Clanbase - ET:QW Beta Cup Playoffs reached

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Clanbase' ET:QW Beta Cup has reached its playoff stage!

Most of the favourites progressed through their group easily such as Sweden One2, Europe Dignitas or Sweden Kompaniet.
Also United Kingdom edge, Europe Beyond and Germany cause didn't have any problems by leaving their group as first.
Furthermore we will see 2 teams consisting out of Wolfenstein players, Spain wArning and Japan lolicon.

However, the new squads of each Europe TLR as well as Germany helix failed to impress and disappointingly did not progress to the playoff stage.

This leaves the matches as the following:

#1 Europe Beyond vs Germany cause
#2 Spain wArning vs Japan lolicon

#3 Europe dignitas vs United Kingdom edge
#4 Sweden Kompaniet vs Sweden One2

Semifinals will be:
Winner #1 vs Winner #2
Winner #3 vs Winner #4

Statement: Sweden dohfOs from Europe Beyond ...
QuoteWell, we've actually never played cause before so it will be interesting for sure. cause are favourites though, seeing they are a closed beta team and Beyond pretty much started playing together 2 weeks ago. We also have some players leaving on vacation that doesn't make things better, I'm guessing that most teams got the same kinda problems but that's life during the summer. Anyways, good luck to all of the other teams, hope there will be some good games and good coverage now when we're starting to reach the end of this cup.
very interesting matches imo
all matches can go either way, except for dignitas, they are favourites against edge ofc
gl lolicon

is one of them going to be broadcasted?
i guess more than one is going to be showcasted if they wont be all at the same time
just check xfire newz updates and TGBF site maybe
Pumu, der ET:QW Propagandaminister
pumu pro newswriter
you're saying that just because he made it Japan lolicon and not Europe lolicon as i did ;(
gg @LL helix failed to impress (like riZe on [LAN]) and lost their match to Beyond 3-1 (I didnt play <- reason found! :D)

My prediction: one2 will win teh cup, 2nd place to dignitas
#3 dignitas vs edge
#4 Kompaniet vs One2

Semifinals will be:
Winner #1 vs Winner #2
Winner #3 vs Winner #4

hm günther netzer?
i remember some guys saying that we are shit :x therefor its ok that we finished our group on the 2nd place with a 4-0 against both, exilium and desire, and a 1-3 against beyond.
just need to say smth like this to make the post interesting :P
hr ;D

well, TLR was in a group together with your team, lolicon, and both teams really showed a tough match on TGBF. thats why your sentence is a thorn in my side: as far as i remember it was a close match
True it was close and it could have gone either way, besides that we missed 3 out of 6 and this is just beta :) Cu in i3d and fullversion ! xxx
cu @ lan !

we also have only 3 core players, rest is like m3rc
newz s00n about new bash0riz1ng lineup
Nice :) , cu @CDC3
Beyond vs Cause 2-4
(Cause wins SW1, Beyond SW2, Cause SW1 again)
wArning vs Lolicon 2-4
(Lolicon wins SW1, Warning wins SW2, Lolicon wins SW1 again)

Dignitas vs Edge 4-0
(Digntias wins SW1 and SW2)
Kompaniet vs One2 0-4
(One2 wins SW1 and SW2)
lolicon vehicle only imo :D
kompaniet vs one2 will be a great game should be casted!
I predict 4-2 for kompaniet:D

loli v warning 4-0
beyond v cause 0-4

dignitas v edge hmhm no idea:D
You never were good in bf2 cbooky -_-
I'd agree dont under esitmate Komp
wArning lineup?
dr3am, winghaven, marte, morbit, gangstarn, qwerty and 1/2 others i think
pumu which team do u play for?
Japan lolicon is: United Kingdom hentai, Finland Matias, Germany pumu, United Kingdom nVc, United Kingdom Slasheh and United Kingdom Adacore since United Kingdom crumbs quit (which is a real problem, since he was pwnage). :(

EDIT: Oh, and now United Kingdom phonics is back, it would seem!
Gl Crumbs .
crumbs isnt playing anymore :(
jetzt schreibst du schon news wie das schwein auf der arbeit

oMfG 0pf3r

gl Japan lolicon & Germany pumu & Finland Matias
no gl for me :(?
? :D

sry ^^
GL to all teams.
it is a shame that we have to play wArning! in the semi final, i think that will be a very fun game on both ventrillo and ETQW, and also for you to watch if casted, gl to all :D
schouldnt be a prop for cause!
Looking forward to it, let's see if we can surprise again =]
Let's take out our second closed beta team ;)
gl Japan lolicon :>
lineups of lolicon, warning, TLR and helix?
lolicon: hentai, Adacore, Matias, nVc, pumu, Slashes, crmbs, dAnOne
wArning: morbit, Winghaven, dr3am, MaRTe*, gangstarN, qwertYYYYY
TLR: Baldrick, ILoveYou, Wastestuff, RuFiO, Sin, Athex, Tankz0r, 2Easy, Quark
Helix: HEADi, florian, chaoz, drago, Melkor, morbiuz, mylo

afaik :)
do u know more specific lineups? main 6?

and nice killing the name!
TLR currently playing with - Baldrick, ILoveYou, Sin, Athex, Tankz0r, Wastestuff.
Main lineup is Quark, 2easy, RuFio, Sin, Athex, Tankz0r/Wastestuff.
okay, thanks
i can only speak for us, but we do not have a specific lineup, because we are trying to rotate.

and the effort to play for would be too big. i am too lazy too work on the website and stuff and its better to leave the name of alone :>
lolicon main: matias, pumu, nVc, hentai, Mr. X, Mr. Y
all i can say about lolicon today, is that danone isnt in that lineup :)
sry, i checked your cb acc :D
? - Could go either way

Bottom half of the bracket > Upper Half of the bracket
me and my team are mentioned in a crossfire news ! i never had so much (e)fame !

whats the difference between pumu and morb ? morb doesnt live @ his parents and actually he has the money to fly to quakecon twice :>
maybe - would be nice :)

but i planned to go scuba-diving on phillipines aswell :/
does this mean your going for sure?
lolicon can be crossfire ati team this time?? = )
morb is old!
actually im matured - experienced, intelligant and not flameable
things that you dont have little boi... and besides i have enough money to fly to quakecon - hope to see you there because i like little virgins :D
xfire lan for azubis plz (low budget)
funny - im going to xfire lan too - watch ur back little boi because you could get raped (27, 89kg, 1,94m and 3 years of Thai-Boxing experience)

Good RL experience for you i think ;)

But we all know - pumu doesnt perform on LANs very well...
you had the chance to meet me on voice. Thats more fame a human can take tbh! :p
i can merc @ quakecon donations are welcome =]
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