ET Monthly ranking !

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Some people say that ET is dead, but other people are doing everything to keep it alive - those people have stolen idea from bigger esport sites and made a monthly ranking of best 10 Enemy Territory clans in Europe.

The system of ranking is simple, each month we choose judges, ten random people which say their own top 10 of Europe ranking. After that we are summing the points, 10 points for 1st place from private ranking, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd etc. (it means that each clan can get 100 points max).

Because this is the first time, some seedings might be quite surprising, but everything should clear up in next editions.
Finally, the results:

nr/clan name/points
1. Estonia 91
2. Finland uQ-Gaming 89
3. image: ukil one4one 59
4. Finland gods inc 48
5. Europe demiurge 36
6. Poland Logitech UVM 25
7. Europe trinity 24
8. Europe idkfa 23
9. Europe helix 21
10. Germany team beta 16

1. Spain DoneX
2. Latvia Clown
3. Germany swine
4. Estonia Night
5. Finland decem
6. Poland lab
7. United Kingdom andyF1
8. Malta ToX|c
9. Poland kot
10. Belgium dNzl

Next ranking should be published around 10th day of the next month. If you have any suggestion please contact me at .
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