CDC3 - Day 1!

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Greetings and welcome to Enschede for only the second time in this, the third installment of the Crossfire Devotii Challenge events. The venue may be the same, but the games are different, and with Call of Duty and RTCW takinga back seat until November, Warsow and Enemy Territory come to the fore this weekend.

7000 euros are up for grabs, so let battle commence.

Just played
image: match_cdcimage: match_vae1image: match_r14image: match_r22image: match_gmpo2image: match_et
image: game3280 Maps: Radar, Adlernest
Time: ~21:45 CET
Live Videostream: with TosspoT and A Spec
Match preview

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Nice ;D /gets popcorn
thats the CPC2 groups :)
are you stupid or something :x
why are you showing that from cpc2? O_o
seriously, this is the third time the LAN is held, and you still can't hold matches on time and stick to some kind of schedule

I'd start giving out forfeit loses
go make a lan yourself and make everyone play on the second their time strikes. :/
nice reply, is that all you can come up with?
well to be honest if you're whining about the slightest thing you should try make something like cdc yourself and see if its all on time
why is an average xfire reader so agressive? can't we just get along?

seriously now, that reply "if you don't like it, make it yourself" is so old, are you trying to say that the simple fact that it is being held should be satisfying? ignoring the fact that it is poorly organized? why should I have to organize myself in order for it to be finally on time on it's third installment, have they learned nothing? have all the posts "this time will be different" by cash been just empty talk?

and yes, if I was holding it you better be sure it would be fucking on time, I wouldn't care where they came from and how long did they travel, but if you don't show up on match time + 10 mins = forfeit loss and let's see will you be here on time next time

just go back to the hole that you crawled from
i really couldnt care if they are ontime or not, at least it all goes through by the end of the day and you get your coverage, and i cant see myself getting along with you if you're just going to complain about the lan saying it should be this and that, maybe when you prove me wrong and do hold that on time lan i will respect you
here we go again....

I'm not saying it should be this or that, just to be ON TIME as it was said it was gonna be....if they couldn't keep up to their own words it would've been better if it wasn't said, it was so obvious everything is gonna be late again, so why not work on that a bit and at least TRY to keep in on schedule?

that match n1ce vs d&b is now more than an hour late, imagine if your train was an hour late, would you be happy and jolly? or if the medical staff was an hour late for your surgery? time is money my friend
You do understand the saying "Easier said than done"?
do you realize this is the 3rd time the LAN is being held?
Yes and I also know its the 3rd time this happened, so that saying is popular here, but why get so annoyed about it?

Don't you have something else to do? :S Just wait, it doesn't seem too hard

not gonna discuss anymore with you since you're obviously a fanboy of the almighty CDC
go to dreamhack, go to eswc, you'll learn this is just what happens
I was at eswc, max delay we had was something like 25 mins, not hour and a half
who cares someone writes scores and writes a story? great lan without ettv
video streams, and no ET game has been played yet?
roflcake. et hasnt started, no wonder you cant tune into ettv
i saw some journals about more delay? cause they couldnt start at 12
This would be a fair enough comment to make if people hadn't paid money to play at this lan, but they have, so I think its completely reasonable to complain when it doesn't live up to expectations
he's a viewer from home all he has paid is his personal time? :S

I doubt the people at the lan hardly care about ettv and been on a strict time table
Yeah Ok, I wasn't really defending him, was more an argument against the reasoning in your comment. I'm not fussed about ETTV or whatever and I'm sure some of the paying players aren't either, I just think they have the right to complain if they have paid
Then they'd really be fucked at the big lans where they pay more and the problems are bigger!
I think he can tell his opinion without organising a lan
totally agree!
btw hMg isnt the same as that Hardgaming, 2 totally different teams..
which one is better?
online or offline?
hMg online only ?
We are currently working on getting EZbash up and running, with groups, results etc.
nice. pls let us know if you get this done. Its much easier to follow on ezbash rather than reading news scores.
Nice! :>
I see no matches on :[
ET - > d&b
ET - iHero < overload
Ok where's the ETTV!
this all reminds me of something that happened before, awesome lan it was, especially for the people that were there and not the people at home
Good luck overload players
bobel won :)
see yah their guys!! i'll be their at 21:00cet =) will be a fun weekend
n1 bobel <3
when will worm play? and what time is gab's first match?
Looking forward to pics!
Is gamestv boycotting this event? Cause I'm on an ettv server where the n1ce match is about to start, but it doesn't appear on :O

(ip is
nah we're not boycotting it. no one on hand to update the listings
Hmm so where can I find ettv ips? Can you post them here in the main article?
lol @ carniee flag capture, better than sqzz
gl 2 bruz,artlow n limbo <3 see u on saturday =)
We got some coverage for the Warsow 1v1 competition over at CDC3 micro page
go Italy mama!
Go Italyvegeta! You can finally prove how much you are worth on lan! :D
vegeta l haxxor ha smesso di giocare prima della lan :( unhaxpected
4:0 n1ce
is there an admin available? :S
need scores

its past 15h , normally 8 matches are finished...
I guess Ins is playing 2o2 with his buddy mentiz'Revox aka Vanquish!
when do you have 2 play?
2 x 4-0 win over iHero & d&b
Parent Will broadcast Server 1 Will broadcast Server 2
hummel im coming to spec ur games cu in 2 hours.. dont make me come over for nothing i am expecting for u to rape everyone!
gogo TLR, and good luck to GMPO also!
I think the schedule has gone flying out the window with a lump of lead attached to it.
lol gab :X
idd, random nonames owned them! im really impressed of muse's total style of playing. keep it up muse!
thx for support!
ip for overload vs n1ce plz :)
Looking forward to pics of delayed Worm :D
gogo Latvia naaps or i'll choke your bi4ez !!!
nice one h1o
grande mama!!
hahah VAE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wp VAE, i thought hb will take it.
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