Sorcer/FiF Cup GROUPS!

Hey all,

The groups for the Sorcer Internet Services / Friends in Force ET 6o6 CUP 2007 have been made public!

Premier League[/b]

Group A
Ministry of Defense - Enemy Territory [bSTURZ]
Team SixthSense

Group B need sponsor
aToon devilry

Group C
diSko : Sponsored by re-play !
hardMethodgaming (has replaced Synod 5)

Group D
-Hold Your Fire-
Phantasmagoria Multigaming ™

Second League[/b]

Group A
Duck n Cover
Undisputed Clan Poland
Random Gaming - ET *
Team excelency - xLy : Part of RDH

Group B
allstarZ Team
[EU*] United Soldiers Of Europe
Gamedivision ~ ET Red

Group C
Friends in Force *Green*
Force Attaque Manoeuvre Astuce$

Group D
Friends in Force *YelloW*
Krauts (has replaced #weareobious)
no Teamplay

What can they win?

Premier League

The winner of the Premier league will win a 12 slots gameserver for four months.
The runner up of the premier league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for four months.

2nd league

The winner of the second league will win a 12 slots gameserver for two months.
The runner up of the second league wins a 10 slots ventrilo server + 5 bnc's for two months.

You can find more info here:



This Cup is organised in association with:

image: sorcer
nice,gl to all
QuoteGroup D
-Hold Your Fire-
Phantasmagoria Multigaming ™

Second League

Group A
-Hold Your Fire-
Phantasmagoria Multigaming ™

thanx for your sharpness m8!

It has been edited!
Thanks for not picking us :X.
nice groups, gl to all
phan still playing??
thought you went QW?
gonna finish this cb season with phan
Not taking us in favor of some low+ randoms :P
Well m8. you played your last CB match on September 2. So you aint very active.

And, as we told in one of our first newsposts, that is one of the criteria to join this cup.

low- or high, I don't care. But I do care about a stable active cup.
it's true that we do not play in OC this season because we had someone dropping out of the lineup shortly before OC signups were closed. So we decided not playing OC in favor of some other cups...
well, now it's too late so it doesn't matter
we had about 150 offis in last 10 months and we hadnt even 1 'no show' ;d but we dont care, your cup your decisions/rules

btw. dunno how many clans signed up but maybe you had an opportunity to do 3 divs ?
they could take 3 more clans and make it 4 divisions.
thats a joke..."so you aint very active"...check other leagues imo, our training times and results....
No use arguing now but I smell a rat, and I also feel sorry for those other teams who signed up early and didn't get picked......
This has nothing to do with rats m8.

About checking other leagues and stuff, I can tell you that we could have done that. But where do we need to stop our search? It is all voluntairy and born out of fun. We don't get payed to organize this cup or something, so time @ work and social life still is the main thing.

Like I told before: We can't make everybody happy (unfortionally). Let's hope that we can get iNm in for the next cup!

again sorry for the fact that you guys did not make it in the cup.
ok m8 fair comments and thanks....and gl with the cup....
omfg Portugal6s with his low+ lineup + @ premier & PortugalxLy @ 2nd? kakakakaka <3
sYnod5 and duality = clan dead ? (maybe I'm wrong)
I think duality is dead yea....if so we would be happy to take that place.xD
OK, I will put iNm on the backup list.

Before i start forcing the matches for the first matchweek, i will try to contact all clans that did not arrange their match on time.

In case they tell me that they wont participate I will ask the backupclans to join in.

iNm will be #3 on the backup list.
very nice job rene.
you can't please everyone.
but i think the groups look very good.
glitz should of been in also
looks kinda fine, but I'm not sure if mod are playing, so there might be a place for another team
I mean with the dropouts that if the clan wont be able to participate in the cup so we could replace them ?
that is nice! During the signups, I asked one of your members if hMg was interested in this Cup. He didn't know and would ask his leader.

I assume that he never did that?

I can put hMg on the Premier League Backup-list at #1.
put them in for sYnod 5,theyr dead ?
disko sponsored by replay takes the win np!
What do you mean m8?

Just go to the Cuppage on CB and you can click on each clan to see all of their details.
good luck all , sum1 edit the post and put ....plz next to our group , ty
6s will rage the KINGOFHUSTLE
Renee, ole ole!
will be nice cup:) gl from EU #idem & TMD aka :)
thats stupid, you chose 32 out of 61 clans? and what about 29 clans that didnt get in? some genious made this cup, rly. you could just take 3 more teams and make 2 more divisions 4x16teams per division.

on the other hand, im happy i dont participate in the cup of people, who use brains the way you do.
since we could only get two leagues sponsored, we had to stick by 32 clans.

But hey, better luck next time!
quality > quantity normally :P
gl L:O
Krauts and hMg are added to the Cup

S5 and #weareobvious are folded.
use your brain a little: how can i be glad they organise cup like that if they dont allow my active clan to participate? if you have nothing better to say then su, your comment was useless and unlogical.
LOL @6s at 1st division. They have a low+/med lineup atm.
I just saw prison break 06 & 07 damn It was awesome !
fufu!! i came to home now. i watched heroes allready.. pb = tomorrow :<
You dont know what you are missing dude It was rly amazing :P
i know.. the history changed.. alex is outside right? i saw a bit.. "jumping" some mins etc XD
I wanna say why but you have to see it for yourself :p
i will.. tomorrow :D
PB IS COOL, I am always dling it @ the date it comes out , its to exited to wait :p

BtW FiF ftw! gl with cup :D
I lolled @ the groups
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