sorcer/FiF have opened Sign-ups!

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Hello all,

Here is some news about the upcoming "Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force 6o6 ET CUP".

What is it going to look like?

Cup Lay-out:
The Premier League and Second League will each contain 4 poules with four clans. The best two clans of each poule will proceed to the playoffs (Quarter-Finals). After the quarter finals the winners will proceed to the semi-finals and the finals. So we use a single eleminiation.

We will request coverage from for all semi-final matches and, offcourse, for the finals.

Cup Ventrilo Server:
New is the option to talk directly to the cupadmins and supervisors on Ventrilo. There will be a 100-slots public ventriloserver online where you can find the Cup-supervisor and/or Co-supervisor. The admins and ref's on duty for that evening will also connect to the Cup-Ventrilo to solve any problems with talking instead of the annoying typing in the server or at mIRC.

Participating clans can also request a closed channel for their cupmatch.



What can we win?

Premier League

The winner of the Premier league will win a 12 slots gameserver for four months.
The runner up of the premier league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for four months.

2nd league

The winner of the second league will win a 12 slots gameserver for two months.
The runner up of the second league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for two months.

Besides the mentioned prizes, sorcer will give the prize-winners the possibility to prolong their prize or enlarge their prize with webhosting, irc-bouncers, voice-comms, gameservers, dedication or colocation with a splended 10% discount for this order.

All these prizes are contributed by: Sorcer Internet Services.

What about signing up for this cup?

As you allready noticed we only got room for 32 clans. The two squads from Friends in Force will play without a doubt. This means that we have 30 spots left to fill. In case we got more signups than open spots, we will choose the clans of which we believe that they deserve to play in this cup (based on activity, history, results, attitude, rankings and stuff like that). The Friends in Force have the right to decline participation-requests without having to explain themselves.


For further questions and contact info:

mIRC: #fif.gaming @ quakenet

e-mail: renedev[at]home[dot]nl




This Cup is organised in association with:

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gl ,nice cup imo :)
nice cup ! Nice Nick :)
nice presentation , nice maplist
Nice cup ! I'll sign up mentiz
gl v nice cup :D:D
all in 1 vent? Oo
Sorry but when do we get new maplist somewhere?This is boring/overplayed/no pressure.No offence but maplist sucks..Nice cup anyway my clan is there ;).
soz Freez... We can't make everybody happy
What made you/FiF to make this maplist(just asking)?
Why what maps do you want them to pick?
Oasis,frostbite,ice,battery.Everycup has to be unique by hes on way, starting map list.
If they did add one extra map the elimination would be unfair for the team that wins cointoss and if you add two extra maps the maplist would be to big in my opinion.
Well i dont really care about the maplist but i mean why did rtcw died?No big changes like in ET, always the same maplist.But nice job again and i dont want whine just told my opinion GL to all clans ;).
I wasn't in to RTCW. :P
I know why RTCW died and yes, no changes was one of the reasons.

This maplist is made by the clan Friends in Force. We held a little clanpoll and the maps in the maplist are the most populair maps from our poll.

Frostbite, Oasis (old), Karsiah, Beach, sw_oasis_te, delivery and Ice did not make it in the poll.
this is like the worst maplist ever, of these 4 maps only oasis is playable and fun =)
Again ReneGade did a great job! This looks like a very decent cup. It doesn't have new or weird things like maplist which I like because you will have normal and standard cup which is very nice for any clan.

Good job Friends in Force!
n1 cup gL to all!
gl and i believe this is gonna be a very nice cup
more of this pls

this is the best possible maplist <3

gonna push my naabs to signup for this
merc avi fo sho !

it will be nice 6o6 cup fo sho
<3 FiF my mates !! Seems like a nice cup...Think reality will participate !
looks like a nice cup, maybe we will participate too
you have done well young padawan
OCTOBER instead of OKTOBER imo :D

Cup looks really nice, hope i can participate..


It seems that you know what I mean! ^^
Yeas end you now hwat i meen, to. But do yuo liek htat wey of writink?
Whei nod?

I donnet cee ze proobleem.
Nice cup ! very nice.. good maplist etc

Already told you renegade you and your mustachebuddy ray are doing very great work :D
nice maplist if you removed braundorf.
soccer/FiFa plz
<3 Rtcw :)!
replace adler with frostbite and its my favourite maplist there have ever been =)
nice maplist imo
cu there :)
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