - 4:0
Germany Germany vs Spain Spain - 4:2
Germany Germany vs Croatia Croatia - 4:2
Germany Germany vs Portugal Cheaters - 4:2
Germany Germany vs Poland Poland - 0:4
Germany Germany vs Finland Finland - 3:1
Germany Germany vs Poland Poland - 4:2 (Final #1)
Germany Germany vs Poland Poland - TBP (Final #2)

Lineup Poland
Poland buzka
Poland chester
Poland kot
Poland oic
Poland rio
Poland Robol

Lineup Germany
Germany butchji
Germany drago
Germany Hatred
Germany haZer
Germany snoop
Germany wEAK

England English - GIGA Listen United Kingdom Mashed
England English - QuadV United Kingdom Splodge
Australia English - Gamestah Australia flash
Poland Polish - HSTV Poland Sensible
Germany German - Sonatix Germany lblbw
Belgium Dutch - Global Gaming Belgium xArQi
France French - NerdVibes France Esox
Israel Hebrew - Israel beNyy
Portugal Portuguese - ETL|6s Portugal patt0n

I want to thank alot of people for helping me with the WorldCup, of course the WorldCup Crew, the GamesTV admins, the Shoutcasters, the Captains and players who played and hopefully enjoyed this WorldCup and of course the part of the community that supported us and gave us the useful feedback we needed. I hope everyone will enjoy the first and also the last WorldCup final!
poland vs United States of America germany?

poland wins imo
germany in amerika :D....
We're all living in Ameerika, Ameerika...
It's wunderbar.
good job ;)

enjoy your 3 weeks ... with whatever you are doing ;)
Ill try and make it tonight but I doubt it, gl both teams
n1ce! really GREAT WORK NxM and co. if only I have more than 128kbs upload to be able to cast :,( GL BOTH
i have 200kbps download, be happy

btw lower bitrate maybe? 48kbs?
still shit, 28kbs maybe but you can imagine how that cast would look like... hope that maybe they fix it today but internet provider support here is so fucking slow :(
But people can hear it, they don't care about the quality so much, if the shoutcaster is good
Ok I will try thx for motivation man ;)
NETRUNNERS vs. German mix... eZ for poland..
poland > belgium > germany imo
polaks will lag the germans to dead
poland > belgium > germany imo
ez for poland
Your bet: 1011€ on GER
Possible Win: 8,593.50 € (+7,582.50 €)

where's tosspot?
IDZ ROBOL !!!!!!!
" Germany vs Cheaters - 4:2" lol Sad True!!!!
Gl poland :)
screw you, Kraut hater :(
nah, just cutty hater! >:D
thx for the cup =)
Gl both teams, I'll be watching
haven't rly followed it but i wonder where conan and wiesiek are oO
GermanyGermany vs. Portugal Cheaters - 4:2

i lol'd!!!

GL Germany, you will need it :-(
yerman covertlamers 8<
says a rifLe :o
hf ger & chester ! : )
i'd just like to say thx to NXM and his team for doing a good job running this cup, in fairness they have been in a near impossible situation this WC with a small handful of people attempting to spoil it by cheating, that being said i think in every respect they have made the right decision even if it wasn't popular. I hope you reconsider and this isn't the last WC.
gl Germany Deutschland & hf Germanybutchji/Hatred
hf Robert, Czesia i maly xd
thnx NXM it was a great pleasure for us autralians to be able to play against all the other nations on an even ping server.

gl to germany and poland.

due to australia not playing either i don't really have an idea on who would win hehehe but nevertheless GL
np for cheaters XDDDDDDDDD
Great cup, gl tonight :>
in opposite to CB Nationcup this was truly a world cup
Germany vs Cheaters - 4:2 lol :<
fuckin gay cup
Holland ftw all clean no problem
real skill
Portugal ftw! gl in the final Team-Portugal
Poland gotti ?
gL both but germany will take it 4:2 because the luck is @ our side :P
was unfair for the uk!
oh, very lol :<
well it was, knocked out the cup by cheaters. u call that fair?
not my fault, so.. ^^
then dont reply to my first comment u fuckin retard
:) something else?
nice read
Unfortunetly i can't admin the match, virtu will be adminning together with Mashed so it's fair as virtu is a bloody German :p gl to both, hope it's a great final!
lol. pls. to bad nl is not in the list. or else u could have named em cheaters aswell.

pt team = 8 players. only 2 got caught. so pls.
team from LB won, so will be second match or its the end?
didn't watch a single match, but looked like fun!
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