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image: redcode Another ET:QW team have been picked up by a major e-Sports organization. This time it's the spanish team Spain Exilium who will, as of today, compete under Spain redCode. This might be seen somewhat of a suprise for some as it was Spain wArning who seemed destined to end up in redCode, as they were just recently tipped by CrossFire's very own United Kingdom hentai (read more..) to be the number one team of Spain. But as things turned out, Exilium was a better option for the spanish powerhouse. redCode are mostly known for their CS 1.6, and FIFA-team, but with this addition they now got a new game to shine in.

QuoteThe expansion of ET:QW has been so great, that in most parts of the world ET:QW teams have been established. Facing this new 07/08 season, redCode, one of the biggest spanish multisquads has decided to add a new team to their ranks. The team that was chosen is the well known Exilium, composed by former x6tence.bf2-players, and a recent addition from wArning.

Statement from Team Captain Spain Oscar 'Bono' Sanchez:
QuoteIt's hard to find words for this great happiness. We truly owe redCode for putting their trust in us as their ET:QW team. The whole team is ready to do all we can for this new flag, and continue fighting for our objectives with more strength and determination then ever before. Day by day, we will struggle to take the name of redCode as far as we can, as this is our new home now.

redCode ET:QW lineup:
Spain Oscar 'Bono' Sanchez *
Spain Daniel 'sntx' Catalina
Spain Sergio 'Y2KaoS' Soler
Spain Héctor 'Cardhu' Viña
Russia Kiríll 'Filete' Bachkirov
Venezuela Hugo Andrés 'io.sKz' Gutierrez
Russia Savva 'Kasper' Fatkulin
Spain Juan Carlos 'MaRTe' González
Spain Raúl 'Soveliss' Fontecha

The new redCode-lineup will be competing in events such as the CB OpenCup, Spanish EMS Qualifiers and ESL Opening Cup. I'd wanna wish them the best of luck.

redCode eSports
#redCode @ QuakeNet

A big thanks to Russia Filete for helping me translate the spanish source.
again, good luck guys.
i read netcoders
#Force'Multigaming searching et:qw squad!
<not a random flag for sure>
hehe i think its a nice flag , but i say: lets stay on topic
wtf that Filete has my name :D
Good luck!!
random russians!
not like u:D
im kazakhstans finest
Good that a MGC with money has picked up a team
thats too huge, short explanation please!
redCode picked up a Belgian team to play for them at an event, and possibly join later, depending on how they did.

Basically lack of contracts and misunderstandings (how much redCode were expected to pay for and specifically for what), meant some unhappy Belgians and Spaniards. The CS team attempted to 'bribe' redCode so they would get some money (which they felt they were owed) back or go public and make them redCode look bad. Kinda backfired, and turned into a whine fest xD
yes I read it on some belgian eSport sites, what a shame!
Rofl just read it , wtf shitmgc
good luck spannish lads
thx guys!! :)

Aand thx to dohfos to report it ;)
who is known from good old rtcw:et times?
Juan Carlos 'MaRTe' González
missed the "good old" in ur answer
lolololollolololollolololollolololollolololollolololollolololollolololollolololol , hf :)
Good luck !
redCode is a nice organisation, have played there myself.
mm always nice to see your name bolded

gl guys
Russians attack!

thx all :)
esli ti i vpravdy russkij
da ya tam vsegda :)
gr8 to have one more famouse name in etqw !
winghaven acuestate!
exilium is medskill max.
midskill > pumu

gl in redcode guys
Will they add i32? Nice move though by redCode. Done my bit ;(
Expected, gl
I wish there was a way to filter out QW news from the RSS feed.
Know the x6 guys from bf2! :) Skilled, friendly and nice attitude! Gl in rC guys!

But think 9 man roster is too much to develop real tp :/ maybe go for 6 or 7 lineup?
marte ex-etplayer right
i dont know the other guys , but that is because im not active etqw scene :p
nice :) GL bono, marte & the rest!
Ye unexpected move like i alrdy said, but gl!
gl in your new home guys ;)

I hope this pickup, will make other spanish mgc be interested in etqw :P
hope you have a contract and don't get fucked like the belgian CS guys
glhf, remember some of these people from redcode.bf2 :)
marte carlooo q e de tu vida putilla

<3 suerte con el juego ese de carton ;)
wArning -> x6tence then :)
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