An EYE for Ninja's

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Spy, JaZzE, SpeedyHS, Redux, Tork

Earlier this month Sweden EYEballers (most known for their old Quake- and CS-teams) announced on YouTube (see the clip..) that they were gonna present a new lineup in the upcoming ET:QW. The teaser spoke of a "legendary lineup" and since then people have been wondering just whom they might be but now we know. Fighting as EYEballers will be the old swedish/norwegian constalation of Sweden Team NINJA, consisting of mostly recogniced Battlefield 2-players and whether this team will live up to EYEballers old glory and fame is yet to find out.

Team Manager:
Sweden Thom “z0d” Holmberg

Sweden Tobias “Speedyheadshot” Emmerdahl
Sweden Martin “JaZzE” Jansson
Norway Remi “wona” Sakariassen
Norway Thomas “Redux” Rønning
Sweden Tomas “Spy“ Grann
Sweden Martin “Tork” Rosenquist
Sweden Henrik “Inglorion” Lindström

Statement by Sweden Thom “z0d” Holmberg (freely translated from swedish)
Quote- I discovered NINJA's lineup as interesting, players with good experience from other team based games and with good merits. This was undoubtedly a team that I could lead as a manager. Players that I have the highest of belief in. EYE will support the players with traveling expenses and ofcourse also hardwere. But, the spirit of the team and the different goals we've been setting up will ofcourse be highest up on the priotiry list, and the rest will come by it's own eventually.

Best of luck EYEballers.


Source (swedish):
pew pew lazårz. gl fellow swedes :>
Redux = Godlike
he's been inactive for weeks, time to doubt your opinion :$
legendary lineup? in a new game? how can it be? they playing this shit for 3 months maybe. so pro

"...consisting of mostly recogniced Battlefield 2-players and whether this team..."
i played both but hmmm...imo different
I guess this team could be seen as the dignitas.ET under the BF2 teams
well redux, jazze and speedy won world championship. wona is just some random guy hacking at lans. going with me to a bf lan next week btw, nice having him!! instant win
gl speedy@3hs
you stole my comment lol
"speedyheadshot" "consisting of mostly recogniced Battlefield 2-players and whether this team"

does bf have head hitboxes? O.o
That is still a mysterie to everyone.
ninjas in pyjamas pls
gl ninjas :>
Good players, gl!
randoms, who is this tork guy anyway? imo onliners
GL tork,spy and others
nice paid egoboost
he got hardwere for this comment
omfg.. EYE ballers r back ! nice.. gl !
Nice to see EYE back in our part of the online gaming community.
Brilliant lineup, kinda like GROF with all these bf2 heroes. Atleast they haven`t waste their time on valley. GL Guys
grof only have one highskilled bf2 player..
baldrick for sure
pro admin also :D (crossfire cup finale - admin getting vote kicked ^^)
<3 bjorn at last you face the reality
Waste time ?? LOL
we're in the 1/4 finals of TGL.
that's the real deal pall.
waste ur time @tf2 kiddogame.
Ignore him he is jealous because he got kicked.
kickd from da pro clan
And there it ended with 0 euro, how usefull.
it will end with a high-seed for the new big TGL full game tournament. how usefull.
If want to become #01 you have to win everything anyway. Seeding is overrated.
GL ninjas! good team looking forward to see them in action!
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