CDC3 - ET Play Offs


With the Group Matches almost being over, were about to start the ET Play Offs. Instead of using the regular method of A versus B and C versus D, we're going to have a draw. FA Cup style. All the numbers 1 of the Groups are put in a Poule, and all the numbers 2 of the Groups in another Poule.

As shown on the QuadV stream just moments ago, the ET's upper bracker round 1 drawn:
image: BRACKET

Dignitas vs. SRP

Dignitas and SRP are due to meet again, this time in the lower bracket. One of them is going to take the finals spot in the Grand Final. The match is about to be played at 13:45. Make sure you tune in on the QuadV live stream or ETTV to watch the match!

Europe Dignitas 2-4 Europe TLR

The words wow just really dont describe this match. Number 1 and Number 2 seed went head to head with one another and they were so evenly matched until the death that it was compelling viewing with skill of the highest order.

Dignitas won Goldrush but it was incredibly strange. They sluggishly completed the objectives with no great urgency. TLR with mAus and Xlyos were brilliant in defence at all stages, however dignitas were able to set an 11 minute time. Surely TLR could beat that? Well to do that you've got to actually get the tank, something that proved difficult for TLR! It took them 7 minutes to get the tank and surely at that point the game was lost? Not on your nellie! Dignitas fell apart the tank went to the bank with a ferrari engine inside it and we had just 2 minutes left TLR were all over dignitas. mAus had the gold under the bridge ready to move it into the truck only for senji the last man of dignitas to destroy him and his teammate with a double luger frag. Entertaining? You bet!

Dignitas attacked supply depot first and the general theme of the map was going to be quite the same. Dignitas attacked, TLR collapsed and someone in TLR would pull something magnificent out of the bag here it was Xylos and Matias reviving and defusing 3 dignitas dyno's on the first stage. Dignitas moved on pretty quickly through the command post and the main entrance but were held trying to get the truck in position. With 8 minutes played, Dignitas got both the truck in position and to the shock of everyone the crane controls built at the same time. They set a time of nine and a half minutes and the game was afoot. TLR attacked fluently and they were always ahead of their opponents time until the they moved the truck out of the depot and got stuck on the road out, tension builds with just a minute left however TLR save their blushes with a move away.

Onto Bremen - TLR attack and push Dignitas a long way quickly. Picking up the main entrance and planting it at the same time. They push away and with some good attacks and some horrible dignitas defences they are away with Matias and the objective. The Dignitas house of cards fell losing the command post as the objective went and the truck was TLR property shortly after. They put time on the clock once the truck was just stopped out of the garage but dAvid cleared the truck and ran it home. 6.02 to beat for Dignitas. The wind was very much in TLR's sails at this point but Dignitas soon took it out of them by taking the first stage mighty fast. However when it came to the command post and the documents it would be a different story. TLR's crossfire was brilliant and other than one Command Post attack and one document grab the game was over, and it was.

TLR won the match however 4-2 should say all you need to know if you missed it! It was close on all of the maps and tommorow Dignitas will be back and hungry for success

Europe SRP 0-4 Europe Dignitas

Europe TLR 4-0 Germany GMPO

TLR have stepped up from Group A surviving a strong n1ce and are now facing GMPO in the first Winner Bracket Match. GMPO ended second in the biggest group, Group D. They lost to VAE which was quite disappointing.

Radar first map, GMPO has the east parts with 8 minutes left. Now going for west parts. GMPO close to west part. HumM3L covers fireBall while taking the parts. XyLoS saves the day with a riflenade. Takes out 3 men at spawn. 2:40 left Zerender pushes through and caps the parts. mAus couldn't stop him.
TLR pushes out. They have 9 minutes on the clock. TLR going directly for the spawn. Side is down. TLR takes side after a double teamkill by XyLoS and a double panzerfrag by Winghaven. XyLoS picks up west parts after 2 drops. Winghaven captures the remaining east parts.

TosspoT: " GMPO will be asking themselves; what did we do wrong? Absolutely everything!"

