Junk52.etqw Folds

Back in August, Junk52 announced the edition of an Enemy Territory: Quake Wars squad, and now the team can announce that they are latest in a number of teams who have failed to progress from the demo to the fullgame.

With the departure of Sweden Murre earlier this week for the reformed Sweden One2, citing his reasons as wishing to play with an all Swedish lineup, United Kingdom Point-Blank went international and added former Junk52 captain and tanker Denmark Dranzer in order to complete their lineup. With Sweden Guru also due to go inactive soon, the remaining 3 members of Junk52 decided to call it a day, and are understood to be looking for new teams.

The former Junk52.etqw lineup was:
Denmark Mike 'Dranzer' Büsing (Team Captain)
Belgium Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Sweden Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Sweden Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Sweden Johan 'Snejk' Svensson
Sweden Tobias 'Murre' Balenius
Big shame, however this should free up more time for dohf0s to browse crossfire!

yeh. guess so :< crap.
erm, haha?
:o gl dohfos!
thx mate. love u long time <3
Reformed Sweden One2 :o.

Tell us more!
I'll do a writeup when their lineup's finished, they're not complete yet.
Reformed One2. :O

Did Kompaniet.etqw fold? :(
no, they're making a new lineup soon
Ooh, awesome. :)
2 bad guys
gl Jaede
2 bad guys, etqw really is dead ! :D
erm, haha?
gl Jaede
ohh the tragedy
Too bad :[
welcome dranz :)
Too bad, watched some of their VODS, which were nice
edited hahahahahah
too bad :( gl for the 3 remaining players
2bad after what was a good start in august it had to end this way
gl dohfos, guru nd jeejde in future
Maybe gili will finally start to play a real game now. :p
hah. etqw > cod4

GL in future guys! :-)
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