Lower Bracket Final: SRP vs dignitas match review

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Kicking off the first map of the CDC Lower Bracket Final, we have the two behemoths of United Kingdom dignitas and Europe SRP going head-to-head and contesting Goldrush.

SRP attacked first, and instantly reverted to their tried and tested formula of players besieging the tank from all angles. They looked awake, they looked intent, and rumour had it that dignitas had only warmed up with a quick 3v3 previously. To the spectator, dignitas were being pushed back in the courtyard, but SRP simply could not fashion an opening of real meaning. Even Holz, who had stolen through and applied pliars to tank could not complete the job, and lacked backup to help the cause. Yet even after the tank started moving, only Holz seemed aware of the greater picture, shooting his rifle grenade down onto the building barrier engineers (killing 2), but he was alone in his want, and the mass selfkill SRP pulled off surely quelled any hope of keeping the path open.

News in now of Europe k1ck beating Belgium cZar by a mammoth 5 seconds. Yet, at this point the game was still open. Attacking both the bridge and the back alley, dignitas were allowed to keep the tank slow and stop-start. Seconds later and the CP was built, and "tank to bank" as TosspoT observed took exactly 6 minutes. But dignitas were not pressured, and crucially allowed to set up their pre-planned crossfire and defense.

Together Germany urtier and Estonia reload formed an awesome combination, and sights of 5 man frag combinations were not uncommon to say the least. Aggression was balanced with tactical defensive nous, and for four minutes the bank was solidly in dignitas's happy mitts. We recalled how dignitas "made SRP look like schoolboys"yesterday, and this certainly seemed to be heading the same way: the tides were turning.

In perhaps a defining moment, a SRP surge forced Germany senji back to the bank hanging onto his life and objective by a thread, but with diligence he collected all the clips on the floor and took those 31 bullets to lead an offensive charge towards and up the bridge. Add to this a double support fire from urtier, and the momentum reverted again.

With 4.40m left, Xpaz did manage to grab the gold, but he was isolated and had no support. SRP on respawn seemed more interested in securing the truck, and hoping, praying that Xpaz could deliver the goods. The time came when he ran, and despite a hearts-in-mouth moment where a volley of fire pinned the Fin to the barrels, the job was done.

It was then time for dignitas to attack, and they made a mockery of the SRP positioning, with reload's running crucial. Maybe dignitas assumed the map was already theirs, and despite dominating the tank barrier area, did not prevent Estonia Night from sneaking in and completing a breathtaking barrier construction. Nevertheless, dignitas's progression was swift. SRP were playing in the bankstage before they knew what had hit them. Although Sweden ferus looked impressively strong playing in the spawn entrance, SRP just did not have the discipline to beat dignitas back.

JaKaZc had no interest in becoming Swedish fodder, and thanks to some strong teamplay was able to almost walk into the front of the bank and pick up the objective. SRP were down but nobody had told them, and promptly racked up 5 quick frags to stem the gold's progress. This said, SRP never regained and positioning, and on the next attack dignitas were able to walk in yet again. The way they were playing, SRP were only delaying the inevitable. However, dignitas completed the job with plenty of time to spare, and surely went into the next map, adlernest, brimming with confidence and sights set upon that place in the grand final.

With Dignitas taking the first map, SRP must take down Adlernest, always a hard map, unpredictable. Dignitas attacks on Adler first, dynomite is down early. Ragged defense by SRP, Dignitas getting through. Minutes later the door is open, and dignitas push through towards the objective before SRP spawns. SRP is in danger here. They already got knocked out the Winner Bracket by Dignitas with 4-0 and it's starting to look like another 4-0 defeat for SRP. Dignitas pushing through, SRP have to fight to get in position for their defense. SRP sandwiched, as Senji takes the objective. Senji runs through and Dignitas secure the objective.

Adlernest was very boring actually, nothing special happened as Dignitas showed they were 1 class higher as SRP.

When SRP went into offense, they couldn't push through and the dynamite was down too late compared to Dignitas. In the end, SRP were close to the objective, took it, but just had too little time. Good game Dignitas, too bad SRP.
was a nice game
good game
I rooted for SRP, but they were disappointing to watch, really.
still, better than yesterday
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