Goldrush starting now. GMPO defending the tank now. Tank repaired but noone alive left. GMPO take out tank again. XyLoS finishes Clown's job on the tank. TLR going for it. GMPO build the barrier. TosspoT: "GMPO are back in business." Clown repairs tank twice. TLR pushing on. Winghaven misses a panzerfaust, but takes the objective. XyLoS picks up and walks to the truck in freedom. Absolutely no resistance. GMPO must beat a time of 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
TosspoT for the 5th time: "The QPAD barbecue is outside."
GMPO are pushing forward and repair the tank faster than TLR did. Barrier is up right after the tank was capped. 2 minutes left GMPO still haven't blown the barrier. XyLoS defuses the last GMPO chance. Good game.

:: Next up:
Europe SRP 4-0 Italy n1ce

SRP attacking on Radar. Side and Main blown extremely fast. 9 minutes left, Night picks up parts, but loses them quite fast. n1ce repositioning, 8 minutes left. 2 pick-ups by Ferus and Squall, no succes. Night brings the last parts home. Clock set to 5:46.
n1ce pushing forward towards Main Entrance. Dynamite planted on Main. x3t with a horrible Satchel Charge. TosspoT: " He decided to do nothing usefull, and screw up. You should be ashamed of yourselve sir." N1ce have only 2 minutes left. x3t manages to blow up CP with Satchel! SRP win map 1.

n1ce taking on the objective at Adlernest. Holz defending the controls. Night takes out engineer Fuzz. Some minute later Fuzz plants dynamite anyway. Xpaz is scouting the area. 3:58 set by n1ce; a n1ce nice time!
4 minutes to hold SRP. Multiple frags by SRP at the start of the round. TosspoT: "Squall is shooting at the wall... The wall is dead." SRP charge on th objective. Squall flanks the attack. Xpaz picks up the documents. Ferus in position, panzerfaust hits nothing. n1ce in position, but not for long. SRP takes it in an extremely fast time!

:: Can cZar beat the favorites?
Europe Dignitas 4-2 Belgium cZar

cZar pushing through the Main Gate, east parts secured! Dignitas are trying their best to keep cZar off, so far so good. cZar spawning at side, attacking without succes. Kot takes out 3 with artillery support! 2:40 left. cZar not coming through. Dignitas regrouping. Parts picked up. 4 pick ups and 4 drops! Spectacular ending of the first round. cZar take it at the end.
Planted at Main Entrance, Dignitas attacking. cZar need to hold Dignitas for about 9 minutes. CP built on side. East parts stolen by Jauhis, taking the side route. East parts secured. TosspoT: "Still nothing to worry about, it's ALL about the west." Dignitas pushing around the back. cZar in trouble. Mesqi drops Kot and Senji. Reload pushing through. 5:35 on the clock. Reload makes a triple kill, even 4. And he takes the west parts over the hill through the CP. cZar setting up truck defense. Senji taking over the main gate. Reload secures the parts!

TosspoT: " We'll be back with Goldrush, where cZar had some problems in past matches."

cZar defending the tank on Goldrush. Kot and Jauhis taking the back route. Jauhis giving backup to Reload and takes down Acid. cZar regrouping. Dignitas still not through, time is ticking. mesq triple kill, still holding on. Senji and Kot around the back, pushing forward, they find a gap in the defense. They get the tank! The tank is stolen, after 5 minutes. cZar putting the barrier up. Can they hold on? Dynamite planted at the barrier. Match is paused. 8:43 left. Tank get's through the barrier, TosspoT coughing! cZar lost CP. Jakazc finishes the ride of the tank. Bank doors broken. Lio clears out two with his support fire, and saves the day, so far... cZar answering the Dignitas attacks. Urtier double frag. Acid is down and Dignitas picks up! Senji secures gold. Dignitas on their way. They finish the map. Clock set to 11:03.
Dignitas' defence has to be damn good, cZar really impressed last match. 10 minutes on the clock. Lio pushing at the gate. Kot takes Lio down, when repairing the tank. Dignitas deflects first cZar offense. Acid teamkills Lio at CP. Dignitas getting closer to a victory. mesq is landmined just before the tank! mesq takes the tank! Pretty unexpected, and the tank is coming around the corner. Barrier still not up. Jakazc builts up the barrier. cZar flanking dignitas. Acid takes down Jauhis. Blaze repairs, and Mesq dynamites. cZar regrouping once again. Barrier down, tank through the barrier. Maverick and Bulld0g make TosspoT laugh, that's not good! Can Dignitas hold on? Mesq at CP, and repairs tank. 4 minutes on the clock. Doors blown! cZar takes the gold, it's secured! The Belgians get a map against the #2 seed Dignitas!!!

