Warning reaches the next level

As another day passes since the release of Enemy Territory Quake Wars, top spanish team Spain wArning! has watched the time pass, and now the time has come for the team to finalise the lineup and get themselves a new home. The team has found the home they were looking for under the name of Spain Nextlevel e-Sports. The multigaming clan has sponsors such as Packard Bell, providing both hardware and LAN support, and has recently represented as the only spanish team at the recent WCG LAN. After the unfortunate loss of top spanish ET players MaRTe & Winghaven, the team has found new replacements, bringing the lineup to the following:

Spain Fran “morbit” Roy
Spain Carlos “dr3am” Sánchez
Spain Javier “1k” García
Spain Jose María “actiono” Fernández
Spain Enrique “Zheroc” Adiego
Spain Daniel “Omood” Sañudo

Spain Omar “blOp” Ornaque (backup)
Spain Sergio “arcadia” Pulido (backup)

The team still hosts remnants of it's original ET lineup, with players such as dr3am, morbit and arcadia, but having lost 2 star players MaRTe and Winghaven to Spain exilium & Europe h2k. With a main 6 of 2 ET players, 2 NS players & 2 BF2 players, the lineup hosts a mix of backgrounds and playing styles, and one can only hope the team keeps up the skill level behind the warning name.

We are happy to be joining one of the most important organisations in Spain. Nextlevel is giving us full support; thanks to them, we will be focused on playing without having to pay attention to anything else besides the game itself.

gl guys :)
just because i love you

gl guys :o)
woohoo thx <3 you're my hero
i know, you don't need to tell me ;p
wawaweewa dr3am
Your arm will be famous :p
check the pictures of the team on their site :))
gl spainlolers
gl girls
i'll delete for you since i love you
gl dr3am & the others.
gl, and cu in COD4 Carlos!
nice, grats and gl guys.

no winghaven no win
are you coming back 2 ET :DDDD???
nice, hf
Ik hou van dansen en muziek.....
nice, grats and gl guys.

Fairplay and many wins
arcadia! <3
Goof lucks guys :D
gl dr3am! Hf as long as QW lasts :>

glhfz :)
good luck guys! :D
Thx mates.
gl guys
gl dr3am+ other spanish guys i saw @ cdc3
looking forward for more nice games against these guys
gl guys <3
Gl perris ,morbit mariconson!!!
gl dream and co , own them all ffs!
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