Profile RAWRS - The Result!

image: profilewars There are many profile warriors on Crossfire; people who will stop at nothing to edit their way into online folklore. People who understand the importance of that one extra quote in gaining more friends, or who wish to one day, spend their time reminiscing back over blissful days of spam.

Someone like Netherlands Loekino should surely be in contention for an award which honours such slavery behind a computer screen. The man who in TosspoT's words, will spell the end for the site should he ever leave, probably has dreams over what addition could be made. And when he looks into the eyes of that girl he rather fancies, he doesn't see pupils staring back. Only image: bdot Edit Profile.

So when we asked you to pimp your profiles in the quest of winning money, the response was certainly heavy on the length factor. With the admins deciding, opinion became more territory than debate as each man entrenched himself in his comrade's corner. Entrant Denmark Arachon certainly seemed to favour the encyclopædia approach, and Netherlands Lightning agreed, championing the dane when he learnt his clan profile was not valid for entry. Germany Swine also opted for Arachon, but failed to give away his reasons for doing so.

Finland decem also had a profile of his own to enter, but being an admin was caught in the murky waters of having to vote for someone else. And so, the breakdown of his thinking was as so:

QuoteThe most creative is thomm's profile
The most gay is sheep's profile
The most emo is lady's profile
The most timespent is arachon's profile
The most pictures / photoshopping is nuggan's profile

And so our shortlist was drawn up. Loekino was voted to not be in the running. We took votes, and in the end, a clear winner was found (even if this did include TosspoT's "I'll vote for X because I need to find something women will find me attractive in and because foonr votes for him").

Click here to reveal the votes[/b]]
Thomm - 4 votes
NuggaN - 2 votes
Arachon - 2 votes

Conratulations Thomm! And thank you to all of you who put work in on your profiles. In the end originality was what won it.

Profile wars willl return in 2008
take it like a stallion. ithink i owe you a beer
oh cmon.. dont dissapoint me now !!
My profile reflects me as a man; fast made and simple.

My first (and the last) ET-related "achievement" btw.
Lahjaksi kilo kettukarkkeja!
Hyi saatana, ne on ihan hirveitä.
mutta söisitkö niitä mieluummin ku löytäsit yhden vauvan kymmenestä roskiksesta? :T
Paras vitsi <3
mutta se mun kertoma astronautti-juttu oli kanssa aika hyvä =(
Teukkamaisterin vitsit > muut
holovissa bileet noil rahoil?

check nekz his profile pls...
Done, what now?
compare it with the profile of thomm
what about that profile?
compare it with that of thomm :)

My opinion is that it is just way better :)
thomm's profile is creative. nekz is just standard with ex clans.
same goes up with aragon or smth
I Never said that one was good. And I don't think thats the most timespent profile.
Nope I know, but he is on the 3rd spot, care anyway, but imo the one of nekz is better.
life's tough :(
and then you die :P
that's why we should live our lives backwards, get over with the worst things first such as dying and being old, feel better all the time as you get younger and younger, have all the knowledge and only go to school to unlearn it, have fun as a kid and end your life into an orgasm. (old joke yeye blabla)
hm :X me lost wtf :(

imo i have sexiest profile...but thomms is nice too...

i just dont like the profile of nuggan cuz its to small :/


"The most creative is thomm's profile
the most gay is sheep's profile

thomm <3 =)
Thomms profile sux tbh :X
urs is terrible
mine isn't meant to be nice :)

rly no interest
which one is rhand?
haha, wanted to ask the same.
lol @ loekino.

imagine if he won the 10buks it would be like working for like 8 hours for him
its an outrage
Get over it.
Yes i agree, Over deserves it.
Need to put something in my achievements :/
LoL =D Thats rly nice !
Thomms profile sux,Loekino profile was the best :D
Hmm, don't get why Thomm won it.. his profile is nice, but nothing really special. I like NuggaN's and Arachon's profile much better.
rafl @ thomm's profile, deserved winner xD
imo decem has best profile
I think hes got to much time on his hands!
Not really, just few pics I made. Loekino instead has a fulltime job handling his profile, props for him.
Arachon's was by far the best :/
GTFO shit profils
NuggaN didnt win? loold......
I don´t count typing as a art, but that is just my opinion.
Good points. I´m too lazy to start an argument about this issue, art is such an abstract thing.
Coffee and art? You are a mad, MAD man.

We have to take some wine a lot of beer to find the true meaning of divine art and understand the universe. And remember, those women won´t drink themselves pretty, we have to do it.
I got no laptop, can´t carry my pc to the schoolparty/club tomorrow =/
Agree to the winner. Simple and good. Congrats thomm.

P.S.: What a surprise, loekino didn`t win. ;)
made me lol enough for a week ( only about winner tho, even my profile is 'better' imo :< )
congrats :P

i'm gonna come up with something more simple and creative for the next competition, I already have an idea
imo u deserve it more
time u´ve spent > Thomm´s idea
gl next time xD
haha, nice =D gz Thomm
Tornis spent an average time of 1h everyday for 1 year on his profile, think that beats arachon :-P
lol, thomm's profile really sucks tbh :x
pretty sexy idea though
just because of that crocodile picture?
what about longest buddylist? im pretty sure i would have won :( i got smth like 150 buddies or so
Gibri owns you!
nuggan had to win tbh
lol fex his profile owns all the rest and he didn't win a thing :s
I also played in promethia ;c wtf. Fex is a hater tbh!
sry Kittyy :<<<< Kben der precies nog enkelen vergeten, maar tis gephotoshopt en als ik dat nu nog moet gaan aanpasse dan ben ik weer uren bezig :p maar kzal jet net onder die img ff zette <3
Hey maakt niet uit hoor:D het viel me gewoon op
agree #1 Fex
Thoomms profil is 1st?


i dont care about these profile wars, but thomms profil sucks tbh
LOL .. i would say Anonymous decem should won that ;b
sad no nuggan no fun :(
lol 10€

why should i spend some hours for 10€ if i can get 150€ in in 1h.

150€ in in 1h

prostituting yourself isnt a solution senti :/
its called wholesale
Can I have your cfg? You are my idol.
next competition: friend-champion :D

who is the most "famous" friend/buddy of xfire :D

i'd never spoken to the guy before.
olol NuggaN!
"The most timespent is arachon's profile" how do u know that?
like those are the words written in the bibal or something? even if I would like to be god, I'm not so I cant know who has spent most time on his profile.
and yours isn't done in 1 hour ?
A joke? What was special about that profile? Same info as in all others but a picture at the top and one at the bottom. :S

Arachon got the best organized one and nuggan got the best looking one... both by a mile.
Fex got the best looking one for sure! look to my profile => buddies => Fex
Quote" aestas.spiROZE: LoL mijn opa is zalig, die zei daarnet dat homos manne waren die geen geld hebbe om naar de hoeren te gaan!! xD"

Respect voor je opa hij heeft groot gelijk ! :-)
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