TosspoT: "I reckon we're playing Bremen. cZar will remove Supply if they have any brains, Dignitas will remove Adlernest."

And as TosspoT reckoned, it's Bremen! cZar on the offense. cZar pushin out, losing 3 players. Vila drops two. There are stuff being thrown at the casters stand! Revolution by Bulld0g. cZar captures the flag but doesn't hold onto it. cZar now does take the flag. Dignitas spawn back, mesqi waiting for dynamite charge. Mesqi misses two rifle nades. Match is paused. Back under way with the match. TosspoT: "Dignitas must regroup." cZar picking up some frags, going for objective. Mesq misses 2 nades again. Mesq is pushing forward. TosspoT: "cZar's attacks are about as potent as a 90yo's sperm." 7:50 on the clock. Mesqi plants. Objective taken! Eddie is down, but mesqi runs home the objective. The truck is moving for cZar. Dignitas holding on to the barrier. Dynamite planted at the barrier. Dignitas are flanking around the back, but Eddie takes down three. cZar takes the first round. TosspoT: "We're going to be back with Dignitas, the game is theirs to lose"
Dignitas have around 11 minutes to take the map. Plant down on the first attempt! Dynamite defused! Mesqi with a riflenade clear up. 8:48 left on the clock. Can cZar hold on this long? Reload secures the keycard. cZar are falling apart. 7:30 minutes to hold the truck, 99% impossible. Vila takes down Reload, and the truck is still not off. Lio with a double panzerfaust. Dignitas pushing forwards with the truck. Dignitas win!
nice :D

hoping srp will avoid gmpo [n1ce k1ck please :D]

edit: err, is it gna be done that u cant play against the team that came 2nd in your group? [Champions League style]

for example, cZar came 2nd in SRP's group, will it be done so that they avoid each other in the first round of the playoffs?
number ones and two will avoid each other in the draw. And teams from the same group will avoid each other
najz banner
So the 3rd and 4th are dismissed ? :x
afaik they play single elim for places 9-16
That's stupid...
you're a fucking idiot
that wasnt me, dunno whos logged in on my account :p
shame u cant be here playing with 118! baggiez sucks :<
That's a fake chronos meight :<
I'm not the real one but i would like to be here too :<
nice banner !
nice banana
can u guys PLEASE make sure the matches will be played on the right servers so that we can broadcast them ?
first time when i almost like your banner :P
dignitas vs czar
tlr vs GMPO
vae vs k1ck
srp vs n1ce
can u guys PLEASE make sure the matches will be played on the right servers so that we can broadcast them ? (so the servers where u can see the hubs on)
GMPO vs TLR over 30 minuten h3ll
reshow lol!!!
gl mama <3
go n1ce!
srp vs dignitas gonna be cool
can someone upload demos somewhere pls if possible?
ah finally something concrete of the situation, nice post :)
nice nice
noway TLR! x'D
unlucky cZar, you almost had dignitas! Keep the momentum up, I believe in you!
i pwn @ lan
are you still there tomorrow? Because I will come !
Plz upload that interview what toss made whit SRP and Dignitas

I saw end of it :(
why all good matches are played now already and not in semi finals ?
fucking nice match reports whoever is doing them!
Random guess: xRio!
u cheated on that one!
so next?

vae vs TLR? or did they already play?
n1ce vs czar score?
czar won it
Shitty organisation.
Thanks for NOT being up-to-date with matchlists/reports/brackets, in any way. Big money, few service. Thank you.

