Crossfire QCUP Announced

image: v4 announces the inaugural Crossfire QCUP brought to you by QPAD and Game-Hosting!

Tonight Crossfire is proud to announce the first Crossfire QCUP in which teams will compete online for a prize purse of 1600 Euro courtesy of and in Call of Duty 4, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, ET:Quakewars and Warsow.

With the month of December upon us Crossfire and its partners felt it was time to have Christmas early with a celebration of fragging just before the festive break. The cup will start and finish before all things ‘ho ho ho’ have begun and over a period of three weeks Europe's finest will go head to head.

It is with great pleasure that we can partner with QPAD and Game-Hosting to bring the community this special event: said Stuart TosspoT Saw, Owner of With many online tournaments now drawing to a close, I felt it was a great opportunity to offer something during what is still a high time of activity for gamers

The following tournaments will be available in the Crossfire QCUP:

Call of Duty 4 5v5 - 750 Prizepurse & - private server, 12 months, 14 slots (worth 326)
- private server, 6 months, 14 slots (worth 179)
- private server, 3 months, 14 slots (worth 93)
4th - private server, 1 month, 14 slots (worth 32)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 6v6 - 500 Prizepurse ( 300, 200)
ET: Quakewars 6v6 - ; 250 Prizepurse & - private server, 12 months, 14 slots (worth 326)
- private server, 6 months, 14 slots (worth 179)
- private server, 3 months, 14 slots (worth 93)
4th - private server, 1 month, 14 slots (worth 32)

Warsow 1v1 100 Prizepurse ( 75, 25)

The tournament will take place according to the following schedule:

Signups: Open until Tuesday 4th 21:00 CET December
Matchweek 1: Wednesday 5th to Monday 10th December
Matchweek 2: Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th December
Matchweek 3: Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19th December
Finals: Thursday 20th to Saturday 23rd December

In order to sign up teams must complete their Crossfire Team Roster (HERE) with all players having their full PunkBuster GUID added to their profile. Once completed teams must mail their profile to As soon as we've received the mail your team will added to related Article. The tournament will be built around the signups and we will try to accommodate as many teams as possible. This tournament will serve as an active barometer for seedings for the upcoming Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4.

UPDATE: Could all ET signups add the last 8 digits of their PunkBuster GUIDs to the email for every player in their roster. These GUIDs can be found in the signups section of the article to check your opponent's identity prior to playing a match.

The IRC channel for all cups is #crossfireqcup on QuakeNet. Please direct all queries to QCUPAdmin through Crossfire PM.
nice =)
Is that bjørn dæli??
nice :p
Nice indeed :)
with a prizepool set in stone I doubt crossfire can compete with ESL EMS / ClanBase OC for ET:QW. Though I still expect a lot of signups I foresee a lot of dropouts and forfeited matches. anyway that said, good luck to the teams which sign up, SD has to hurry up with ET:QW TV :[
all etqw teams will still play for that prize
nais intiit
shit timing
perfo allowed to play?
Nice. Too bad ET isn't worth playing online anymore, full of cheating twats.
did you live in a cave? it has been like that for years
I have a feeling that neither the first nor second place team will have cheater, unless the turnout is extremely bad.
Agreed. I swear it's got worse since I got back, especially some of the swedes who just seem to have gone "fuck it".
where to put in the guids? pb guid textfield for et!? for now i added them on the clan page
Sweet. Just do something with cheaters, be strict, don't be afraid of big familys.
oh then dunno isnt allowed too then ? :(
you quited et.. remember.
oh a codqcup spin-off
EVERY cup with Qpad prizes large enough is a Qcup tho
No? they might be called Blablabla Qpad Cup, not QCUP. This is only a lame copy
deffan I appreciate and respect the work you do with the codqcup, if you call this a spinoff then i can only hope to spin some of the same success you have had.
We both know there is more behind this but no point in discussing this here. Hope teams enjoy the tournament and you can keep a good and solid high standard of it.
Actually there is nothing more to this point from me, I conveyed that very point to QPAD when I made the pitch for this project, that I had no desire to compete with you guys and that I not only enjoy what you've produced previously, but i've followed it keenly. This (cf) is most likely a one off project fueled by the opportunity that presented itself for CoD and ET mainly.
there already was etQcup and it was one of the best tournaments
ran by insignia cadre and twidi

maybe i am wrong :s
I guess he meant codqcup only :p

oh, and there was qcup by dignitas too!
A lot of tournaments sponsored by QPAD are called QCups. Dunno where the problem is. If there should be someone to blame it would be QPAD.
well nox is too sexy for anyone to blame qpad for anything tbh.
a cod intruder, let's beat him up!!! ;-)
Nice! cod4 will be great. ET will be spoiled by the amount of cheaters around
looks promising :)
gj toss
now if we also get that working anticheat its gonna be great
dont you trust in PB =)
If you have played ET, you know that you cannot trust Punkbuster :>
in ET you cant trust anything =)
where is the q3 cpm qcup?
in your head it seems :o
they already tried that...only me n 2 others signed n paid (CDC3)
but this is online. i doubt ppl would go to a lan just to play in an 8 player 1on1 cup.
I heard that the xfire crew is looking for an active quake admin.
fucking nice!
amzing cant wait
I hope they dont let ex cheaters play ;) !!!11
cu with cod4 :)
ehehehehe :----) ezbash?
awesome! :O)

really looking forward!
n1 but some of my teammates are not registered here and as far as i know them they wont register aswell :(
register 5 fake accounts ? :-D
thats a option :>
warchoo \oo
see you on crosshair;]
dude wtf, you cant be called CSD

there already is a pro player called CSD

he played in the best DF:BHD clan and in 6s/trauma in vCoD and now in infinity.cod4
sounds v nice
me is av .-)
looks good :D
hehe GL BRUNS :D
I'm signing up as well, see how i perform against you guys :D
nice initiative, will there be any coverage from quadv?
- Call of Duty 4 – 5vs5 – ( 750 Euro plus Game-Hosting Servers)

lol online, gg hackers
so its possible matches are played on dec 9th:<??
until 4th december are the signups only opened?
the registering is pretty sucky so more time would be nice :>
nais, (avi for this cup!!!) ;DD
nice to see 2nd biggest price purse @ ET!"!!!
Nice idea, hope it goes well, considering the dates the games are being played on.
very nice tournament!
sorry im noob of this site but my etqw guid in mine profile ,where i put,coz there is only rtcw and said that i wait 14 days
i asked the same thing in the beginning of the post, but they just deleted my comment
just make a team acc when it has 6 people in it, email them link of your team acc + guids of all of them, i guess
"You must be logged in to register a clan"

Wtf, I am. Me so buggywuggy.
need cod4 team msg me
need et team msg me
very nais!
nice initiative for cod4
Good Luck all!
500€ for ET is like nexus only
f*ck et:qw! more money on ET!
omgggg :D to late for cod4 singup :'(
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