Nice event, though pretty much covered by the community. And one last comment: learn to code PHP, thanks :D
perfect example of a contradictory post. not up-to-date? Only one thread has been neglected this weekend, and thats hidden away in articles. you'll find all newsposts were accurate to within 10 minutes.

covered pretty much by the community? im sorry, so the people onsite working hard are not the community? its almost as if you assume that if a post contains a non-crossfire crew author, that xfire had nothing to do with its work? nice try.

im sorry for letting you down after you paid so much money to read this website.
yo foonr, any idea what time the games will start tomorrow ?
If I'm not totally wrong (and sure, you may see my personal opinion as "contradictory", that's your privilege), the bracketgraph aswell as the graph of the groupstage matches were (barely accurately) done by hand, which makes it hard to update.
The above bracket graph has been updated for the VAE match like 2 hours late? Correct me if I'm wrong.
And as these "features", like the bracket graphs, are major features admins like I love to integrate into news about our very own teams' progress in an event, and this feature is covered least...
And yes, we payed alot of money to get our guys to the CDC, so where's your point in "huuuuh, a free site doesn't have to have any 'class', cause it's free"?
This quote fits that whole "do it yourself if you don't like this one"-topic:

Quote by raptus:
why is an average xfire reader so agressive? can't we just get along?

seriously now, that reply "if you don't like it, make it yourself" is so old, are you trying to say that the simple fact that it is being held should be satisfying? ignoring the fact that it is poorly organized? why should I have to organize myself in order for it to be finally on time on it's third installment, have they learned nothing? have all the posts "this time will be different" by cash been just empty talk?

and yes, if I was holding it you better be sure it would be fucking on time, I wouldn't care where they came from and how long did they travel, but if you don't show up on match time + 10 mins = forfeit loss and let's see will you be here on time next time

just go back to the hole that you crawled from
agree, this one might be not up2date, but all group stage matches were shown, updating all these images took a while but you could have come up with a small league system :)

I think most of the cf crew know some issues, but especially the main news went very up2date with regular updates on results, which might is the most important one.

Still, your "shitty organisation" thingy is a bid 2hard, overall it went atleast as good as cpc2 (regarding updates to matches). And especially regarding comments telling a different. Bad thing to start with your critic ;)

In addition: 99% of the community did nothing but reading, playing on their own, whine or watched ETTV - Welcome to ET! :D
sad but true ;(
Yeah you're right, I was being a bit over-harsh, cause I was pissed by the not up-to-date groupstage list :)
thanks panni, unfortunately nobody, not even the most bored dutch guy in the world gives even the tiniest shit about what you think. even tosspot makes better comments
And you think I give a shit bout people with an IQ lower than 100?
Comments like Chosen's are worthy to read, because they state and underline an opinion. Yours is bullshit with Ketchup.

- But I must say I didn't do a good start with my first comment, I was a bit pissed at that time :)
[] random raging insults []
dude :o was hij nietj e manager bij vae?
hmm, nu je het zegt
nouja ik heb die comment helemaal nooit zelf getyped, =DD
haha ok xD
a ban for what, an opinion?
ban for stating his opinion?
Great coverage!
Great coverage!
nice hoor xrio :) well done

i think i missed u on friday night.. i was there for like 3 hours would have liked to meet u xd

im gonna be there again in november though! :-d
thx, kheb je geloof k wel ff gezien maar was veel te druk met heen en weer lopen om iemand te begroeten :S

november ben k r alleen niet denk k :(
did tlr win?
4-0 yes

but still real final to come (but they would have to lose twice :P )
Maybe bad idea, but wouldn't it be better to have a total overview with links to all important info. On 1 page? Now there are like 20 pages with different info on it.
when is the final played? time?
today, sunday 16cet (+-)
want demos from TLR - dignitas match
TLR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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